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Woe is Mac…

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I recently purchased a brand new Mac Book Pro and I totally love it. Let’s just face the facts; Apple has the whole user experience nailed. From the moment I opened the mailer and lifted out the beautifully designed, Apple branded box, I was in a state of total euphoria. I had waited so long for this moment and I could not be happier. As I peeled back the plastic coating, making sure not to rip it, and gently set it aside, my anticipation started to grow. I slipped my matte aluminum beauty out of its casing and set it tenderly on my bed. As I slowly slid my fingers across the dull, cold, silver shell, I knew I was in for a treat. Ever so delicately I coaxed the lid open and reached for the small, circular button. I gingerly pressed down and heard the beautiful harmonious tones of my silver sweetheart starting up, I knew my life would be changed forever…I was now a Mac owner.


As the euphoria began to wane and my buyer’s remorse set in, I began to struggle with one thing; the price. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the value of buying something that is built from quality materials and meant to last a long time, but I just thought by now these beastly beauties would have come down in price.

Honestly, Apple is no longer the “little engine that could”, they are a freight train tearing through the business world (they even have Microsoft scrambling). I mean think about it, designers typically make smaller salaries and we are constantly asked to pay premium prices for the things we need to do our jobs. Sure, you can “borrow” just about anything you need these days, but I’m talking about being totally legit. Sometimes I wish there was some magic scale that Adobe, Apple, and the rest of these companies could use to adjust the prices of their products to fit the individual that was buying them based on that person’s current financial situation.

Between all the hardware, programs, typefaces, images, and printing supplies necessary to design on a Mac, or a PC for that matter, it seems like a never ending cycle of expenses. Not to mention that we then have to pass those costs onto our customers who often don’t understand the value of design in the long term. (I suppose this is where Apple could be a great example…) I long for the day that I will be able to afford everything I need as a designer without having to worry about where my next meal is coming from! Seriously though, if I had to do it again I wouldn’t change a thing.


As I move my digits over the jet black keyboard and feel the subtle recoil as I release the power button, I still can’t help feeling totally elated. My thoughts begin to focus and I realize, price be damned… this machine is amazing. As I bask in all her glory, I pull the protective foam back over her glossy face and press her sides back together. I rub my hands over her silvery smooth skin as I gently lull her back to sleep, and I realize today was a good day.


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  • Anon

    Sound a bit sad really, considering you've just bought into a brand rather when you for the same price you could've got a much better PC.

  • iamPariah

    Indeed. Apple is about the brand these days. It's the Lexus of computers; you could get the same or better features for a lower price. This is why so many have turned to the “hackintosh” route, installing OS X on much more powerful PCs obtained for as little as 1/3 the price of current Macs.

  • ★ ★ ★ f ö d a ★ ★

    i have the same feeling with my macbook, and soon with an imac, they are expensives, but is not about the price, is about the software (one of the reason for beein a hackintosh), the design itself, the customer experience (like new batery or charger, or whatever that goes wrong, like my logiccard), is all about a mac itself.

  • Geoff May

    Taken from my blog last month:

    I’m officially done with Macs and any Apple product, for that matter.

    I currently have a 1.5 year old 17″ MacBook Pro. At the time I bought it, it was their flagship laptop.

    A month ago I took it in because my battery was swollen, which made it impossible to click on the trackpad. Not a huge deal, I guess. Of course for a $3000+ laptop I’d expect better quality and durability than that. But still, with AppleCare I was able to get it replaced and all it cost me was a trip to the Apple Store to deal with one of their “Geniuses”, who apparently wasn’t genius enough to just look at the warped and bloated battery to know that it was the issue. Instead he had to run a whole system diagnostic to find out, EUREKA, the battery was shot.

    Fast forward to last week. No less than 20 times my computer would totally freeze up. The picture looked like some shitty 80s 8-bit video game. I’d have to restart it numerous times to get it working. Take it to the Apple store and they tell me my logic board (fancy name for a motherboard) is hosed. Now this is my work computer. It’s not my only computer, but it is my main work one, nonetheless. I’m going to be out of commission until at least Sunday, they tell me. In the meantime I keep the laptop and work on it sporadically, at best.

