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On the Map 3 Videos Released!

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Cleveland is ‘On the Map’

Go Media proudly calls Cleveland home. Like so many lifelong residents and transplants alike, we revel in the cultural, architectural, and natural amenities our great city has to offer. We see potential in what some would call blight and we recognize opportunity for change and a prime climate for sustainable growth in our local economy.

We not only take great pride in our city, its richness and grit; we celebrate it.

Our annual video series, On the Map, features the people and places that make Cleveland a creative, culturally rich, and inspiring place to live and work. This year, the third annual series, spotlights four Cleveland neighborhoods and showcases the distinctive landmarks that make them unique. Viewers also get a behind the scenes look at the F*Sho, Cleveland’s contemporary furniture show, a visit to the tranquil Cleveland Botanical Gardens, and a day inside Momocho’s vibrant kitchen.

If you weren’t able to join us for the screening on December 6th, worry not. The videos are now available for your viewing pleasure below! Enjoy and let us know what you love most about Cleveland in the comments section!

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About the Author, Go Media

Go Media is a creative agency based in Cleveland, OH that specializes in print design, branding, and web development. We are also behind WMC Fest, GoMediaZine, the Arsenal, Mockup Everything and others.
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  • Jeff Finley

    These videos came out so nice! Love the style.

    • Heather Sakai

      Me too!

  • Simon H.

    Sweet series. Yet another pile of new things to discover!

  • Bryan Tobias-Radwancky

    Just moved to Cleveland in Dec. 2013 after commuting back and fourth from Columbus for a year due to the beauty, culture and magnetic natural landscape of the city that I just couldn’t ignore. I’ve lived in various cities, New Orleans and Chicago to name a couple and there is just something about this gem of a city on the beautiful Lake Erie and Cuyahoga River. So happy I am here. All of the seasons here are beautiful and pretty true to their nature. These video’s are great. Hope to see more in the future.. Detroit Shoreway, Tremont, and Edgewater are just as amazing. :)

    • Heather Sakai

      Hey Bryan, We’re glad to have you in CLE! Glad you enjoyed the videos. Hope to see you at On the Map next year!