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2007 Top Lists

A few of us at the office came up with some “top lists” for 2007. Read and enjoy and let us know what some of your top picks for 2007 were! Jeff Finley Top Albums of 2007 (no particular order) Shorebirds – 7″ Andrew Jackson Jihad – People Who Eat People are the Luckiest People… Continue Reading »

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

It’s a new year and an exciting new development at Go Media is finally starting to take shape. Go Media is starting to build out a new headquarters! We hope that this new work environment will be the envy of all designers. Ok, It may not be THAT nice – but it will be a… Continue Reading »

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New Year’s Resolutions

We decided to come up with some resolutions for 2008. These are just some goals or aspirations that we wish to achieve in the new year. We hope we can stick to them! Jeff Finley (me): 1. Start the Go Mania Apparel Line 2. Write more tutorials/articles for Go Mediazine 3. Spend more time working… Continue Reading »