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The Ultimate Toolkit for Creative Entrepreneurs: A Giveaway with These Are Things

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Truth Be Told.

If you’ve been living under a rock, we’ve got to clue you in. Here’s the skinny…

We are obsessed with These Are Things.


Designers, illustrators and fellow Ohioans, Jen Adrion and Omar Noory are inventors of the modern map and other such delicious travel goods.

Not only are they über inspiring, Jen and Omar are honorary Go Media staffers. They’ve contributed so graciously, so generously, to our little world. Just check out this goodness:

 The Secret is Out.

We are so excited to be a part of Jen and Omar’s big announcement!

| The cat is out of the bag. |

Designed to Sell Hi Res Cover

Cover and design were done by the talented folks at Jolby & Friends in Portland!

So there it is! Jen and Omar’s new book, Designed to Sell: The Unconventional Guide to Creative Freedom, is available today, Tuesday, February 11! This comprehensive resource has been developed for creators, crafters, fine artists, designers and any kind of maker who wants to build a lifestyle and career around the principle of creative freedom.

Designed to Sell was created by These Are Things with the help of Chris Guillebeau, bestselling author of The Art of Nonconformity and The $100 Startup. Over twenty artists, designers, and crafters, who were also interviewed  to help develop this ultimate toolkit for aspiring creative entrepreneurs.

Designed to Sell is all about honesty: what we love most about These Are Things. We’re sure you’ll learn from their stumbles, mistakes and successes – this creative road map so to speak.

These Are Things Modern World Map

These Are Things Modern World Map

Giveaway Time!

Comment below for your chance to win a free copy of Designed to Sell. Not only will you receive a free copy of the book, but you’ll grab all of the juicy bonus materials as well!

You’ll receive the 130+ page PDF and all the supplemental resources, including a dozen interviews and the ultimate pricing toolkit.

To supplement the guide and help you with each aspect of running an art-based business, the following resources are also included:

  • Roadmap to Creative Freedom: A master to-do-list that covers each and every creative and business task you’ll need to complete to achieve creative freedom — from your first sketches to packaging you final product
  • Directory of Creative Business Resources: Our carefully curated list of recommended creative business resources. The directory lists products, services, tools, and suppliers that have been vetted by successful creative businesses
  • Ten Lessons We Learned the Hard Way: Avoid the common mistakes Jen & Omar made while building their six-figure art business.
  • Ultimate Pricing Toolkit: How to confidently put a fair and profitable price tag on your work
  • Finding Your Big Idea: A list of hundreds of marketable product ideas for artists working in virtually any medium
  • Crafting the Perfect Pitch: Get your product featured on top creative blogs and in legit publications. Includes pitch samples and DIY template

Total value of this giveaway is $447!

*Winner will be chosen on Friday, February 21 at 5 pm.*


More These Are Things | Shop | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | These Are Things Instagram | Jen’s Instagram | Omar’s Instagram

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  • medusae

    As a confused recent grad this could be the resource I need!

  • Monica Cronin

    HOW AWESOME. Jen and Omar are fabulous. Nothing can keep them down!
    Thanks for the post GoMedia~

  • Lenny Terenzi

    So excited that they have fought hard and are on the road to success once again! Thanks to WMC Fest for giving them a speaking slot last year!

  • Joshua Cody Williams

    they are a beautiful couple with an adorable style and a wealth of great ideas. Congratulations to them on achieving another milestone, and thanks for sharing their experinces!

  • Sonali Agrawal

    Oh wow!!! Would love to win and get motivated by Jen and Omar!

  • Design Fries

    Good, honest, information, can’t wait to read this! Thanks!

  • Rob Perry

    This is GREAT! And yes, please, to the giveaway!

  • Rod Encarnacion

    Jen and Omar definitely provided some great inspiration to continue my journey and reach my goal of being a top level designer. No matter how many ups and downs come my way, they only make me stronger as a designer and also as a person.

  • TWD

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  • Christine McKenna McCloskey

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    Having this will allow me and my team to jumpstart this new adventure – with better positivity and moves!

  • Zach Christy

    After seeing Omar and Jen at WMC last year and hearing their story, I feel like they are doing things right. And, if this book is any indication on how to get into the same playing field as them, I am in. I wish them all the success in the world. Super great people.

  • Matt

    What an excellent pack of resources. I sure could use something like this.

  • aglOseL

    Congratulations on your success and best wishes towards your continued success. Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of us ;)

  • Laura Lyle

    I got the opportunity to hear this enchanting pair at WMC Fest this year. Their talk, was by far the best one I heard during the whole weekend. I was one of many who jumped up with tear-filled eyes to applaud them on the most genuine, honest, talk I had ever heard. They risked everything explain every detail about their roller coaster journey, but they were REAL. As a young designer, there was nothing more motivational than hearing not all about where they want to be, but where they’ve been and how they got there. Jen + Omar are two very special, creative individuals. I wish them well in their endeavors, Congrats on their gorgeous new space! I would LOVE to receive this giveaway from These are Things!

  • finnllow

    I could really — REALLY use this right now. Been at it for 10-years and started over in the fall. Trying to do my own thing rather than clients with meaningless revisions, but I’m not having any luck selling the few products or originals I offer. I often wonder if an artist rep is the way to go. I watched your WMC talk and instantly became a fan and I’d live to learn from you. Please pick me!

  • Heather Sakai

    I love all of these comments! Yes we love Jen and Omar too! Aren’t they the best? Good luck everyone!

  • Annie Hoeksma

    This guide looks amazing, and I would love the chance to win it. I love the maps that Jen and Omar create!

  • Mariam

    you usually read unconventional on every book release but this one looks truly a not traditional guide to the business world for creative people- a resource that would certainly be beneficial.

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    I’d love to gain some golden nuggets of wisdom from Jen and Omar!!! I love everything they’ve done and really appreciate what they’ve gone through to get where they are. My husband and I are looking to start our own Illustration/design studio and this would be a tremendous resource for us. Go Ohio!

  • Bernadette Moke

    Graphic Designer by day, Artist by night. This would be perfect for me! I’m always stuck in the rut of: I could “do my own thing” if I made more money, but I need time. And I won’t have the time if I am still working my day job. Rawr!

    (PS. I Love Go Media!.. Will you be my valentine?)

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  • Jen + Omar

    Thanks so much for all the kind words, everybody! We are so excited to be sharing this resource with the design community. Creative freedom for everyone! :)

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    This looks excellent! Best of luck!

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    Oh my! We would love love love this win! Thanks for hosting this!!!

    • Heather Sakai

      Hi Lana! You have been chosen as the winner of our These Are Things Designed to Sell contest! Congratulations! Please send your info over to Heather at

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  • Alexandra Puzzuoli

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