    I called in today to ask if the logic board has come in, since I was told it would be here today. The “genius” says it isn’t in. I ask when I can expect it and his answer is “it’ll get here when it gets here” and I hear him give a little laugh. I ask “that’s the answer you’re going with?” and he proceeds to tell me how a part is ordered and delivered as if this is all a foreign concept to me. I just hung up.

    Needless to say, I’m done with Apple products. I have an $800 Dell that is 3 years old that has NEVER had an issue. I bought what was supposed to be the be all end all in laptops and it’s given me nothing but problems. Don’t get me started about how many times it crashes out of the blue for no reason.

    In the end, Apple is a hype machine that should spend more money on R&D and a little less on cute commercials that personify their computers and operating system. OSX is nice but I can hack a PC (that is twice as powerful and half the price) to run it, so it’s a moot point now.

    Thanks to the Apple store at Crocker Park for their tremendous “customer service”! I can’t believe I was actually pricing out a new Mac Pro. That would have been a gigantic waste of money.

  • Tom Faraci

    I feel ya. When my HP died over a year ago, I decided to go all in and get a MacBook Pro. I love it, but I'm still paying the damn thing off. That in itself is a drag, but I haven't had a single problem with the computer in that time, and it still runs everything as smoothly as when I bought it.

  • Rob Turpin

    You may be able to get a better ‘spec’ machine by buying a windows (or linux) PC but the key to Apple products, apart from the obvious ‘design’ is that the machine is built by Apple and the software is built by Apple. You just do not have the same problems with a Mac that you get with a PC, it's as simple as that. Out of the box there is no better computing experience than a Mac.

  • peejworks

    Clearly the first poster has never owned anything as delightfully charming as a Mac. I was a PC proponent too (though I've preferred Mac OS since OS 9) since I could never justify the outrageous cost. Then I got a free iPod shuffle when I switched banks… and the rest is history. They “get it”. The product, the packaging, the reference material, the support, the accessories… it's ALL beautiful, stylish, charming, warm, inviting… HUMAN!

    My Macbook Pro (classic style, not unibody) is my lively hood. It's my life. It's so much more then just a tool. So the fact that it made me feel fucking GREAT the day I opened it and watched the delightful welcome video is a huge bonus. One that's very important to me. As a designer, I want EVERYTHING to be beautiful and warm and personal. And when you buy an apple product, your not just buying technical specs. Your buying an overall design aesthetic and standard that we as designers strive to imbue in all of our work. Is it worth the extra money?

    Maybe not…

    I hate that in order to pay for my hardware, I needed to “borrow” software for a few months…

    But there is no denying the charm. They've got in on lock.

    Something I just never got from my Dell running XP and later Vista.

    I'm so happy never to have to press “cancel or allow” when telling my computer to do rudimentary tasks.

  • Adam

    I also did a blog post on my feelings about macs/pcs:

    This is an age old pissing contest, that I refrain from. In fact, I don’t even think one machine is better than the other. However, one side has a certain type of fan that I can’t stand. I’m more than sick of hearing how much Microsoft sucks when reading my RSS feed. I’m there to read about design, and possibly software. Maybe some how-to’s, tutorials, cool links? I don’t want to hear about how much someone loves their Apple products, and hates Microsoft.

    Just for the record, I have two machines that are PCs. My home machine is a PC because I’m into gaming. No console can compete with a decked out PC, and Macs don’t game at all. My work machine is a PC because, for the power I need to do motion graphics and video effects, I simply can’t justify spending $4000 on the tower alone. Not when I can get a machine that goes beyond what I need it to do for $1250. Also, the direct-to-disk software that I use simply isn’t supported by Mac.

