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Help us decide: What Templates are next?

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Hey readers, you probably know by now that Go Media makes really cool t-shirt templates. We often get emailed suggestions for new mockup templates like pullover hoodies, jeans, cd packaging, etc. So we’re going to run a poll here to figure out for sure what you folks want. But first, why do we even need these templates?

Well, impressing our audience is a huge part of what we do. That means friends, bosses, department, clients, or the world. We’ve got to be able to turn heads and make people say “wow” about our latest work.

This is complicated stuff, and there’s no magic bullet. But one thing we’ve found to be true is that people are sensitive to how we present our work.

Imagine: If we’re designing a CD cover, which do you think makes a better first impression: A 7x7cm square JPG, or photo of the finished CD in plastic wrap on a shelf at Best Buy? Presenting our design in a realistic mockup helps people imagine the final product, and all the warm fuzzy feelings that come along with it.

Luckily, we can pull off a photo-realistic presentation like that in a few minutes in Photoshop with the right tools. And we’re going to build those tools. But first we need your help to decide what to do next.

There are so many different Mock up Template possibilities that we’re asking you to help make the decision: What’s next? What would really help you out day-to-day? Which of these templates do you think could help a client say “Yes – that’s what I want it to look like!”? Which templates could help you get clients excited about a project?

If you see think of a type of presentation template that isn’t included in these categories, you can add your answer. Please be cautious about adding answers, or this poll could get out of control. We can’t wait to see what you think.


Also feel free to leave a comment with ideas about presentation style, or how to impress clients during the proofing process.

About the Author, Adam Wagner

I'm a marketer, designer, armchair singer/songwriter, wannabe theoretical physicist/philosopher and recent college grad trying to pack as much living as possible into each day. Working at Go Media makes this pretty easy. Catch me on Twitter!!
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We want to hear what you have to say. Do you agree? Do you have a better way to approach the topic? Let the community know by joining the discussion.

  • Tom Faraci

    I put my vote in for shirts worn by models (it was the first thing I thought of when I clicked on the article, actually), however I'd also like to throw in a vote for pullover hoodies, and all of that is followed closely by media/packaging design. CDs, DVDs, Blurays, game cases, etc would be the most logical, as there is a standard for most of these products. Boxes and bottles gets a little tricky, given the wide variation in styles out there, for one thing, but mainly because packaging is an art unto itself, and should be just as unique as the artwork being presented on it. It's a good idea for cereal boxes, beer bottles, and pop cans, for example, but I don't think it's as important at the moment as the other options I mentioned.

    Also, if you go the route of hat templates, I think you should include more than just hat mockups, and include a flattened guide for designing to the constraints of a hat's surface.

    Okay, that's my two cents. Go about your business.

  • Adam_Wagner

    Hey Tom. Great points! Your preferences are really similar to my own, so I guess that's a good thing. I love the idea about providing a flat template for the hats, if we do those. Thanks for the ideas man.

  • Tom Faraci

    Always happy to contribute.

  • mike_r

    BOARDSHORTS! Some nice boardshort mockups would be awesome.

  • Adam_Wagner

    Whoa, I just thought of a new one – Guitars, Basses, Drumsets… etc. Would anyone want this? I suppose it'd be mostly for fun.

  • deviantdj

    I personally would love the model idea. Being the fact that a mockup is nice, but shape and form really contribute to how a design can be presented.

    I overall have all the Apparel Packs, they have helped a lot in my designs, and my colleagues love them when we are working on new ideas. But as I mentioned above, to see it on an actual model would help the presentation a bit more.

  • deviantdj

    I would love this too. I have always wanted to do some guitar designs and have been waiting to do one on a cpl of my older guitars that aren't so “pretty” anymore.

    Throw my vote on that as well!

  • nomhak

    Ah man! We can't pick more than one?

    Personally shirts worm by models, shoes, and packaging are my priorities.

  • Jeff Finley

    Awesome picks everyone, I love the idea of mocking up an image on the shelves at Best Buy or maybe in a stack at an indie record store. So cool!

  • Tom Faraci

    That would be awesome! Not sure how big the market is for that sort of thing, but like you said, for fun, it'd be great.

  • Jessica

    Oh, I'll throw in a vote for that as well!

  • PG

    Umm… it's STATIONERY with an “E” not “A” :)

  • noreen

    Hey, guys, mockups are great and so is correct spelling! Especially for designers. It's spelled “stationery” when it's the paper, “stationary” if it's an adjective describing something that's not moving. And I'd love to see some stationery templates.

  • Leif

    who needs the cd,dvd, etc. stuff if you can find it everywhere around the net?

  • Cardenal Gasdas

    Skateboard decks
    buttons (badges)
    Non-wrinkled regular shirts. Like the bare apparel mock ups but basic.

    • Printing

      the thing with templates are that they are so similar

  • Tom Faraci

    I've had a hard time finding quality DVD case mockups.

  • ryanmeashaw

    I voted for stationary, but thing I noticed not mentioned, at least not specifically are v-neck t-shirts!

    • leaflet printing

      they are great and the designs arereally neat

  • Digital Art Empire

    hats are awesomly good

  • Adam_Wagner

    I'm all for correct spelling. Will be fixed – nice catch!

  • Landon

    Not as conventional, but I chose book design. I do a lot of book and magazine covers and would love to have a better way of representing these in my porfolio than a boring rectangle.

  • jaimeradar

    that would rule. i do all music industry stuff and had to create my own for amp screens (where they print a cover for the actual face of the cabs), but im sure you guys could do a better job.

    mockup templates of those, mesh banners on stands (the kind held up on either side of the stage with pvc piping), and kick drum skins… my life would be so much easier… id be happy to ask my photographer to contribute using hires photos of stuff we've done as a starting point, and you guys can do your thing to make it easy for people to manipulate with their art

  • Adam_Wagner

    I am going to take you up on your offer of photographs. We've got quite a bit of equipment here at Go Media too… so we get could shots of drum skins & amp screens! Sounds really fun!

  • Tom Toley

    My vote is for packaging!

  • Janosch

    whats about winebottles, spraycans, markers…. stuff from the household you use day by day.

  • daverocks

    definately CD packaging – that would be what i would use the most

  • Damian

    I don't understand why so many people voted for CD, DVD packaging. That is the easiest template to find on the net. I think one of the ones I have a difficult time finding a quality template for are hats. Particularly, the new era fitted caps. I know plenty of designers would enjoy having that available esp. Go Media quality. It really wouldn't even be a whole template pack. You could just include it in a bundle, maybe with sneakers?

  • Dustin

    For the love of god, don't do the basic CD, DVD, Brochure, Letter kit. Stick with apparel type stuff, that's what sells. Templates for standard stuff is already available everywhere.

    I'd love to be able to previs and customize hats, add full patterns to seperate panels, bills, embroidery effects, 3D, etc.

  • GrahamPhisher

    A energy drink can template would be really helpful. I did my own skateboard templates, there pretty popular so you know probably would be popular here.

  • deanr201

    Personally I would love to see Pullover style hoodies as these seem to be very common item and there are not any good templates out there (at least not to the same quality as the gomedia templates)

  • Dan

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  • Upcoming Movie

    good template…

  • Amanda Smit

    It would be wonderful to see some photo realistic Movie Posters , Thank you!

  • Amanda Smit

    It would be wonderful to see some photo realistic Movie Posters , Thank you!

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