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George Coghill

Blank Canvas: Adobe Or Not?

It goes without saying that Adobe is pretty much the industry leader in professional-level graphics software. But that isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of other options out there. Go Media Zine wants to know: Adobe or not? If you do use Adobe products, what version(s) are you using, and why? If you haven’t… Continue Reading »

Von Glitschka – Adobe Illustrator CS4 Guru

Von Glitschka – Adobe Illustrator CS4 Guru

If you aren’t already familiar with Von Glitschka’s art, you should be. An ‘illustrative designer’ as he’s coined it, Von’s work is a tour de force in the vector art world. Flexible and versatile in both style and technique, Von’s unique talent shines through in every creation that flows from his vector tools. Go Media… Continue Reading »