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May 2012 Articles

DSLR Love: Improve Your Photo Mojo (Part One)

A little bit of background If you’re into design, you may have an interest in photography at least on a basic level or if you’re like me, you love photography (I specialize in family portrait photography). Some of you may have started a passion for photography when film was still the most popular medium. Some… Continue Reading »

Disciple Clothing interview

Disciple Clothing interview

Jeff spoke to one of our clients, Lauren at Disciple Clothing, and asked some questions about her experience running an apparel company. Here are her responses, enjoy! Can you tell our readers about Disciple, how it started? Disciple started with a vision to bring faith based designs into mainstream fashion. What are you working on… Continue Reading »


Album Cover Artwork Throughout the Decades

First off, let me start off by saying, I am a lover of Album Cover Artwork.  And I don’t mean some dump-ya-after-3-dates kinda lover, but a put-a-ring-on-your-finger kinda lover.  ;)  I have read a crazy amount of books on the subject, studied designers and artists that I love, and now I am attempting to build… Continue Reading »