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Modern Gigposter Design: 100 Stunning Examples – Volume II

Two years ago we put out a post showcasing some of the best posters of the previous few years before that.

Today we are doing the same thing. This article contains 100 stunning posters made in the last two years.

This second collection highlights the trends and changing styles in the gigposter world. If you go back and compare the previous selection to the ones I have gathered today, there are some clear differences. Now I know that there are still posters that get produced in the same styles as they would have two or more years ago, but overall, as a scene, and as a group of designers and illustrators, you can see the evolution of the gigposter. It might not be a dramatic and sudden evolution that is crystal clear to everyone, but for the most part it is slowly and subtly changing. There are certain dynamics that have changed or appeared which you will be able to see if you go back over the years and see this evolution in play. Continue Reading »


Best Graphic Design Posts of 2013: Our 50 Top

The GoMediaZine is celebrating another great year of insights, advice and inspiration. A huge “thank you” goes out to all of our contributing authors, kind enough to volunteer their time and share their wisdom with us over the past year. We are also grateful to you, the design community, for contributing your work and sharing your views, in order to make our site an exciting and interactive one. Continue Reading »