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January 2010 Articles

Weapons of Mass Creation interview: Mark Weaver

Here’s the third installation of the Weapons of Mass Creation video interview series featuring designer & illustrator Mark Weaver. Not sure what this is all about? Read the kick-off article to get caught up! You’ll find both the video interview & the transcript (to make up for poor audio quality) below. Enjoy! GoMediazine: How would… Continue Reading »

Interview: Film Poster Art with Tyler Stout

Interview: Film Poster Art with Tyler Stout

GoMediaZine: So who are you and how would people know you? Tyler Stout: My name is Tyler Stout. And I would guess people know me by seeing my stuff somewhere, or personally meeting me at some point in my life. GoMediaZine: Those posters you’ve done for the Alamo Drafthouse are everywhere. Can you explain your… Continue Reading »