    I’ve heard a metaphor several times that goes something like ‘Why have a luxury car engine with a GM body? Why not just get the real thing?’ Fuck all that. You know who drives luxury cars? Douchebags. I’ve worked on powerful Macs for months at a time, and they’re great. About as great as the PC that I have. Although, if I had tonnes of money to get the best Mac has to offer, I would do it. But I probably wouldn’t blog about it :P


  • remedix

    Hehe. Nice article. I can totally feel your happiness and excitement! Welcome to the family by the way (:

  • Geoff Heith

    Man…I feel you…my macbook pro decided to die this past week (had it for almost 5 years which I think is killer!!) anyways just dropped 4200 on a new Macbook Pro…and I still get shivers knowing I just dropped that much on a freakin thing I know I need, but wish wish wish it wasn't so expensive! Great article!

  • SteveZee

    I think it is funny how people get all heated on this issue. Come on guys, if you want to spend the money on a good stable machine with a personality, get a Mac. If you want to spend less on a good, powerful PC, then do that. We are all capable of working on either, and we all have our own horror stories with both.

    I say if you are happy with your machine, you got your money's worth.

  • Mordy Golding

    I'm sometimes torn about this issue as well. Yes, professional design tools like Macs, Adobe software, Wacom tablets, and the like are expensive. But I don't blame companies for charging for products. In reality, I kinda blame the industry.

    I've often lamented that the “advent” of desktop publishing has tarnished what was once a professional field. There was a time when you could charge $5000 for a logo design and it was accepted. Now, design has become a commodity. Telling a client you're charging them $300 bucks for a logo not only is met with a barrage of comments ranging from “come on, it's just a computer – you press a few buttons” to “my 11 year old uses Photoshop” — but they do such a good job at it that you actually feel guilty for it and settle for 50 bucks.

    I believe that designers make lower salaries because it's PERCEIVED that designing is easy and all you need is a stolen copy of Photoshop. On top of that, labeling yourself as a designer doesn't require 4 years of medical school or passing a BAR or any test for that matter. Yet we are professionals just like anyone else. Many of us did invest in our own education and attended design schools and apprenticed at design houses and studios.

    In other professions, tools are expensive. Doctors and dentists have to shell out plenty for tools and equipment. Same for chefs, building contractors, and the like. So in some way, spending money on equipment in order to make money does make sense. That being said though, computers are used for many different things — it isn't just a design tool. I could be wrong, but if computers were really more expensive, it would “weed out” those who aren't serious about design and as such, designers would make more money for a craft they obviously are good at. But computers are obviously used for more than just design. As such, the prices are aimed lower to appeal to the consumer. And it kinda wrecks the whole balance. It's priced higher than we can afford because it's priced low enough to turn anyone into a designer. Catch-22.

    Hey, if you could buy your own X-Ray machine for a couple hundred bucks, wouldn't you? I mean, you could forget about all that time in the waiting room reading those beautifully-designed magazines. And then when you break something bad and have to visit the doctor and he says he's going to charge you an arm and a leg (literally), you can turn to him and say “hey, come on — my 11 year old has an X-ray machine — it's just a few buttons and you're done”.

    :) Mordy

  • Barry

    My wife bought her PowerBook G3 (Pismo) back in early 2000. In late 2008 it gave up the ghost. At that time she was running 10.4.11 on it and even though it wasn't the fastest machine around, it got the job done.

    How many PC laptops circa 2000 were still in service and running Vista at the end of last year?

    I'd say she got way more bang for her buck had she bought any PC back then.

  • mrmungus

    I'm just glad our art dept finally decided to get rid of the crap pcs and moving us to all mac platforms :)

    Good post!

  • mike_r

    Adobe needs to bring back ATM, (that Adobe Type Manager for those to young to have worked on OS 9 or older)

  • Russell Cory

    It more than kinda bugs me when people start talking about running their fingers over a machine's surface like it's a woman. Um, sorry, a computer is a tool, not a object for lust. You paid for a good tool, now use the hell out of it and get over yourself…

  • raymongblanc

    Me thinks you may have some issues ;) try getting out a little more.

