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Adobe Photoshop CS5: Sneak Peek [video]


Here’s a quick sneak video of some experimental new features being worked on by Adobe for Photoshop CS5, including “wet” paints (similar to Corel Painter) as well as a very cool-looking warp tool. Warning: corny voiceovers.

About the Author, George Coghill

George Coghill isa freelance humorous illustrator/cartoonist specializing in mascot cartoon character design & cartoon logos. His cartooning & illustration work can be seen at and at his cartooning and illustration blog. Be sure to follow me on Twitter here!
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  • J-P Teti

    Corny voiceover indeed, but these are impressive!

  • Merrick

    The warping tool is actually a port of the puppet tool avaliable in AE, which rocks!

  • Bart Hoekstra

    That's freaking awesome. Especially the warp tool, I think many photographers would love that tool.

  • Alexey Dmitriev

    wow. o_o Wow! O_o WOW!!! O_O

  • Adam Fairhead

    The wet paints remind me very much of Ambient Design's Artrage app (which I use whenever I need that particular feature)

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing George :)

  • Andrew Crocker

    ugh ugh uhg. No. I want less bloat and useless features please!

  • Valldeperas

    As it's saif bfore that puppet tool it's available in After Effects (since cs3). The second use of that tool seems interesting and useful.

  • RichardTxTx

    lol, so corny and wow-weeee… muting…

  • Simon H.

    Can't wait!

  • ibrahimn

    Thanks for the video

  • Adam_Wagner

    Warp looks cool. The wet paint looks… pretty bad. Is it just me? How about that virtual “brush” model? Seems like the 1990s.

  • Jarek Tabor

    I twitted about this but i repeat. Damn.. this really look cool. I even started to think even more about buying tablet :)

    Does anybody know if there will be CS5 64bit version for OSX and when CS5 come ?

  • Geoff May


  • Pepe Netro

    Not sure if this is fake or not but I watched this other video about adobe's upcoming features. You dedice.

  • overithiswire

    Warp tool def looks sweet. Wet paint could be cool depending on how much work they put into it. It could be great for the digital painter- might be a great new way to blend colors- i think it's something i'd have to try and see for my self to judge it. I agree with the way those burshes looked tho def right out of the 90's haha. Otherwise i think cs5 will be a pretty sweet upgrade.

  • Du Kiat Siong

    Yes! great new features!

  • DoktorThomas

    CS5? version up-dates are mostly useless, poor dollar value. New versions should be included in previous licenses. New products, not. This is not a new product. It is a reheated old product.

    I agree. Wake up coders! Features without bloat… and avoid new MSFT platforms.

  • Shawn Rubel

    I saw them 'unveil' these features at Photoshop World in Vegas Last week. The corny voice over is a guy named Russell Brown and was supposed to be a 'mad scientist' showing the audience what was cooked up in the 'adobe labs'. They were spinning it that way because Adobe hasn't 'officially' put it into CS5 yet but it was a feature they were working on. Pretty cool!

  • Joel Glovier

    I'm disappointed. I want them to stop adding stuff that I'm really not looking for and just tweak the snot out of our beloved application. Like how bout fix the “bug” where if I'm applying a layer style like a color overlay and I want to pick a color from my swatches pallette that is out of view, I cannot scroll through my layers pallette with the layer styles dialogue open. So I must close layer styles and scroll to view the swatch I want to apply before I can open layer styles and pick that swatch. Why not just fix stuff like that!

  • Bytor

    Woof. That “wet paint” thing means nothing to me. New warping tool is OK. Not great, just OK. Looks like I won't be upgrading to CS5 either. Still on CS3.

  • Adam Wagner

    Yo George, I'd like to hear your thoughts in Pepe Netro's CS5 video (above) in a new post. Those features make my antennae spin! It looks like some content of content-aware auto-stamp tool? Interesting.

  • richbugger

    this is just awesome…..

  • Maluni

    love it! I want these features in Photoshop, so I dont have to change pgms and all that extra time in my working area. perfect!

  • Chotrul

    Thanks for sharing this … great to get a look ahead

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    Wow looks great!! Thanks for the share.

  • PG


    More tools and features I won't be using. I agree with others that think Adobe should just improve some of their main tools instead, like a better Magic Wand/selection tool. There are alternative softwares out there that own Photoshop in that respected area.

    Is there a website where I can leave suggestions about future features for Adobe? I've come across a few issues with Photoshop and Illustrator recently that could be improved.

  • Luc Latulippe

    Man, this is killing me. I'm still on CS2, with no desire to upgrade at all.

  • sblgraphics

    Great videos!!

  • Jose

    The people who are acting like this is nothing…are you idiots? This is amazing new upgrades…i cant believe how some people are treating this like adobe is being lazy just because you don't get what you want. Mixing colors is HUGE for photoshop and im glad they are finally catering to painters instead of just photographers like usual. The other tool was also mind blowing… As a digital painter and designer this is great update. Plus I found the announcer to be entertaining personally, not boring.

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