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Christina Rivera

Vectors Imitate Life with Gradient Mesh

When an artist is given a choice about creating a photo-realistic image on the computer, their first instinct would be to turn to any of the raster-based image editors, such as Photoshop. However, what if they were told that they needed to create this photo-realistic image in a vector-based image editor? Amazingly enough, with the advent of the “gradient mesh” feature, the creation of a photo-realistic image is completely doable in Adobe Illustrator. Continue Reading »

Create a 3D Vector Labyrinth

Create a 3D Vector Labyrinth

A Square Foundation Let’s start off by creating a new document that’s 1024×768.  Name this first layer “Maze.”  Then, take the Rectangle tool and draw a 50×50 square.  Give this square a 10px black outline and no fill.  Then align it to the center of the canvas.  Repeat this process, only this time make the… Continue Reading »