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How to Create a Winning Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a great way to blast your brand to the millions of fans following your every move. But like anything else, there is an art to creating the perfect campaign that will not only be worth reading, but worth opening in the first place.

We asked our friend Fabio Carneiro, over at Mailchimp, to share with us some words of wisdom on this very topic. Read on for Fabio’s 7 tips to creating an email marketing campaign that matters. Continue Reading »


Help Us Share the Love for those in Need: Go Media Launches COSE’s Warm and Bright Campaign

The designers at Go Media are proud to approach each and every project with passion. But we must admit, our ongoing partnership with COSE and specifically, our assistance with the launch of their Warm and Bright campaign, has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Not only did we have a ball coming up with the festive concepts for COSE, but more importantly, we wholeheartedly support the cause behind the designs. You see, when anyone visits COSE’s Warm and Bright landing page and clicks to share, COSE will donate $1 to families in need. Continue Reading »


What Templates are on your Wishlist this Year?

Hello from Mockup Everything! This Thanksgiving we’re counting our blessings that you, Go Media faithful, make it possible for us to do what we love each and everyday here at Mockup Everything. We’re hoping that each and every one of you have a warm and happy holiday full of friends and family.

When you’ve got your fill of Thanksgiving treats, sit back, relax and check out our newest in Mockup Everything templates! Continue Reading »