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Logo Design On A Budget

I am frequently asked to put together logos or promotional materials for independent bands, which is fantastic, except they don’t have the budget of a signed or sponsored band. Through the years I’ve found ways to cut corners to limit design time without limiting the overall design quality. In this tutorial I’ll break down my… Continue Reading » Fund Your Creativity Fund Your Creativity

Have a creative project that needs funds from supporters to get things going? Not sure where to start or how to get the word out? Look no further than Kickstarter. I can’t do a better job than Kickstarter themselves did explaining their service: “Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. We’re a great way… Continue Reading »

State of the Union: Grunge Design

State of the Union: Grunge Design

Grunge design was getting popular when I got started in 2004. I was inspired by the artwork and branding behind the underground punk, metal, and hardcore music I listened to. Naturally their aesthetic seemed to be riddled with dirt, grime, and blood because it seemed it fit the bands image and message. I had no… Continue Reading »