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What Are Your Favorite Conferences & Festivals?

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We Need Your Input

Hello loyal readers of the GoMediaZine! We are reaching out to you to get your input on what your favorite conferences and festivals are and why. Please comment below with your suggestions and keep a lookout for your responses in a future Go Media Podcast episode.

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Do you love gifts? We know you do! One commenter below will be selected at random, and they will receive a FREE WMC Fest 2012 T-shirt. The winner will be chosen on Monday, December 10th.

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  • Bucket826

    I love WMCFest! as well as the small conference that Columbus Creative puts on in Columbus , GA!! I also dig Adobe Max – heard HOW was chill, love to try Circles Conference, and Brooklyn Beta, and SXSW to name a few!

    • Go Media

      And we love you, Mike! :) Definitely gotta give a shout out to Columbus Creative, really doing awesome stuff! Adobe Max, Circles, Brooklyn Beta, and SXSW are also some great suggestions. Thanks for sending these our way! :)

  • Jen K

    WMC tops my list in the art/design category for sure. I love the sense of community at the event & everyone is so laid back & open. Its very refreshing from some of the larger design gatherings.

    If we are talking festivals outside of the art world, the biggest event I look forward to every year is Lollapalooza. 3 days of great music in the Chicago summer is about the greatest thing every. Plus I live in the city which makes it very easy to get to :)

    • Go Media

      Hey, Jen! :) Thanks for listing WMC as you fav art conference. We love hearing that! Lollapalooza is a great suggestion and Chicago is a great city for a festival especially when you are a local, right! Haha! What bands are looking forward to seeing the most next year?

      • Jen K

        Oh the Lolla crew is evil, they announce the bands sometime in May for the show that fall. Kinda crazy cause I buy my 3 day passes at the early bird special in Feb with no clue who the bands are

  • Justin Mclaughlin

    I haven’t got the chance to attend WMC as of yet. So my favorite would have to be San Diego Comic con.

    • Go Media

      Ooh, awesome suggestion, Justin! :) Did you get to see the Walking Dead peeps at this year’s one?

  • Adrian Lorenzo

    Hope I can be part of the WMC! I’ve been attending the 99% Conference for the last two years and reeeeally enjoyed it… The 99% is a GREAT chance to be with a bunch of people with a wide (and different) approach and that’s why I like to participate but… I’m thinking about a change!

  • Joe Wathen

    My favorite is the WMCFest, I have attended the past two years and end up spending all my money on posters!

    • Go Media

      Hey, Joe! (the Jimi song just started running in my head, haha). That is so great to hear! Jeff would be so stoked about that. Oh and I hear ya on the posters. There are so many awesome designers, it is easy to break the bank with buying all the beautiful artwork. :)

    • Go Media

      Congrats, Joe! You are the winner of the WMC Fest 2012 t-shirt. Now all I need from you is to send me an email at and I need the size t-shirt you want as well as your address. Just send me an email and I will get this out to you. Talk to you soon.

      • Joe Wathen

        I just sent an email, thanks so much! See you this summer!!!

  • DJ ramirez

    I havent been to any yet, but im planning on going to seeds conference 2013 and will definitley be checking out WMCfest, because people seem to really like it. I really dig the shirts!

  • Guest

    Never had the opportunity to go to the WMC fest, but will love to go. One day, for sure ;)
    Talking about festivals… here in Montreal we have a couple, related to music or films. Fantasia (fantastic, sci-fi, horror… movie) is awesome… and the people attending really cool!

    (nice Tee….)

  • Thierry de Nardin

    I never had the opportunity to go to the WMC fest (love the name). Talking about about festivals, here in Montreal we have a couple, including music anf films. My favorites is Fantasia, related to sci-fi, fantastic or horror movie, from Asia but not only. People attending there are really nice.

    (nice Tee…)

    • Go Media

      Awesome, Thierry! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  • mamun

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