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And You Say Print Is Dead!

For years, we’ve heard people say “print is dead” and “it’s all about the web,” but as far as we can tell, print design isn’t going anywhere. From business cards to postcards, from invitations to menus, print design is far from dead, it’s alive and thriving. Just check out the showcase below if you don’t believe us.

The Showcase

ASSURETY AMERICA BUSINESS CARDInvitationsBryan Patrick Todd: Everybody Matters MuralMenuVICTORIAN EPHEMERA-INSPIRED WEDDING SUITEInvitationsKendrick KiddBusiness CardJessica HischeBLUE EYED YONDER BUSINESS CARDSMissy AustinFilipe & Paula wedding invitationShyama Goldenjessbright88TOOKER ALLEY BUSINESS CARDSStitchAlex RegisterSomething NavyInvitationsWinter’s Wedding InvitationTad CarpenterZIM AND ZOUCara CoxSymbolset catalogsBusiness CardsPrint MaterialsNicole Zeigler & Mike McQuade: Wedding MaterialsCHRIS & LEESA’S GREAT ADVENTUREStudio Sol Business CardJim TierneyStudent Work: Alex RegisterMissy AustinNick BrueTag Collective: Salad Pangea Identity and CollateralNick BrueFounders Brewing Co.Allan Peters: Target 50th Anniversary Party BrandingDAN GRETTA & THE FOREFATHERSKelli Marie: Personal StationeryAlison and Jeff55 Hi’s: Pick Your Poison Coasters2013 Calendar RangeMr Cup CoastersDickies Ringspun by Dustin WallaceSnippet & Ink42 Pressed: Ayat and Azaan Birth AnnouncementsKate Murphy | Jessica HischeCarina Skrobecki and Lizzy Showman: Blakely & Matthew Wedding MaterialsCASH KRECKEL THANK-YOU NOTEmikekusGoncharows Coaster Wedding InvitesInspired Photography Themed Journal by Lisa Congdon

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Go Media is a creative agency based in Cleveland, OH that specializes in print design, branding, and web development. We are also behind WMC Fest, GoMediaZine, the Arsenal, Mockup Everything and others.
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  • Alex Singleton

    Stunning – you guys have such a good eye for this stuff… I say this every time don’t I?

    • Go Media

      Hey Alex! We never tire of hearing it! ;)

  • Ivette Cortes

    Love it! There will always be a place for print like this.

    • Go Media

      Thanks so much, Ivette! :)

  • clara-christy

    waw that is just amazing love it <3

  • John Clark

    informative post. thanks for a sharing this..

  • Stacy Summers

    wow! amazing!

  • liz lewis


  • Roni Fabrício

    Show de bola

  • charliesheenhardcore

    I think when they say “print is dead” they mean more in the magazine form. Not actually print processes like this which are amazing. If print is dead than pigs can fly! We are graphic artists, and the most important thing is manifesting our work to real life and being able to touch it and hold it. If we couldn’t what would be the point of what we do? I’m not a fan of web design or things created for the web. I understand the importance of it, but a young designer should know they shouldn’t feel obligated to learn everything. You want to be someone who specializes in something. In the real world we are doing things with print that iny computer screen designers could barely fathom. Giant wall graphic installations and vehicles, signage, t-shirt illustration ( Johny Cupakes) is a great example of how print will never be dead. His shirts sell out like iPhones. I think having a great web-designer is absolutely necessary and having an amazing website design is totally needed, but i think the terms have been coined wrong. I consider myself a Graphic Artist, not a Graphic Designer. I don’t lay pages out all day, i don’t design ads for magazines, or layout magazines. I design logos, posters, brand projects, illustrate for t-shirts. Great design principles must be applied to these, but i don’t think i’m a graphic designer. I’m a Graphic Artist.

    • pro64

      holy genius comment. Are you married?

    • pro64

      @charliesheenhardcore:disqus I’m not joking, I HAVE to use your quote to describe how I feel about my own career. You nailed it. d a n y a . d e s i g n e r @ g m a i l . c o m if you want me to attribute your real name/website. I mean, this is perfect. I’ve been calling myself a Graphic Artist for two years (Designer is a second line-item, I do mags & ads too ;)).

  • charliesheenhardcore

    These are amazing btw!

  • pro64

    My faith in humanity is restored when I see such beauty!

  • Troy Wilson

    Great stuff, I like it very much because it inspire me a lot..

  • Web Design Bizz

    Amazing! These designs are very inspiring. Some of them have brilliantly designed. Thanks for sharing this fascinating stuff. I was curious to see such a beautiful stuff.