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Go Media’s Flickr Pool Showcase: November 2010

Turquoise Flag-Tip

Hello there!
Simon here, for another showcase of the amazing work posted in the Go Media Flickr pool. It’s so hard to select, as the level of submissions keeps getting more and more fantastic.
If you’d like to see your work featured here, just join the group!

Sorry for not posting this earlier, but you know how it goes: busy, work, life, trying to keep some sanity, etc.

space monkey

Forestfest 1970



live fast die young



stop worrying


I heart Liverpool (1)



Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition Entry #3

Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition entry

Der lustige Astronaut


Do it.

Alt Lautus Typeface Promo front page analysis

What is death?


Exploring a new world


Live, Love, Music Retro Poster

Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition entry


Front Cover, Fender booklet (2010)

Alice in Wonderland, poster design (2007)

Golden State Gig Poster 1



2012 : symbol and absurd

28: Dark Matter

Time destroys all

Cadernos de Formação Continuada


Right or Left?

MSCED : 030 — To the World's End

water walk poster

it was worth it

School of Seven Bells poster







MSCED : 020 — Length of Love

I am A (retro) machine

Open Yoga Gallery flyer

Skies Alive


Parachute Journalists - Arrhythmia


Weekly Illustration: "The End"


More Than Sparrows Poster

Rocket 88

its just a band

The Destroyer

It Came From The Lake

Studio Ace of Spade - Monthly poster series - November 2010 - 8.5x11"

Studio Ace of Spade - Whale and Pine - Whale skull - 18x24"

About the Author, Simon H.

Hello. My name is Simon. I'm half of the team at Studio Ace of Spade. But, I'm so much more than that. I'm also a photographer, illustrator, web designer, blogger, husband...I could go on. I communicate through creativity of any kind. We should talk.
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  • OverIthisWire

    Wow these are incredible. This is the type of stuff that inspires!!

  • geniuzdesigns

    some cool pieces ;D

  • Ramon Thompson

    These are AWESOME!! Tons of talent in every piece. Thanks for featuring my work!

    • Simon H.

      You’re welcome :-)

  • Jeff Finley

    nice selections simon

    • Simon H.

      Thanks Jeff.

  • Geoff May

    Great stuff!

  • pippensamson

    Great selections! Thanks for featuring my work man! This is a first for me. :)

  • Jayson

    Thanks for featuring me!

  • sesli panel

    Wow these are incredible. This is the type of stuff that inspires.


    Thank you it cool!

  • dizi izle

    I mean what ever happened to graphic design when it meant something. When you actually sat down and brought something original, unique and special to the world with your own creativity.

  • Eric Liang

    man this is awesome! I know this is late, but whatever. I want thanks a lot Simon for featuring my design! Really really really apreciate it!!!! man I’m very pleased! :D

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