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Call of Duty: Black Ops features Go Media Vector Art

Turquoise Flag-Tip

We’re all still pretty young here at Go Media. Heck, Go Media founder Bill Beachy is only in his thirties. So yea, it’s fair to say we’ve played plenty of Activision’s award-winning action game Call of Duty. That’s why we were excited to get the call from Activision saying they wanted to use our vector art in the latest installation of the series: Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Activision hand picked images from The Arsenal for use in the Playercard editor of Black Ops.   There are more than 480 images, but it’s not too hard (especially for long time fans of The Arsenal) to pick out the skulls, heraldry, or disgruntled suits that came from our library.

Check out the (admittedly lo-res) screenshots of the emblem creator below.  Images in the emblem editor can be colored, moved, rotated, resized, and overlapped to create unique playercards.

call of duty gomedia arsenal
arsenal call of duty
arsenal vector art call of duty
call of duty vector art

About the Author, Adam Wagner

I'm a marketer, designer, armchair singer/songwriter, wannabe theoretical physicist/philosopher and recent college grad trying to pack as much living as possible into each day. Working at Go Media makes this pretty easy. Catch me on Twitter!!
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  • Adam Wilbert

    I thought the phoenix that I used in my card looked familiar! That’s pretty awesome.

  • Corbin bell

    I was gonna say…. That skull is straight Jeff lol

  • Jaimeradar

    I’m curious, if the vectors are royalty-free after purchase, did this require some alternative type of licensing or anything? Did Activision even NEED to contact you, or were they just being cool about it?

    • Adam

      Yes & yes – we worked out a fair license for this project.

  • Misyon5ice

    absolutly same yes!!awesome

  • Joel Glovier

    Great work guys – and KUDOS! Just shows what value the work you are creating has. And we all know the arsenal has appeared FAR & WIDE beyond just Call of Duty. :-)

  • jimfelder

    Wow that’s so awesome for you guys. I’ve been a fan for a while and have purchased a few sets of vectors. I’ve been playing BO since release and, sorry, didn’t realize they were yours. But now that I know I kind of feel connected some how. Congrats!

  • Tori

    This is so awesome…Congrats guys…been following you for a while..years in fact… you have quality work and this proves it!

  • Steve Malarsky

    I knew I recognized a number of the vectors

  • Anonymous

    it was really excellent post! & thanks a lot for sharing……

  • Kevin Donnigan

    That’s awesome guys! I was totally at the release party for this game in California at the Santa Monica Airport and saw my favorite band, Metallica play at the end :-)

    Sorry, I got off track. But seriously, that is awesome that you guys are so widely known and your work is in the most popular stuff. Kudos and great work!

  • bwoogie

    thought those looked familiar!

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  • parça kontör

    That skull is straight Jeff lol

  • parça kontör

    thought those looked familiar!

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    The logos are like the one in counter strike but its still cool.

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