  • tim_hammond

    Anyone who says you can get the same features and specifications that a Macbook has, on a cheaper PC based laptop clearly doesn't understand the value of build quality, aesthetics, and innovation.

    There isn't a single laptop on the market, that offers the same build quality, reliability and usability of the Macs. I worked for over a year in the computer department of a department store called Harvey Normans, and I got to know all of the other competitors computers very well, and let me say they were plastic junk compared to the Mac. Full of tiny, flimsy plastic pieces, covered in glossy surfaces and fingerprints. Pathetic battery life, and often filled with bloatware.

    In my opinion, if specs are all you care about, buy a desktop, if portability, quality, strength, and versatility are what you're after, the Macbook Pro is exactly what you're after. People need to stop being such god-damned consumer elitists and realise that not everyone wants a 15 terraflop mongrel that cost fifty cents.

  • Carol

    I love my Mac and, yes I do hate how expensive they are, but for me it's worth it. I also have a good PC for playing games, and I constantly have to tweak, re-start, fiddle and bother with it to get it to work properly. The Mac? It just works. For every 5 times I've had to contact some support person or look up an error issue on my PC, I think the worst that's happened to my Mac is sometimes it doesn't fall asleep. I can live with that!

  • nextexile

    I've built my PC rig for a fraction of the price of a Mac. I have had no issues, it rips through anything I throw at it. Some comparable Macs I've used actually fall back in performance while leading in price. If I need something fixed or upgraded iI can easily do so myself…. unlike most macs. And most of all, everything runs incredibly with Windows 7. Everyone should really watch out for this one.

  • zeig

    imo MAC is the designers platform
    its built for design
    don't get me wrong
    you can use a PC but in my time using a mac (less than a year) vs the years I use PC (almost 10 years) MAC has by far surpassed its former glory and gained, in my opinion, the right as a designer's platform, its just friendlier, faster, more efficient and doesn't hae the problems a PC has, and trust me I have run across plenty of problems on the numerous PC's I have had to buy due to errors

  • George Melly

    MACs are for people who look at porn vids when they masturbate, PC people just close their eyes. 80% materialistic 'design'. I dont need my can opener to make other people envious- I just need it to do its job and stfu. MAC will be ther reason people start loosing bone mass. The iphone already boasts 'solving lives problems one at a time', I put it to tyou that it was never a problem to use my actual brain to be doing the things we have been doing since the dawn of man without that rectangle teet of techno pascifisim. All you have to do is look at the people that 'love their MACs' and you see that advertising works.

  • tim_hammond

    @George Melly,

    So you're telling me that you'd happily buy a pink and orange toaster, with pictures of fairies on it provided it's cheap and makes decent toast, and put it in your newly renovated, sophisticatedly designed kitchen? Everyone values aesthetics, and if you don't, I honestly don't think you should be a designer (if you are one)

  • smkorby

    Congrats on your new baby!
    Over time, the “it just works” factor and the usability will far outweigh the purchase cost. I have been using a Mac and PC side by side for years. The next year will see Korby Imagery turn into an all Mac shop.

  • Vectoria

    I would love to have a Mac…just to compare it to the “frankenputer” I have now….but alas, I cannot afford it.
    Anyone want to spot a design college student a few duckets to test the theory..”which is better a PC or a Mac?”…
    One thing I will say…I know some pretty darn good designers..and guess what ..they crank out excellent work..even if they are working with butcher paper and cheap crayons…you get out what ya put in IMHO..ok..nuff from me.

  • Corey

    I totally agree, and it (computer, car, boat, whatever) is always being personified as female by a man… anyone here take feminism 101? :)

    Macs are good computers… and that's all.

  • jglovier

    I just love how MAC has totally branded themselves to appeal to the industry comprised almost entirely of people who draw most of their identity on being unique, different and essentially “trend-buckers.” Yet in the process all those people have adopted their own trend – “I am creative so I am different. I use only Apple” Just seems ironic.

