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The Brads: Photoshop Unexpectedly Quit

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About the Author, Brad Colbow

Brad Colbow is an independent web designer in the Cleveland area and also the creator of "The Brads" a web comic that thrills and delights about a half a dozen people every week.
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  • Edmundo Junior

    O Photoshop não é mais o que costumava ser =/

  • Jeff Finley

    I love the Brads

  • Thiago Botelho de Freitas

    The real problem, is the MAC.

  • Simon H.

    I ♥ the Brads. Neat to share it here :-) A lighter take on the little problems we all encounter.

  • Joel Glovier

    Wait a minute, I switched from a Mac after 15 years of PC usage to avoid stuff like Photoshop shutdowns – are you telling me the Mac isn't perfect either?!? Uh, oh…

    (funny thing is while i was typing this comment the first time, firefox just suddenly crashed on me! But i'm on my PC too, so…)

  • melissa

    Tee-hee. :o) You mean, Macs AREN'T the perfect, worry-free messiahs of the home computer world? My whole paradigm is shifted!!!

  • andrew

    Well…. at least it's more stable than fireworks.

  • Jorde Vorstenbosch

    Wait it crashes on you? Oo

    I've never had photoshop do that on me. (well once or twice on windows xp, but never on 7/OS X) What did you do to make that happen?

    Probably would've been funny if I could relate to your problem. But frankly I can't :)

  • Richard Ball

    I guess that one thing you don’t really need to worry about programs quitting on a Mac, is it’s generally not virus related and someone isn’t trying to hack your system!

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