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Episode 3: The Role of a Designer

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This episode focuses on the role of a designer with special guests Connie Ozan from Twist Creative and Julia Briggs from Blue Star Design. We also talk about setting up metrics for your business and the redesign of the Arsenal.

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Show Notes:

Go Media Quick Tip: Setting up Metrics for your Business

  • What are metrics?
  • Setting up stats to clearly identify success and weak points in your business.
  • Bill’s story at his Business class.

What’s Go Media Been Up To?

Jeff & Bill talking on podcast

Jeff Finley & Bill Beachy discussing “What’s Go Media Been Up To?”

Topic: The Role of a Designer

Special Guests: Connie Ozan & Julia Briggs in-studio

Julia Briggs and Connie Ozan

Julia Briggs and Connie Ozan discussing “the role of a designer”

  • Define “Designer” (graphic designer, not industrial/interior).
  • Define “Role” (what’s the context? role with a client? role in the world?)
  • Labels like Designer, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Artist, Commercial Artist, Illustrator.
  • Artist vs. Designer?
  • Evolution of a Designer over time.
  • Ideal Role vs. Actual Role

Roles of a Designer

  • Context
    • With a client/boss
    • With other team members
    • With your wallet/bank account
    • With your self/your own products
    • With society/the world/the environment
  • Production Roles
    • Commercial Artist (art as product), Illustrator
    • Visual Designer, Pixel Pusher (make stuff look pretty)
    • Style Jockey (designer performs his/her style)
    • Idea Generator (designer ideates on behalf of client)
    • UX Designer (how will the user actually USE this?)
    • Front End Developer (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Non Production Roles
    • Salesperson (communicate value)
    • Order Taker/Client Pleaser (similar to salesperson)
    • Strategist
    • Educator, Researcher (understand)
    • Business Consultant
    • Therapist, Psychiatrist (helping client understand themselves)
    • Facilitator (extended family, connector)
  • Social/Worldly Roles
    • Environmentalist
    • Social Changer
    • Innovator
    • Risk Taker (society expects creative people to take the risks)
Adam Law

Go Media Designer, Adam Law discussing “the role of a designer”

Chris Comella

Go Media designer and On the Map creator, Chris Comella talking about the “role of a designer” and the upcoming On the Map screening party



Hosts: Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy
Special Guest: Julia Briggs, Connie Ozan, Adam Law and Chris Comella
Producer: Bryan Garvin
Recorded at: Go Media

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  • Cumulo 7

    Great Podcast guys.

    • Go Media

      You are so welcome, Cumulo 7! :)

  • Jessie Ng

    I like this episode a lot! It was awesome to learn more from other designers’ professional experience and how they manage their firms. I am thinking if you guys can share your experiences of dealing with criticism (sometimes cynicism) when working with clients. I kept thinking of this everyday as a graphic designer. Thank you for making the podcast!!

    • Go Media

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Jessie! :) Your suggestion about dealing with criticism is a great idea for a future topic! I will pass it along to the podcast team! :)

  • hasan

    This is nice post and thanks to share..

    • Go Media

      Your very welcome, Hasan! Glad we could help! :)

  • Joe Nicklo

    This was a great one guys. I work at a small agency and I see the same things you guys spoke about this episode every day. When people think of Advertising and Design Firms, they all think of the big boys like BBDO, Landor, Leo Burnett, W+K etc., but they don’t know what it’s like for small/medium sized firms.

    Keep the great podcasts coming. Wish they were bi-weekly!

  • Edward McIntyre

    Its interesting that in the podcast the difference between a designer and an artist. Personally I consider myself a designer not an artist. From time to time I do artistic things mostly I design.

    I used to do a lot of collage, cutting up magazines, laying them out diffidently and creating something new. When we got better computers at school I moved to scanner collages, and that moved to Photoshop and eventually the web.

    I have never really been great at creating new things, I cant sketch my way out out of a paper bag; but I have vision and a great eye for composition and art direction.