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Jeff Finley

eCommerce Nightmare: How CS-Cart handcuffed us for years and why we switched to WooCommerce

Oh dear, where do I start? I feel like there’s a huge story behind the scenes that we’ve never let our community in on. To be honest, we’re quite embarrassed about it and we’ve been trying to make things right ever since. But I think it’s time to come clean.

TL;DR: We’ve been trying to upgrade our graphic design resource marketplace, the Arsenal since 2010 and have failed miserably due to working with a heavily customized version of CS-Cart which seemingly handcuffed us to their development team. 4 years, headaches, panic attacks and tens of thousands of dollars later we are FINALLY breaking the chains and getting a taste of freedom! We’ve switched our platform over to WordPress and WooCommerce. Wordpress and WooCommerce both happen to also be Go Media’s preferred solutions for so many of our own clients…

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The Countdown to WMC5 is on! Join us for the WMC Fest Kick-Off Party and Benefit Show on April 19

I can’t believe there’s less than 160 days left until WMC Fest 2014… yeah, it’s coming up fast! Have you heard about our new team members? Margot Harrington and Stewart Scott Curran are our new speaker co-directors, and James Carol is our new music director. We are honored to have them on our team and they are busy booking… Continue Reading »