    Well I'm bucking the “creatives trend” and sticking with PC for all my creative work. Not so much because I want to be different, but because I'm just not willing to pay for a MAC.

  • Simona

    oh well, I guess all of us who are working on a PC are Non-designers :)

  • Ruben

    Here we go again with the Mac vs PC discussion. It's you own choice if you want loose precious time by tweaking your pc, and I bet you can do it, but time is also money. Other people just want to do their work without all the hassle and buy a Mac.
    I'm an IT-manager at a wholesale company, 20 PC's, and you can't imagine how much work it is to keep 20 PC's running. I spent a whole day this week just updating the software. At this moment I hate Microsoft and I'm willing to pay more for a decent computer.
    I still have a PC and I'm working hard to buy a Mac some time in the future and now I know it'll be worth it.

  • Joe

    Lol Mac hardware different from PC…LOL for the people who says MACs are different hardware? Where on earth have you been? Lol like someone telling me..Lexus are better then Toyota! Me..pointing and laughing at your face!!! Paying for a premium brand name. But on software wise..yes they are different but thats another old dead horse your beating.

  • facebook-70202916

    I work on a PC. I totally Love it. I'm not gonna lie though, if Autodesk made 3DS Max for mac, I wouldn't hesitate to get my hands on one. I know there are alternatives like parallels and bootcamp; however, I have tried both, and the performance is not that of a true DirectX platform………Besides I'm happy with my HP…It gets the job done and that's all that matters. I could care less about an 'aesthetically pleasing Computer Design.' All I'm looking for is performance. Take a PC tower, shove 12 gb's of Ram into it with an Intel quadcore and 1.5 gb of video memory and you have something that would destroy a macbook pro and could come out less expensive. Although you lose “aesthetic value” in your hardware. I personally don't care for this, Just prefer performance. Looks aren't going to get my job done.

    Mac's are awesome though, just a bit of a burden on the pockets

  • Jessica

    You sure this article wasn't written by Kevin Rose? Haha.

    I love my Mac. Best computer I've ever owned. The price is pretty steep, and I don't see that changing anytime soon, unless a huge (and I mean HUGE) swell in Mac purchases happens. I don't remember the exact percentage, but I think it's only something around 10% of people who own computers own a Mac (and I'm not sure what population that's based on). I'm betting that they've found their niche (i.e. – the design world) and are comfortable there. At least for now…

  • benwatson

    Whilst the price is steep (moreso I believe here in the UK), I can safely say the purchase of my MacBook Pro last year has been my most sensible purchase to date. I have always used PCs and have been through a fair few in the past few years as they break down and quickly become outdated. A colleague of mine took the plunge around a year ago and upgraded to a fully loaded 15″ MacBook Pro on the day of the release of the new model. It was like my own personal Mac vs PC advert as he seemed to effortlessly go about his work, stress free and happy, proud in fact to work on his beloved machine, whilst I'd wait 20 mins for my Vista machine to boot up or shut down.

    After 6 months of this, I'd had enough and made the greatest investment of my career and have never looked back. Since that fateful day, around 5 others in our small office have fallen like dominos and happily spend their days fingering their ergonomically lush, recessed backlit keys, happy in the knowledge that it was a substancial amount of money well speant.

  • Askhari

    Honestly, I'm amazed everytime I read a post/comment/article like that. And then there's always this bunch of comments debating on the senseless mac/pc issue, talking about over priced hardware and machines that have “character”.
    In the end, Macs are good for one thing mainly:

    To show us designer how to do our job!

    Because being able to make someone pay a lot more than it would be wise to spend on a machine that is in the first place attractive through it's visual and tactile design and that most likely won't do such a better job than some much cheaper alternatives; being able to make the people who pay for that passionated about their purchase, that is the ultimate goal of good product and graphic design, isn't it?

  • Jimmy Smutek

    I use a prismacolor you use a sharpie, both are kick ass markers but at the end of the day it really doesn't matter, all that matters is the work.

