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February 2013 Articles

30 Cool & Creative Packaging Designs

We here at Go Media are no strangers to Packaging Design. In fact, our very own Adam Law wrote an incredible post titled, “5 Tips for Creating Successful Packaging Design.” Because of Adam’s post, we have received numerous inquiries from companies interested in commissioning us for packaging design. Creating successful packaging designs is a “must have” for any designer. And it’s not just about the actual box or label. As a designer you can come up with new and innovative ways to package the actual product so you see you are more than just a graphic designer, you are also a product designer. Continue Reading »


40+ Beautifully Illustrated Websites

When Go Media got it’s start in 2003, we primarily did illustration work. As the times changed and the market made increasing demands for web and interactive work, we adapted and began creating websites to meet the clamoring of clients. We would never forget our roots, though, and we infuse our illustration sensibility into many of the websites we design.

Now for many of you out there, especially the UX and Front-End Designers of the world, the visible look of the website is important but not nearly as important as the functionality and interface design. The showcase you will see below features the intersection of illustration and web design and that is the focus of the sites we have featured. Keep scrolling to get inspiration for your next website design. Continue Reading »