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Heather Sakai

What’s Go Media Been Up To?

All’s well here at Go Media!

Storefront renovations are moving along swimmingly, with progress apparent every single day!

We’re counting down the moments until Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2013! We’re busy assuring that our awesome Kickstarter backers get their handsome rewards, responding to speaker, designer, band and sponsor questions as well as collecting goodies for promotional tote bags. Last but not least we’re tying up the seemingly thousands of other loose ends that come with planning the best-fest-in-the-Midwest! Continue Reading »


Read this Book: Design Currency

Design Currency by Jenn and Ken Visocky O’Grady, A Book Review Husband and wife team Jenn and Ken Visocky O’Grady have done it again.  These successful university professors, Jenn a Professor at Cleveland State University and Ken an Associate Professor at Kent State University, have quite a lot under their belt. Co-founders of creative think tank Enspace… Continue Reading »


Read this Book: Kern and Burn

Opening the new book by Kern and Burn feels like Christmas. The collaborative effort between Jessica Karle Heltzel and Tim Hoover, a soft copy of Conversations with Design Entrepreneurs arrived on my desk in crisp brown paper wrapping, so perfectly packaged it pained me to open. Diving into several layers of protective packaging and postcards, I uncovered their masterpiece, its cover design by The Heads of State simple, clean and inviting. Continue Reading »