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Adobe Digital Publishing Platform

Today Adobe announced their Digital Publishing Platform, which in their own words is “a platform which consists of applications, technologies, and services that allow publishers to cost effectively author, produce, and distribute groundbreaking content to the broadest possible audience on a wide variety of digital devices”.

While it’s hard to tell from the web page exactly what the Digital Publishing Platform is, it’s also hard not to look at it as a response to Apple’s recent stance against Flash for their mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

From the FAQ Adobe states that it will use “Objective-C for the iPad and the Adobe AIR for the desktop and other mobile platforms”. The FAQ also states that at this time the iPhone is not supported, at least not for the Wired Magazine app which is the flagship example of Adobe’s new platform.

From what I can gather, the DPP will use existing Adobe software such as InDesign CS5 so designers don’t need to learn or use new tools to design and at the same time will compile the final output in a format that fits the Apple app store requirements.

Additionally, the DPP will also include support for HTML5 output, which is Apple’s suggested route for web-based rich media on their devices.

Adobe plans to make the Digital Publishing Platform available to CS5 users later this year via Adobe Labs.

About the Author, George Coghill

George Coghill isa freelance humorous illustrator/cartoonist specializing in mascot cartoon character design & cartoon logos. His cartooning & illustration work can be seen at and at his cartooning and illustration blog. Be sure to follow me on Twitter here!
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  • Joel Glovier

    I'm interested to know how this is going to work – since Apple already made their stance clear about using 3rd party compiler services to develop stuff for the app store. So how does InDesign (or the whatever it's called publishing platform) differ from what Flash CS5 does to compile apps in Objective C??

    Also, I was under the impression that these features were going to be available in InDesign CS5. As a regular InDesign user i'm disappointed to hear there's going to have to be ANOTHER app for this stuff.

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  • Simon H.

    That sounds like a good thing. It also means that Adobe backed down and accepted what Apple wanted…

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  • Phil

    How will they benefit if they keep all eggs in single basket and sell that, its marketing, and many like u and me, will not like this concept of separation of softwares

  • George Coghill

    Yeah I am quite confused as to how this all is going to work and how Adobe plans to implement it.

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  • Rui Melo

    So I decided to belt up and try out the software. I’m making a test magazine testing out all the highlighted functions and forking off to see if I can accomplish other interactive elements. If you’re comfortable making interactive PDFs the transition isn’t too bad, in fact most of its straight forward. It does however (at this point) take a lot of testing to make sure everything is functional. The software is FARRR from fool proof as I’ve made a ton of mistakes and would have to go through each stack to find it.

    Overall I think Adobe is trying to pioneer the one stop solution for digital publishing on Tablets and the software is promising – but definitely needs major tweaking to be something everyone will jump on board with.

  • Klavis

    Yeah I am quite confused as to how this all is going to work and how Adobe plans to implement it.

  • Klavis

    Yeah I am quite confused as to how this all is going to work and how Adobe plans to implement it.

  • Klavis

    Yeah I am quite confused as to how this all is going to work and how Adobe plans to implement it.

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