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Weekly Review April 7 – 20

Turquoise Flag-Tip

Hey folks, here’s the rundown for the past two weeks.

  • Nearly all my time has been spent creating imagery for the new Go Media portfolio site. We plan to launch in the next couple weeks!
  • We’re starting a project for Genetic Bulldogs out of Arizona. They breed bulldogs for lots of Hollywood celebs including Rob Dyrdek who will be part of our design. We’re doing the packaging for the dog food! Oliver should be doing that this week.
  • I had a few phone coversations with the folks at Pepperjam about possibly outsourcing our affiliate program management to them. Right now, the Arsenal affiliate program is pretty awesome, but it’s not as good as it could be. I feel like if I just had more time I could really be on top of things and make it amazing. Having a managed team at Pepperjam take it over is a possibility, but that does not come cheap. It’s $3000/month for their platinum package. Yikes. I have a few more meetings with them to discuss our specific situation and how we can work together. Anyone reading this use Pepperjam? Are you an affiliate or are you a merchant? What do you think?
  • We’re also thinking about using Mailchimp for our email newsletters. I really like them so far! We were using a self hosted email marketer from Interspire. Interspire is awesome, btw, but the load on our server was too great. It was costing us a lot to send out emails to our customers and it was slowing down our sites and causing lag. Mailchimp isn’t going to be cheap either, but it should be worth it to get rid of our server load and use all their cool features.
  • Adam Wagner and I were going over some preliminary designs for Arsenal 3.0. It’s still early, but we’re changing the way users buy and sell vector packs and other art on the site. Here’s a hint, we’re thinking of eliminating the numbered sets! Sounds drastic I know, but when you think about it, Set 6 or Set 15 doesn’t exactly say much. People don’t search for vector art like that. They’re looking for their specific design elements or a visual description. We’re working on making it easier to do that as our current search leaves a lot to be desired. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!
  • We’ll be releasing a brand new motion pack with Dust, Particles, and Smoke. It should be really sweet.
  • I’ve been talking to Tony over at Neno Design about iPhone app development. A Go Media iPhone app? Could be in the works…
  • Katie designed another awesome font, this one is called “Bunker” and it’s on sale for $15.
  • I’m also working on a new portfolio site for myself over at 90% done! Right now the site is themed with this cool Folio theme I found on Theme Forest and the work up there is very old. My plan was to use Folio as a base template for my theme and then just reskin it and add/remove functionality. I liked the overall feel of it so that’s why I picked it. The new design should be live maybe later this week. You should subscribe to my RSS and get notified when the new design goes live!
  • Also, in non-design related news, Adam Wagner and I have decide to join musical forces and start a new band. We’re starting out with punk/garage covers of The Temptations, Billy Joel, Andrew Jackson Jihad and a few originals. We never really played covers before, but when you’re starting a new band it’s a good thing to do in my opinion. It helps everyone start to gel as musicians together and helps to learn people’s styles and we can form our own sound off of that. I’m excited. If anyone ever wants to hear some recordings, just email me or hit me up on twitter. I’ve got some lo-fi practice tape recordings if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • My wife Kim and I have officially started the house hunt for our first home. We’ve been looking on line and doing research for about 3-4 months now. We found a realtor and are looking at homes tomorrow. We’re going to find a house in one of the burbs on the west side of Cleveland.

That’s the scoop for the past two weeks! Why don’t you tell everyone what you’ve been up to in the comments!

About the Author, Jeff Finley

I'm a partner at Go Media, a Cleveland web design and development firm. We also specialize in print design and branding. I started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and wrote the book Thread's Not Dead, teaching artists and designers how to start a clothing company. In my spare time, I write songs and play drums in Campfire Conspiracy. I'm a happy husband and an aspiring b-boy and lucid dreamer.
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  • David

    Dang, sweet! Thanks for the tip on the MailChimp. I just signed up for my fledgling clothing line MailChimp is way cool!

  • Chris

    Go check out – made for designers!!!

  • Tim

    Sounds like an action packed couple of weeks. Katie's font looks great. That reminds me I need to finish off the half dozen or so complete fonts I've had in the works for the last little while. All the characters are finished in Illustrator, but I just need to create the font, lawl.

  • Mat

    Wow sounds like you've been pretty busy!

    In my week i have been writing articles, press releases, improving existing websites, checking sites progress…yeah i've been busy too.

  • Celeste

    I'm a production designer for Delivra, a small email marketing company. Sorry for the plug, but I thought I'd mention the site since you guys are shopping around. :)

    Punk/garage covers of Billy Joel would be interesting to listen to. Good luck with the new band!

  • Matt

    I second this, Campaign Monitor is awesome!

  • BajeDrift Motorsport

    Getting away from numbered sets you say?
    Thinking of grouping them by content?
    Wouldn't that slow the release of new sets? Seeing that each set currently has a variety of content and to group like content would lead to smaller sets. Also we'd have to wait a really long time for a new set of skulls, for example.

    In my opinion, the numbered sets are the only link between the packs, and may be the only logical link since their only linked by a release time bracket.

    Maybe you could increase SEO around the sets and not necessarily through the sets.
    ….That was so easy to type…I know implementation is alot harder.

    Good luck guys.

    Oh and this Disqus plugin is brilliant! Allows me to comment without joining your site (no offence, I'm not much of a joiner) (^^,)

  • Andre

    Campaignmonitor is awesome. But Mailchimp is awesome, too….and cheaper. the online editing of your templates makes it much faster than Campaignmonitor. We used it before we recently switched to Mailchimp.

  • Dan

    Excellent job..
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