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Go Media Flickr pool showcase… and it’s already April 2012!

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April 2012? Already?

Yep, it’s already April 2012. And the end of the month with that. You probably noticed that we didn’t get a Flickr pool showcase in March. Which leads me to ask you, the readers, a few questions about the showcases.

  • Should we keep the showcases?
    When I see the always positive response we get, I’m tempted to answer yes even before asking. But I’d rather check, you know.
  • Should we transform their format/frequency?
    Basically, instead of posting a rather long post every month, should we post a smaller selection every two weeks? Kind of like a visual payroll bonus?

I want these showcases to bring something to you, not just be yet another collection of images. And now, without any further due…

The showcase


Could you die tonight and honestly say ‘I was happy with myself’?

Psycho by Daniel Norris - @DanKNorris on Twitter.

The Hunger Games by Daniel Norris - @DanKNorris on Twitter.

100 years past


The Kronex Collaborations


Sky Watchers




The Hitchcock Series by Daniel Norris - @DanKNorris on Twitter.

»I ❤ Wood Type« Grungy Logomark  (for widescreen displays)


cantando innecesariamente muy maquillada y muy cerca del micrófono.


Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Retro Poster

Apple Macintosh - Retro Poster

Atari 2600 - Retro Poster

Wound Specific


Be - DesignersMX

Primary Circles

Planet of The Apes

TSAW/2012.15 • She is Loaded

skull girl 3

Only If For A Night



Gig Poster - Run Kid Run

iDEAL Mayhem 2012

iDEAL Mayhem 2012

Disco plate


Cape Horn

The Dark Knight Rises - In Ashes


TSAW/2012.14 • La Nuit est à Nous

These days...

Stay Young

Top Gun - by Daniel Norris - @DanKNorris on Twitter

Battle Royale Poster

all play

一九四八年 Mosley Street

Zombie Batman


Being alive is a pre-existing condition

Greed is a preexisting condition

Montreal Meets 2 poster

Space Oddity

Home is where...

Kawaii Creeper

Adaptive Poster

Adaptive poster




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  • Anonymous

    Would like to see it every two weeks. Also, everyone views art and design different so what you think makes the cut and what someone else thinks would be completely different (not that your choices are bad) but I’d like to see the choices come from someone else. I visit the pool to get inspired a lot and I see so many choices that aren’t up here. I think this serieres should be rotated with someone else.

    • Simon H.

       Thanks for the feedback Jack!

      We actually started to do the selection at more than one set of eyes, exactly to have a wider output.

      • Anonymous

        That’s awesome, I really dig your choices though a lot.

  • Daniel DeHart

    Definitely keep doing them, they are a welcome breath of design and inspiring fresh air. I like the idea of maybe breaking it into bi-weekly offerings instead of doing it monthly. I would also love to see a design challenge/theme thrown out to your community and have everyone upload their bests to the showcase. I don’t know, just an idea to keep the community feel going.

    • Simon H.

       Thanks for the feedback Daniel. We tried the design theme for the showcases and had sometimes a hard time to get submissions, but we can try again!

  • Shaun Chosa

    Hells Yes!!  I think you could do this weekly and it would be appreciated, not a noob here..but how does one submit work..on flikr?

  • Emma Richardson

    Really great to just sit back and view a fantastic collection of clever graphics and creative art. I think if they were put together more often  quality might start to slip and I really like that the list seems to go on and on with one great piece after another. I’m happy with the monthly submission. My faves here are the retro computer set and the ‘threadless’ artwork.

    • Simon H.

       Thanks Emma!

  • Jaqui Miles

    Keep it coming!

  • Mobile Application Development

    Really great to just sit back and view a fantastic collection.

  • Will Massanet

    keep them!