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2010.11.12 – Go Media’s Dirty Laundry

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The good folks at Go Media put an art show together.
It was called Dirty Laundry and happened the 12th of November 2010. I had the chance to be there and snap a few pictures.

DSC_2979 copy

DSC_2982 copy

DSC_2983 copy

DSC_2985 copy

DSC_2990 copy

DSC_3001 copy

DSC_3002 copy

DSC_3007 copy

DSC_3008 copy

DSC_3009 copy

DSC_3011 copy

Some additional pictures are available in the set I created on my Flickr stream.

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Hello. My name is Simon. I'm half of the team at Studio Ace of Spade. But, I'm so much more than that. I'm also a photographer, illustrator, web designer, blogger, husband...I could go on. I communicate through creativity of any kind. We should talk.
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  • WizKid

    Very nice! Wish I could’ve been there. I like the graininess of the pictures as well, great work, everyone!

    • Simon H.

      Thanks sir!

      BTW, in order to get grainy, film like pictures with a DSLR, you should try to push your ISO really high and then have a faster shutter speed to compensate. Just saying.

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    Very nice! Wish I could’ve been there

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