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Daily Inspiration: Happiness is a Choice

Daily Inspiration Videos by Go Media President Bill Beachy

Go Media president Bill Beachy sits down to give you some daily inspiration and advice. Bill shares his years of experience building Go Media into the company it is today. Topics in this video series include Getting Started, Happiness, Humility, Patience, Flow, Focus, Productivity, Business Systems, Courage, Eating Well, Obstacles, and Creativity.

For more information about Bill Beachy, check out his bio on Bill is currently accepting opportunities to speak at your event, university, or business.

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Sponsored by Weapons of Mass Creation
The Daily Inspiration video series is brought to you by WMC Fest – a grassroots event put on by Go Media to inspire and enable the creative mind. It takes place in Cleveland, OH on June 11 and 12, 2011 (this weekend!) and will feature 20 speakers, 20 bands, and 20 designers in what aims to be the premier event for artists/designers in the midwest.

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is in Cleveland, OH

Hope you enjoy the video!

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About the Author, William Beachy

I grew up in Cleveland Hts. Ohio and was drawing constantly. As a child I took art classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art and eventually became known as the "class artist." I graduated from The Ohio State University's department of Industrial Design. I have always tried to blend my passion for illustration with Graphic Design. Go Media was the culmination of my interests for both business and art. I'm trying to build a company that is equally considerate of our designers AND our clients.
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  • Nate Hull

    Good talk Bill.  That was really what I needed.  I’ve been fighting with i.e.6 all morning.

    • Simon H.

      Good luck with that dude… Not fun.

  • Denny Eng

    Anybody know what font is used for the title “Daily Inspiration”? 

    • Simon H.

      It’s Bodoni Poster Compressed

      • Denny Eng

        Thanks Simon!

  • Anonymous

    that is exactly what we all needed, as it is very important for everyone to live a happy life

  • Alexander Singleton

    I do some comic work once in a while and this advice about the backgrounds has really helped me out. They used to be an after thought, but I’m loving them now, I get really into trying to create different types of texture and lighting.

  • dr mustafa eraslan

    Beautiful  Thanks in advance for answering