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Daily Inspiration: Design Firm Business Systems

Daily Inspiration Videos by Go Media President Bill Beachy

Go Media president Bill Beachy sits down to give you some daily inspiration and advice. Bill shares his years of experience building Go Media into the company it is today. Topics in this video series include Getting Started, Happiness, Humility, Patience, Flow, Focus, Productivity, Business Systems, Courage, Eating Well, Obstacles, and Creativity.

For more information about Bill Beachy, check out his bio on Bill is currently accepting opportunities to speak at your event, university, or business.

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Sponsored by Weapons of Mass Creation
The Daily Inspiration video series is brought to you by WMC Fest – a grassroots event put on by Go Media to inspire and enable the creative mind. It takes place in Cleveland, OH on June 11 and 12, 2011 and will feature 20 speakers, 20 bands, and 20 designers in what aims to be the premier event for artists/designers in the midwest.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is in Cleveland, OH

Hope you enjoy the video!

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About the Author, William Beachy

I grew up in Cleveland Hts. Ohio and was drawing constantly. As a child I took art classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art and eventually became known as the "class artist." I graduated from The Ohio State University's department of Industrial Design. I have always tried to blend my passion for illustration with Graphic Design. Go Media was the culmination of my interests for both business and art. I'm trying to build a company that is equally considerate of our designers AND our clients.
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  • Adam

    Really enjoyed this one, Bill.

  • Simon H.

    I like it too :-)

  • Anonymous

    Great video Bill! I think creating and updating systems is one of the most important parts of running a business. A lot of freelancers forget to wear multiple hats, and that includes being an entrepreneur, manager, and designer all in one.

  • Ray Avilla

    Thanks for the proof lab commercial.

    • Sesli Sohbet

      ver good comments

  • ankara web tasarım

    thank you for all info

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the proof lab commercial.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the proof lab commercial.

  • ankara web tasarım

    thank you, very good :)

  • Baltech Jaipur

    This information is very useful and necessary for any users that are related to this field. Thanks for this knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    Wow great …very enjoyable to see it

  • Chelsea Moriarty

    I just started charging a deposit and while I haven’t gotten push back yet I have been feeling a little apprehensive. Its great to hear that you’ve found this payment structure valuable! I’ll move forward with confidence. Thanks Bill!

    Looking forward to Prooflab too…

  • ankara web tasarım

    great thanks :)

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  • Michael Schlotfeldt

    I started my firm 14 years ago, but didn’t have the same initial interest in process as you. But after 3 years and 5 people it became extremely important. Now with 12 employees, I spend much of my time working on the company — including process. Thanks for sharing your experience. While mine has been similar, it is always interesting to hear what others have tried. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

     Thanks for the information. I can´t figure out (yet) an unique business system, so will try prooflab to see how it works, I mean if it works with me. Good insights in the interview, I will check it our again.Cheers, M.