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Album Cover Artwork Throughout the Decades

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First off, let me start off by saying, I am a lover of Album Cover Artwork.  And I don’t mean some dump-ya-after-3-dates kinda lover, but a put-a-ring-on-your-finger kinda lover.  ;)  I have read a crazy amount of books on the subject, studied designers and artists that I love, and now I am attempting to build a shrine in their honor and using this post as my medium.

Album cover artwork has come a long way throughout the years.  We all are probably used to the computer made designs of today, but we can’t forget the album cover artwork created before technology made things easier.  My attempt with this showcase, is to illustrate that album cover artwork has been awesome for decades, so check out this post for album cover artwork from the 1940s to present day.








For further reading, check out these publications:


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  • Rick J.

    I love seing that kind of appreciation towards album covers. Great post.

  • Fresh Rag

    Great post. Would it be ok to share the entire thing on Pinterest? Huge source of inspiration. Thanks!

    • Simon H.

       Go for it!

  • Marissa Mele

    Thanks, Rick J.!  Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  • Web Outsourcing Gateway

    this collection of album covers is attractive in a different way, no enhancement from the latest technologies, but pure imagination of great minds with the gift of creativity.

  • Album Art Gallery

    You really see the subtle shifts, largely through technology / methods influencing the outcome, through the eras here and it’s so nice to see some different choices. So often the same images get referenced whereas your posts comes across as being really personally selected. nice post Marissa!

  • Keresztes Zsombor

    Mambo for Cats – Von Glitschka anyone?

  • Monique

    Was it a conscious decision to not include many album covers that are considered quite iconic to pop and rock audiophiles? Sergeant Peppers, Dark Side of the Moon, 1999, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Disraeli Gears, Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out, Sticky Fingers, Bringing It All Back Home are just a few that come to mind.