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Creating Sagittarius in Photoshop

Creating Sagittarius in Photoshop Tutorial Details Program: Adobe Photoshop Version: CS3+ Difficulty:Intermediate Estimated Completion Time: 2-3 hours Resources: Archer 1 Archer 2 Horse Ground Mountain Step 1 Let’s start by opening a new file with a size of 1000x1500px with a resolution of 300ppi (pixels per inch). Step 2 Next, open the stock images we’ve… Continue Reading »

Creating a Cloudy Dream Scene in Photoshop

Creating a Cloudy Dream Scene in Photoshop

Sometimes real life can be boring so artists extend their imaginations and designs to extreme limits through dream scenes, fictional world, or surrealistic images. Today we’ll be creating a cloudy dream scene using Photoshop’s different tools and techniques. Tutorial Details: Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Difficulty: Intermediate Estimated Completion Time: 2 hours Resources Before we start,… Continue Reading »