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How to Dominate the T-Shirt Design Biz

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Edit: The book is out and available to purchase at

It won’t be long now.

But it could be shorter.

Jeff Finley’s first ebook Thread’s Not Dead is almost ready for release. Although officially slated for Tuesday April 19th, you can get the book two weeks early and 10% off just by entering your email here.

Jeff has put a ton of effort into making Thread’s Not Dead the definitive guide to success in the graphic tee industry. The ten chapters draft a blueprint for success:

  1. An Artist with a Dream
  2. Freelancing
  3. Designing for Tees
  4. Design Techniques and Tutorials
  5. Printing & Production
  6. Branding & Marketing
  7. Sales & Fulfillment
  8. Going Big Time
  9. Conclusion & Next-Actions
  10. Case Studies & Interviews

The nitty-gritty how to parts of the book are set against the backdrop of Jeff’s personal journey from a young designer to a big-time veteran. The contributers to Thread’s Not Dead read like a who’s who of design and business rockstars in the last decade, and their combined client list is wild:

  • Matt Wigham, founder of Indie Labs. He created Emptees, Big Cartel and Pulley.
  • Jeffrey Kalmikoff, VP of product at SimpleGEO. He was formerly CCO at Threadless and Director of Design & UX at Digg.
  • Marc Hemeon, Director of UX at Oakley. Formerly Design Lead at Digg and CTO and Partner of Design by Humans and Teefury.
  • Mark Capicotto, designer and founder of Glamour Kills, one of the great success stories to arise out of the indie apparel design community.
  • Rob Dobi, designer and entrepreneur. Clients include Thursday, Teen Magazine,and Fall Out Boy. He has his own clothing brand called Full Bleed.
  • Maxx242, illustrator and designer with 13 years industry experience. Clients include Famous Stars and Straps, Miami Ink, Fox Racing, and Blink 182.
  • Angryblue – respected poster artist and t-shirt designer for over 5 years. Clients include Slayer, Nine Inch Nails, Harley Davidson, and Guns and Roses.
  • Jamie Tallerico, designer at Abercrombie & Fitch. He was formerly a designer at Atticus Clothing, American Eagle, and Art Director at XVLA Denim.
  • Horsebites – freelance illustrator currently working with The Black Axe. He has over 6 years experience designing for the punk and hardcore scene. Clients include Fall Out Boy, Strike Anywhere, and No Idea Records.
  • Ben Scrivens, founder of the horror t-shirt brand Fright Rags. He has been a major client of countless designers in the indie t-shirt community.
  • Brandon Rike, freelance designer nearly 10 years experience designing for bands and indie apparel companies. Clients include Linkin Park, Deftones, and Billy Joel.
  • Munk One, illustrator and designer with 11 years in the apparel business. He has worked for Wilson Sporting Goods, Blink 182, and Kid Robot.
  • Kelly Kiernan, founder of Cure Apparel. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2005, launched Cure Apparel to raise awareness and funds for diabetes research.
  • Adam Hendle, designer, blogger, founder of I Am the Trend and ShirtLaunch.
  • Jon Kruse, designer and founder of How To Start a Clothing Company. He also has his own apparel company Mediocre Clothing.
  • Dave Pearson, founder of apparel brand Paint the Stars. Has worked with wellknown designers in the indie apparel design community.
  • LT Magnotto, expert color separator for Jakprints. He has over 6 years experience preparing t-shirt designs for screen printing.
  • Rikki B, illustrator and designer. She curiously made a name for herself winning design contests at Design by Humans and

dominate the apparel industry

Um, yea. Thread’s Not Dead is definitely one of those get-off-my-ass-I-just-figured-it-all-out kind of books. You know, the ones that keep you from eating & sleeping all weekend? The kind of book you can hardly finish because you keep putting it down to DO STUFF.

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