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Arsenal: T-Shirt Templates, Vol. 2


This second volume of the Go Media Arsenal T-Shirt Templates comes in response to popular demand and features natural, hand-created drop shadows & HDR photography for smoother shading layers. Files are in PSD format w/ layers and masks, pixel dimensions are 1200×1300.


  • Preset Shirt Colors
  • Photos of both Fronts and Backs
  • Flat and loosely-wrinkled versions
  • Easy to use clipping masks in place
  • Smooth, realistic lighting, drop shadow & shading effects



Also available is a new set of Urban T-Shirt Templates featuring baggy, loose and flat-pressed t-shirt templates.

About the Author, George Coghill

George Coghill isa freelance humorous illustrator/cartoonist specializing in mascot cartoon character design & cartoon logos. His cartooning & illustration work can be seen at and at his cartooning and illustration blog. Be sure to follow me on Twitter here!
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  • Geoff May

    Very nice!

  • timhammond

    What about those of us who have already purchased the first tshirt pack, will we need to pay again for this one?

  • Adam_Wagner

    Hey Tim,
    These are actually a new collection of shots, not just an upgrade to the existing men's t-shirt templates. So, yes. There was a discount code included in the email I sent cha. :-)

  • Simon H.

    This is nice work. You guys are getting really good at that.

  • Adam_Wagner

    Thanks Simon! It is fun to get a little better every time. The HDR photography made a pretty huge difference this time. The layers we use to create the highlights & shadows are less grainy.

    What do you think of the pen-tooled drop shadows? Those took a long time. You think it's worth it?

  • gizbern79

    Looks really nice, but why some (the white and black above) of the pictures shows (my AA's XS are very similar) the XS size. It looks like kid's tees (f.e. the collar is unnaturally big). How many pictures like those are in the vol 2?

  • Webbo

    Very handy.

  • kilbert

    preciso conhecer as arts dai dou meu parecer.

  • Dan

    Excellent job..
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  • Lisa Thomason

    Wow! Amazing and excellent collection. LT