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20 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram

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Hello from @Go_Media

Here at our buzzing Ohio City design headquarters, we love giving you a look inside Go Media, all thanks to Instagram!  Thanks to this app, we also love taking a peek into the lives and work of the designers we so admire and adore.  So, we thought we’d share with you our favorite designers to follow on Instagram.

Our picks:

Austin Kleon: “I’m a writer who draws.” | Austin, TX

Chuck Anderson: visual artist/designer | Chicago, IL

Mike Perry, Designer and Artist |Brooklyn, NY

Dana Tanamachi, designer and letterer | Brooklyn, NY

Justin Maller, Illustrator and Art Director | Australia

Jon Contino, artist and designer | New York, NY

Andrei Robu, Designer, Letterer, Artist | Bucharest, Romania

Kate Bingaman-Burt, Visual Artist, Illustrator |  Portland, OR

Darren Booth, Illustrator and Letterer | Canada

James White, Artist, Designer, Speaker |
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Tad Carpenter, Illustrator and Designer | Kansas City, MO

Will Bryant, Graphic Designer, Studio Artist | Portland, OR

rik Marinovich, Letterer, Designer | San Francisco, CA

Lauren Hom, Graphic Designer and Illustrator | New York, NY

Chris Rushing, Art Director and Designer | New York, NY

Ale Paul, Art Director, Founder of Sudtipos | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sean Wes, Hand Letterer and Typographer | San Antonio, TX

Maztrone, Graphic Designer | France

Zachary Smith, Typographer, Illustrator, Designer | New Smyrna Beach, FL

Ping Zhu, Illustrator | London, England

Who did we miss? Leave their name in the comment below!

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  • Andrei Robu

    Thanks guys!

    • Heather Sakai

      You’re welcome Andrei!

  • zacharysmithh

    Thanks for the feature!

    • Heather Sakai

      Sure thing Zachary! Love your stuff :)

  • willbryant

    Thanks so much! So many wonderful people on this list, a huge honor to be included!

    • Heather Sakai

      You’re very welcome Will!!!

  • maztrone

    Feeling very honored to be featured right here.
    Thanks for the support guys!

    • Heather Sakai

      You’re so welcome! Hope it made your day!

  • Logan Smith

    all my favourites! great picks! If you feeling like some more illustrated type goodies @smiddys_studio is pretty cool

    • Logan Smith

      and @land_boys

      • Heather Sakai

        Yay, thanks Logan! I didn’t know about either of those. I appreciate the suggestions!

  • chrisrushing

    I was getting so many follows lately and couldn’t figure out why… Thank you guys!

    • Heather Sakai

      :) You’re welcome Chris :)