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Liz Hunt

The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned at Go Media

To borrow some wit from the great Groucho Marx: “Before I speak, I have something important to say.”

That something important is to announce I’m leaving Go Media after five remarkable years.

Although it’s a bittersweet moment, I know that the future of this company is bigger and brighter than any one person. Go Media has truly done some inspiring and meaningful things during my time here — but they’re only just getting started.

Because this is a farewell post in disguise, please forgive me while I reflect on some of my favorite moments at this amazing company. Continue Reading »

Git Yer Structure Outta Mah Creative!

Git Yer Structure Outta Mah Creative!

I had this art history professor my first year of college who gave the most fantastical lectures; he proudly wore mismatched socks with worn-out Birkenstock sandals. During his lessons, (which were sometimes accompanied by a recording of a Mongolian throat-singing song) his long, wild hair would whip around dramatically and unavoidably hit some poor front-rower… Continue Reading »