  • Kancer

    How can it take you 6 months or a year to pay off a MBP? I bought a brand new MBP 9 months ago and maxed out all my options until it cost me near $3500. I paid for it in cash–well debit card to be fair, but it's still cash. I'm a graphic designer/art director, and I haven't even been in the field more than 7 years or so, and I just turned 30. I'm in NYC, too, so it's not like I live in an inexpensive area. If you can't afford the tools, you are either just starting out, or you're not good enough to charge going rates for your skills. Whining about the price just makes you sound bush league. It's not going to get any easier, so either get better or get lost.

  • drocka

    Great point. Who cares if you use one or not? It's amazing how many designers get fired up and angry that people are buying Macs due ,in a large part, to GREAT BRANDING and DESIGN!

  • Daquan Wright

    This old Inspiron 6000 laptop with vista loads and closed photoshop pretty swell, it's just as important to maintain a machine as it is to buy a good one. Every machine is built with a purpose in mind, find that purpose and buy what makes you happy!

  • Geoff May


  • Troy

    I'd have to dis-agree with you Anon.
    I use both a MAC and a PC and the MAC is FAR superior to the PC in doing any heavy lifting.

    Don't get me wrong, the PC is still good… but, after all the crashes, warnings, and lock-ups, it's worth the extra money to not have to deal with it.

    Not to mention the viruses and constant care to keep the system clean that a PC requires.

    It's just more efficient for me to use a mac.

  • calehernandez

    The real reason artists should use Macs: “Every tool carries with it the spirit by which it has been created.” – Werner Karl Heisenberg

  • mark

    I love the Apple and Adobe products, but they are just like all these corporate behemoths, working on a 'planned obsolescence' timeline.
    Much like Detroit car makers of the bygone days, they could support their older products much longer, and after all, what is the point of durability or buying for the longer term, if in 5 years the company won't support the product?

    It is this backwards looking mentality that makes me happy that the coming Google world of cheap (or free) online use of product (instead of stand-alone ownership) is coming to pass.

  • Richard

    It’s a metaphor that’s often used, but a way to think about it is if Windows-based PCs as a whole are thought of as a top selling car like the Toyota Camry, Apple’s Mac computers would be more like a luxury car, like a Porsche. Porsche sales are just a fraction of Camry sales because it does not sell any models in the low-end price range. But at the same time, Porsche makes more money on each car sold and maintains a premium branding. If Porsche started selling cheap cars, it would move a lot more units, but it would no longer be the Porsche brand that we know.

  • Jimmy Smutek

    @ “Kancer” – seriously, it's good that you don't post under your real name.

    That post makes you sound like, well…. a pretentious twit. Judging by your words you obviously don't need money, but I know I wouldn't hire you based on that comment.

    Of all things to comment on why would you comment on how a person pays for their equipment or what their financial situation might be?

    Sure, it gives you a chance to brag about your own financial situation but that only makes you look even more lame.

    Paying equipment off over time or personal finances speak absolutely nothing to a persons worth as a designer, just as your cash purchase speaks nothing to yours.

    Seriously, who thinks this way?

  • marybaum

    How bout a compromise? I buy Apple CPUs – but third-party peripherals, so my maxed-out MBP wasn't $3500 even in late 2006 – more like $2500, when prices were higher. I do like my skinny Apple keyboard and Mighty Mouse (both wired – cheaper that way, and I can't lose them on my desk.) Memory is memory, and it has been for the 22 years I've been buying it. Same with hard drives, which I double the size of every year after the warranty expires anyway, at $99 a pop or so.

    AppleCare is obviously not our speed – though I did spring for it on our new iPhones, which I don't have the same courage to fix myself. But our version of AppleCare is a set of Torq screwdrivers and good instructions from the web – I replaced my left fan that way a few weeks ago.

  • jeff_finley

    I am out of the office on vacation until Monday, October 19th. If your request is urgent please contact our project manager
    I will be catching up on Monday when I get in, thanks!
    Jeff Finley
    Go Media

  • 3kin

    Crashes, warnings and lockups. What are/were you running, WinME with Kazaa?

