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Adobe Shortcuts App – Free Download


Here’s a nifty little Adobe Air application that allows you to look up keyboard shortcuts for any Adobe software. Well, at least Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, Fireworks, Contribute, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Encore and Acrobat Pro. The shortcuts are only for the CS4 versions of these applications.

Adobe Shortcuts App runs on Adobe Air, so it’s cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Linux).

adobe-shortcuts-app-screenshotLaunch the app, then select your preferred software from the top row of familiar icon buttons. Below you’ll see three tabs for Essentials, My Favorites, and All Categories. Be sure to click the speaker icon in the bottom-left to turn off the “interesting” sound effects…

Best of all, it free from the Adobe Marketplace. Download the Adobe Shortcuts App here.

(via John Nack, Adobe Photoshop’s Principal Product Manager)

About the Author, George Coghill

George Coghill isa freelance humorous illustrator/cartoonist specializing in mascot cartoon character design & cartoon logos. His cartooning & illustration work can be seen at and at his cartooning and illustration blog. Be sure to follow me on Twitter here!
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  • Tom Faraci

    How much of the shortcuts are relevant to CS3?

  • Dune Haggar

    niceness… now if only i could work out how to alternate between photoshop files like you can in every other program :P

  • danthecreator

    I haven't even downloaded this, yet, but it sounds awesome!

  • Geoff May

    For once Adobe is actually doing something useful instead of just regurgitating the same bloated software with useless new “features”.

  • Web Design

    looks good. going to give it a try. thanks for sharing!

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    I yet not tried but it seems excellent so gonna try it out.

  • jaydenlawson

    great idea!

  • David Silva

    I'll never be frustrated again because I cant remember my shortcuts thanks to Adobe Shortcuts App!

  • brian

    ctrl + tab ? (windows)

  • Simon H.

    And I totally forgot to mention this one. I already have it and it is GREAT.

  • George Coghill

    In Photoshop CS4, it's Command + ` (the backtick/tilde key)

  • George Coghill

    I believe this was developed by some students, not Adobe :)

  • Eckstatic

    Awesome find – I can't believe I haven't hear about this until now, no more reviewing PDF's when I forget that little used shortcut command.

    Great post guys.

  • mike_r

    Is there a shortcut in Illustrator that selects the next text field so Im not constantly have to click through them?

  • stuart

    Oh grow up. If it wasn't for the bloated software you'd still be using Corel. You Tortured Woebegone Artistic Type

  • Geoff May

    I find it ironic that the guy telling me to grow up is the one talking shit anonymously because I have an opinion about an Adobe product. Probably works for Adobe and knows that their days at the top of the heap are numbered.

  • Geoff May

    Are you talking about fields on a toolbar, like being able to jump to the next field on the CMYK color toolbar? If so, the Tab button will jump from field to field.

  • liqwidfx

    Command + ` (for mac)

  • stuart

    No Geoff, I'm a designer. No association with Adobe, just a happy customer. So you'd prefer Clunk HopeLess & Corel Whore? Try Crayola.

  • Tu-Be

    stuart, it sounds like you're a crybaby designer who has nothing better to do than come on a site and get all butthurt because someone has an opinion. You just come off as a jealous douche. I guess if you were more successful you'd be too busy working to actually come and stir up an argument. Sad, man.

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