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Go Media’s Flickr pool showcase – April 2011

Turquoise Flag-Tip

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… The April 2011 Go Media Flickr Pool Showcase (dramatic music, such as this on repeat for instance, is to be played in the background while reading this sentence)!

Once again, yours truly went through the 9430+ items of the pool from 1709 members (as I’m writing this) to extract the good stuff. Which is hard, since I sometimes would love to be able to post all of the pool, because 99% of it would deserve a spot here.

Hamerhead Skulls- Skateboard deck

Briefcase 2.0

| FORM B |

Like The Pot Telling The Kettle.

Get Band

But we're trash

When I was just a baby my mama told me.

| FORM A |

Spray on Jeans


SUGBO 001 : Bantayan Sa Hari


109/365 - The All Day Everyday Project

Daltonismo - Série Hexadecimal

Daltonismo - Série Hexadecimal

Daltonismo - Série Hexadecimal

Daltonismo - Série Hexadecimal

Word: Crucifixion (Eloi, Eloi)

Keep calm and eat sablés

I Shoot People.

Proposal covers for magazine +81 - not accepted

Proposal covers for magazine +81- not accepted

earth, it's what we all have in common.


type Sunday


Ministry Of Silly Walks

112/365 - The All Day Everyday Project

note to self

Earth Day 2011, #Quakebook


Delusion (Exposition artwork)

Senator Retreat T-Shirt

Familiar Ground





Sacred Geometry

Edgar Allan Poe  X K17GRAFX

The Paramedic CD Release (Alternate Flier)


Flusso  in rilievo

Flusso  in rilievo




HQ- Projeto em andamento!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Mock Poster - Updated/Vector Version

Nike Air: Molecule

Nike: Los Angeles 1984 poster


Immortal Mission

We Will Harvest


A City Called Murder

Dysfunction IV

Mux Mool Poster

Twitter background headphones


Barefoot at the Belmont Poster


Infográfico U2 - palco 360º

Underground Love

SAoS - Project 52.13 - Pink Safari by Pamela Hute

SAoS - Project 52.14 - Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

SAoS - Project 52.14 - Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons - Alt

SAoS - Project 52.15 - Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley

SAoS - Project 52.16 - Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Et voilà! I hope you enjoy this month’s selection as much as I enjoyed making it.

About the Author, Simon H.

Hello. My name is Simon. I'm half of the team at Studio Ace of Spade. But, I'm so much more than that. I'm also a photographer, illustrator, web designer, blogger, husband...I could go on. I communicate through creativity of any kind. We should talk.
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  • Maarten Kleyne

    Thanks for featuring my work in this post as well, appreciate it! Cheers

    • Simon H.

      You’re welcome :-)

  • Henrik Broden

    Very good stuff. Coffecup with crossed pencils is my favorite. :)

  • Jim Keaton

    Thanks Simon for the features. Nice selections for April!

    • Simon H.

      You’re welcome!

  • Gary E. Irwin

    Wow…thanks a bunch for featuring my #Quakebook poster. Very cool. A ton of amazing work here. Love it!

    • Simon H.

      You’re welcome!

  • Rajasegar Chandiran

    cool collection, love them all……….

  • Leena Parvin

    Great collection! Thanks for the features.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome job with this Simon!

    • Simon H.

      Thanks Adam!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for including my stuff Simon! Love what you picked out here…

    • Simon H.

      You’re welcome!

  • allen

    Great collection for inspiration!

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    Thank you simon, very good

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    Thanks for featuring my work!!!

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      You’re welcome Nicole!

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    cool collection, thank you

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    Fantastic selection! Thanks for featuring my work!

    • Simon H.

      No problems Ramon ;-)

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    Hello Simon!

    thanks for featuring my art :D

    • Simon H.

      You’re welcome sir ;-)

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