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Bryan Garvin


Tools We Use To Produce The Go Media Podcast

Ever wonder what kind of tools you need to put together a great podcast?

I don’t know about great, but I can at least tell you about the tools we use to produce the Go Media podcast. If you aren’t familiar, the Go Media Podcast is dedicated to tips, tricks, and tales of the business-minded artist and designer. It’s our way of letting you inside our studio to learn about the ups and downs we face here at Go Media and how we’re dealing with them.

Every episode deals with at least one topic that we’ve run into head first and how we solved the problem or at least, how we’re currently dealing with it. So far, we’ve talked about how and why we price projects, how we adjusted methods to land more projects, as well as, how we keep momentum going when inspiration (and finances) aren’t in the best of shapes.

So far, we’ve recorded just over a dozen episodes. The process has changed dramatically from where we were at episode 1. So, instead of going through the entire history of our setup, I’ll just explain how do we put together each episode now. Continue Reading »