    Windows 7 has put an end the MAC propaganda because “it also just works”. Not to mention Ubuntu (it just works too and it's free).

  • jeff_finley

    I am out of the office on vacation until Monday, October 19th. If your request is urgent please contact our project manager
    I will be catching up on Monday when I get in, thanks!
    Jeff Finley
    Go Media

  • Jarek Tabor

    I think I grow up to add my few words on that topic.

    I'm 25, and I'm neither PC nor Mac. That is a statement.

    Few years I've been “playing and working” with Photoshop on Windows. I won't say on PC, because Apple dropped PowerPC and they are PC too.
    Since 1 or 2 years I'm thinking a lot about starting computer graphics school (or something similar) to get the needed knowledge about so called design basics. Apart from that I'm working with few clients as a “web designer”.
    For all years I've been using Windows based machine. When my thoughts became closer to design I started to see some pluses in Apple's vision.

    Everytime i saw my messy desk with monitor and loud pc i was getting feeling that I'm starting to hate it. In fact I hated it.

    When I was looking at Apple machines and its ascethic aswell beautifull design i started realize that maybe there is some connection apple – (and) – design. I started to feel that it's ascethic and pure design of computers may inspire me. I always liked clean and minimalistic designs. Apple was exactly what i liked. This summer i bought barely used MacBook (early 2009) and pimped it with 4GB 800Mhz RAM aswell as good 500GB hard drive.
    I installed all software i use (basicly it's Photoshop) and started to work. I need to mention that before that i was happy Windows XP and really happy Windows 7 (RC) user.

    After 2 months I'm really confused.

    In theory faster machine (MacBook) than my desktop isn't that fast as it should be. Super extra stable OSX (Leopard and Snow Leopard) are not that reliable as they supposed to be. Safari crashes and random thinking umbrella on Photoshop on relative small files (up to 30-50MB) makes me sick of OSX. Another problem is… java and flash. All Java aswell as Flash applications are reminding me that in MacBook fans can spin really fast (thank God for CoolBook to under-voltage CPU).

    I must say that battery life, design, accessibility and usability of MacBook is just outstanding, but… I'm confused. Some of You guys said here that the Output (design) doesn't have connection with computer (apple or else) but with Input we give. I must say it's really, really wise. I do agree with it 100%.

    I still think that OSX is damn good system, same as Apple machines, but the price we have to pay for this is a pain. I just can't stand that i can do SAME on Windows 7 with same speed and (i would risk to say) reliability as on Mac but for 1/2 or 2/3 of its price.

    Apple's philosophy of fighting for clients is great, but times where Apple was a synonym of perfect quality are GONE. Super sophisticated package or Alu unibody case or even OSX are not enough to fight Windows 7 and PC's.
    Its 2009 year and Adobe Photoshop CS4, old Mac domain, runs faster on Windows 7 machine (maybe because there is 64bit version) – but this is fact.
    I would even risk to say that actual Apple sales growth is caused mostly because of iPhone sales. I own one too and i love it, but if all will go this way as it's now it wont be enough to hold me with Apple any longer.

    Feel free to flame me or discuss.

  • jeff_finley

    I am out of the office on vacation until Monday, October 19th. If your request is urgent please contact our project manager
    I will be catching up on Monday when I get in, thanks!
    Jeff Finley
    Go Media

  • Glenn

    - Buy a Dell.
    - Get more power, and spend less.
    - Built on all the same hardware, or better.
    - They look as good, or better.
    - Live happy and without need to blog about spending too much cash.
    - Take your lady out to dinner with the money you saved.

  • jeff_finley

    I am out of the office on vacation until Monday, October 19th. If your request is urgent please contact our project manager
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  • jeff_finley

    I am out of the office on vacation until Monday, October 19th. If your request is urgent please contact our project manager
    I will be catching up on Monday when I get in, thanks!
    Jeff Finley
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