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New Release: Grid Kit

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Grid Kit Released

We cooked up the grid kit to be a go-to ingredient in your page layout process. We revisited the classic tomes of page construction and put together a smashing sampling of grids that will inspire & guide your eye through the design process.

All of the grids are vector so you can use them right in Adobe Illustrator, or overlay them onto your pages in InDesign, Photoshop or other design application.

Download the grid kit for $9.99

What’s included?

We’ve included every kind of base grid we could dream up: various columns, margins, gutters, and rows. We’ve got isometric grids, golden concentric circles, graduated golden sections, gradient cells, and more. Several page construction methods resulted in a few of our favorite grids in this kit.

grid kit page design construction grid system

Most of the grids are for a single 8.5×11 page, but a handful use Van de Graaf’s page construction methods to build a page area for facing pages. If you want to see each & every grid included in the kit, check out the Grid Kit Facebook album.
van de graaf page construction grid system
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Remember to check out the Grid Kit Facebook album to see a preview of all the grids in the kit.

About the Author, Adam Wagner

I'm a marketer, designer, armchair singer/songwriter, wannabe theoretical physicist/philosopher and recent college grad trying to pack as much living as possible into each day. Working at Go Media makes this pretty easy. Catch me on Twitter!!
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  • Pepenetro

    Call me dumb….but are these to make web pages or for print? They look complicated.

  • Jim

    Me parece interesante este blog sobre diseño web y realmente las aplicaciones son las mejores.

  • Kevin T. Stein

    I need a grid layout for a newspaper, and can’t find one anywhere. Will ya’ll be making any, or can you point me in the right direction?

  • Raul Soria

    Nice. I like that younger designers will see this and think “hey, they’ve done the work for me” but as they use it they’ll be given a formal education in basic design principles parading around as “a kit.”

  • Adam

    They’re intended for 8.5×11 page layouts, but you can adapt them to a lot of formats. The grids are a tribute to a history of harmonious page layouts.

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  • Christie

    those can definitely be handy, I may send this link to my magazine design professor, her new students could use this!

  • Amanda Smit

    Really nice Grid Kit, really like the look of the isometric grids.

    • Digitürk

      Yes. Very nice..

  • Tifa333

    The description in the shop says “95 vector grids in this kit,” but the folder – once downloaded – only has 94 grids in it. I’ll probably only use a handful of these, but still, weird.

  • Adam

    Hah, you’re quite right about that Tifa. There’s a ghost grid that must’ve escaped.

  • Adam

    Yea, please do! The page-area grids can be resized to most any format too. The ones with columns & gutters not so much.

  • Plastic Cards

    Fantastic Grid kit layout templates, very helpful to bring the design into proportion and easier on the eye, Great share!

  • Lisa Thomason

    Really love the Grid Kit and can see great benefit in using this, it looks very useful! LT

  • Craig

    The collection in Grid Kit is outstanding! Thanks!

  • Tim

    Yeah totally agree the Grid Kit is a great piece of kit!

  • Skylabculture

    this would of been a great find for me if the grids came with some sort of explanation. for instance, why/when an isometric grid would be useful. or at least a description of the golden mean and why the golden mean is even used. at least tell the customer where the sweat spot is on the golden mean. no description makes a lot of these just pretty lines on a page. sure the people out there that already know when/where/why to use a specific grid and how the grid was might find this post pointless but a lot of others will agree. a picture is worth a thousand words but it doesnt take a thousand words to paint a picture.

  • Rent A Car

    $9.99 ? Very good..

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