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Hot Topic T-Shirt Wall Game: Name That Designer!

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I thought this would be a fun game. I’m sure you’ve been into Hot Topic and looked up at the t-shirt wall for inspiration on designing tees. You might even have the pleasure of seeing one of your OWN designs up on the wall. Or you might recognize the work of fellow designers. I went in there recently and discovered that I could only identify a couple of designs that I recognized and there were a lot that I didn’t know. I admit, I haven’t been keeping tabs on this in quite some time.

So I snapped a photo of the Hot Topic t-shirt wall and posted it on Flickr so we can all “tag” the photo with the designer who did that particular shirt. I want to see how many designers we could identify on this wall to test our awareness of who is doing what in the band merch scene. It’s pretty tough!

Use Flickr’s tag/note feature:

I’m asking all GoMediaZine readers to click on the photo to go to the Flickr page and add a use the “actions” button to add a “note” with the name of the designer over his/her tee design. If you know the designer has his/her own Flickr account, you can add a “person” so they are notified that they’ve been spotted in the wild.

Name That Designer!

Go to Photo 1 on Flickr

Name That Designer 2

Go to Photo 2 on Flickr

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  • Simon H.

    Alright. I’m gonna suck bad I think.

  • Adam Grason

    Me too!

  • Rob

    I don’t recognize any but one time I saw the bullet for my valentine tee you designed. The one with the girl on the floor with a skull face.

  • Jeff Finley

    Here’s a thread going on Emptees – some people are revealing who has done what but they haven’t tagged the photo. Maybe you guys could snag some more answers from that post and then tag the Flickr photo yourself.

  • Ike

    Who did the Justin Bieber shirt?

  • GoMediaIsBetterThanThat

    Hot Topic….? Really? I think I just threw up in a mouth a little bit.

    • Kim

      Where else can you find this big of a tshirt wall? the point is just to identify who did the tshirt designs, it has nothing to do with the store!

    • Jeff Finley

      Say what you want about Hot Topic, that’s your opinion. The fact is, it’s a big deal when you’re a designer to see your work up on the wall. It feels good to see it and this is a way of seeing what designers are getting to that level.

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    Awesome looking shirts.
    Nice piece of designing.

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      Really very nice designs are their. I like him, thanks for sharing them.

  • Craig

    I am not good at naming designers etc, but really like the designs. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa

    Excellent collection of hot topic t-shirts and would love to but I am unable to name the designers :-( LT

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    Nice job. thanks for sharing it,

  • Blake Suarez

    I got one. But it was easy because I designed it. :p
    Cool game! :)

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    Alright. Ich werde saugen schlecht, denke ich.

  • panax

    Very cool and interesting article