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Stop Everything & Save the Date for WMC Fest 5!

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest celebrates its fifth year with a new national team!

Rapidly growing midwestern art, design, and music festival celebrates its fifth year Cleveland’s Gordon Square neighborhood, on August 15-17, 2014

CLEVELAND, February 4, 2014 — Running headstrong from the success of 2013, Go Media’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest (WMC Fest) is pleased to officially announce WMC Fest 5 returning to Cleveland in August this year!

This year WMC has added new team members to its roster including former WMC speakers Margot Harrington, (Graphic Artist/Entrepreneur, Pitch Design Union, Chicago) and Stewart Curran, (Art Director, CNN, San Francisco) who share duties in curating the phenomenal WMC Speaker Series. In addition to the new team members, Todd Gauman will be returning for his third year as WMC’s Event Director. Continue Reading »


Go Media’s 100+ Must Have Design Resources

One of the top questions we’ve been asked recently is: “What tools, resources and programs do you use in your everyday lives over there at Go Media?”

Our creative studio here in Ohio City is filled with awesome, handy tools that keep us cranking out creativity, programs that keep us organized, and treats that keep our energy pumpin.’

Here’s a list of our favs. Continue Reading »