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10 Premium and Fully Responsive Web Templates – only $17!

Building websites is tough enough when you have to make sure it works in multiple browsers. Internet Explorer. Firefox. Safari. Chrome. They all have their quirks, and all mean extra testing and coding is needed. But with the rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets, things just got infinitely tougher.
Flexibility is key when creating a website, and using fixed width templates is just asking for trouble these days. That’s where responsive templates come into play. They’re perfect for creating gorgeous looking sites that look amazing on any size screen. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective solution, this Mighty Deal from Flashmint is just for you. Continue Reading »


How to Sell Design Services Like Products

A big hello to you all! I’m Lauren, Account Services Manager (a.k.a, ‘sales girl’) here at Go Media. I’m thrilled to be connected with such an amazing community and look forward to sharing my contributions.

Out of a desire for company growth and expansion, Go Media has recently shifted to a product-based system of selling design services. What does switching from being a custom service firm to a product oriented service firm look like? Continue Reading »