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Adobe: Create Digital Magazines for the iPad

There’s been quite a brouhaha between Adobe and Apple as far as the lack of Flash on Apple’s iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch).

I’ve mentioned on GoMediaZine in the past that I believe Adobe’s best plan of action would be to offer development tools for HTML5 and for Apple’s iOS devices instead of trying to force their hand into Flash.

It’s obvious that Apple isn’t going to relent in the near future (if at all) and that Apple’s iOS products are a big success. Like it or not, they are here to stay.

Adobe has taken what I think is a great step towards offering designers and developers a way to use Adobe products to get content on these touch devices. We mentioned the Adobe Digital Publishing platform recently, but Adobe has just released further details, including iPad-specific information.

The tools will be released as an add-on for Adobe InDesign CS5, and will be available via Adobe Labs later this summer. The tools used will be the same tools used to create the successful Wired Magazine app.

Check out the brief video below to see what Adobe has up their sleeve. It looks pretty slick and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to try it out.

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  • Brad C

    I'm really curious to dive in and see how Adobe's tools work. Looking at the Wired app the file exports as a series of images so you can't select text, resize, search, or copy and paste. It also makes the files huge. I hope to see more PDF like options for exporting when these tools become available.

  • Alice Ralph

    Awesome!! This says a lot about the quality of Adobe's products that they'll release amazing stuff like this just as an “add on” rather than a whole new release. I use InDesign every day and I still feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of it's capabilities, and what it will be able to do in the future.

    Is it wrong that I'm already looking forward to CS6… impatient!

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