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Giveaway: Ten Ton Photoshop DVD

Are ya up for some Photoshop? How ’bout Ten Tons of Photoshop? And how would you like it for free?

Then check this out: This week on GoMedia, we’re running a give-away for Geoff Blake’s Ten Ton Photoshop Essentials DVD!

Ten ton Photoshop includes comprehensive exercises on resizing and resolution, color correction, and image touch up. Master advanced techniques for creating eye-popping visuals, including masking objects, tilt-shift photography, sizzling text effects, and workflows with InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash!

Product Highlights

  • Over fourteen hours of expert training spread across more than one hundred lessons, hands-on tasks, and professional techniques!
  • Master the fundamentals like resolution, resampling, and layers…then roar into advanced topics like masking techniques, typography control, color correction, and more!
  • Simple to use, easy to navigate interface—skip ahead, rewind and review, and jump between the lessons at your own pace!
  • Loaded with free extras, including stock vector art, free fonts, Photoshop plug-ins, product discounts, bonus lessons…and more!

How do you score a copy? Easy…all ya gotta do is throw a comment into this post.

You can talk about whatever you’d like: Your favorite Photoshop command, why you want to learn Photoshop, a war story from the Photoshop trenches…whatever you’d like.

The contest runs for one week, so you have until March 10th, 2010 to enter. A random comment will be drawn, and the winner will be crowned the heavyweight champ of our killer give-away!

So whatcha waitin’ for? Throw in a comment and get ready for Ten Ton’s of Photoshop!

About the Author, Geoff Blake

Geoff Blake is an award-winning software instructor and owner of Ten Ton Books, a video-based training company. With his fun and casual style, he loves teaching all things web design and Adobe-related. And when no one's looking, he pretends he's a fill-in drummer for Iron Maiden.
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  • David Prager

    Ten Tons sounds like a whole lot of Awesome! Count me in for a shot at a freebie.

  • Ravi Vora

    I've been working with photoshop for a long time, I know there's always a lot more to learn!

  • Dan Le

    My favorite photoshop feature has to be masking. It gives so much control and saves time. Usually I'm lazy to cut out my stocks or I make lots of mistakes if I erase unneeded parts and so I use masking to speed it up and also save time if I mess up since I can re-mask it back in.

    Hope I can win, good contest.

  • pourio


  • davidg

    sounds amazing! i would love a copy :)

  • Aaron


  • Spencer Carney

    Sign me up!

  • Chris


  • garyengel

    Ten Tons of gimme gimme!

  • redehlert

    Megawatt goodness. Color me in!

  • Kelly

    I'd love to get this. I love Photoshop – been working in it for years. Despite all that time working with the program, I know I've only scratched the surface with how much can be done with it. Anything to expand my knowledge a little more and make that scratch a little deeper would be fantastic.

  • josedelgado

    I want some pure Awesomeness hitting me in the face!!

  • Samuel Mateo, Jr.

    Holy Schnikes Batman! Ten Tons of PhotoShop FTW. I'll take one and one for the road. Spank you very mucho. :)

  • Daniel

    Alright, may qualify for a must-have. I was searching for a nice book about PS, but a DVD about the subject… nice.

  • TheCosmonaut

    My favorite photoshop command: Trim. Use it all the time when prepping graphics for the web.

  • Skai

    Ps has been my art outlet for years now, but I'm running out of motivation. Thinking something like this would get a fire going again.

  • Jeff Deibel

    I'll spare you my Ten Tons of Puns. I'd love to add this to my dvd collection.

  • Jere

    I NEED this DVD. Badly.

  • jimbacha

    If photoshop was an unstoppable force and I was an immovable object, then Ten Tons would be the kinetic energy between.

  • shtiipeq

    Ten Ton Photoshop for me please.

  • MaxPower13124

    I would love to have this! I'm a graphic design student but feel frustrated with the experience of a four-year university. I've learned tons more about Photoshop and Illustrator from online tutorials and Gomedia than I have in school! Getting lessons from people actually working in the biz is so much better!

  • DJBowen

    Tweeted – – Me Wants!

  • samedog

    The Dog would like please, just don't drop the box on me.

  • diner

    please santa… only one wish for christmas ;)

  • Drew

    Always looking to raise the bar… Ten Ton Photoshop DVD sounds like a good start,

  • jparks

    My fav feature in photoshop is the quick mask select key command “Q”. When extracting images, you can toggle back and forth to see how good your selection line actually is.

  • bras88

    I luv Clone XD retouch becomes great!

  • noah_k

    cool, looks like a good way to learn both “big picture” concepts and specifics about ps.

  • Daniel N.

    I've seen various samples of your tutorials and they were all ace, so I'm really hoping to get this one.

  • amandaveronica

    I am always getting really great, and really terrible print files from clients. Some of the photoshop files I get from marketing companies I am just in awe of their cleaniness and level of technique. I want to be one of those designers rather then the latter.

  • Ph4nthomWraith

    This looks very awesome

  • TomoCroman

    i want to shop some of ma photographs! make them awesome!

  • Geoff May

    sounds cool. count me in.

  • erhilse

    Sounds good. I want to learn some more photoshop!

  • nilaiha

    I'd love to get my hands on that…

  • Pedro

    All the different layer blend modes. Just messing around with them has given me some surprising results.

  • Haley

    Yess! I love learning new tricks and techniques from all that photoshop has to offer. Usually search blogs for awesome tutorials, but this would be a good base to start in! Go Fight WIN!

  • jmaxf

    Sí, por favor.

  • DrewGundlach

    Did you say free?! Count me in!

  • Donnie Conner

    I NEEDS IT! Count me in!

  • jandrew8

    I've been working with Photoshop forever, It's the best!

  • Enjoy

    Sign me up! :) Sounds awesome!

  • Kenji De Vos

    Oooh, quality stuff.. for free! count me in :D

  • Jonathan

    Sweet deal! This is why I keep coming back to Go Media.

  • teebee

    I could use ten tons of help!

  • Peter Chow Bychowski


  • biavela

    I want a copy!!! Photoshop blend modes are my favorite.

  • imAlex

    Great giveaway, count me in and keep up the good work.

  • maryisbusy

    I'm taking an online photoshop class now and I learn about a billion new things each lesson. Can't wait to learn more!

  • Unik Ink Specialty Printing

    I love GoMedia templates for mocking up our t-shirt designs!

  • Laura

    I don't need ten tons of bricks to fall on me to know this is the way to learn!!

  • markswi

    I'd love to ramp my Photoshop skills up to the next level.

  • manousos

    ten ton fun!

  • dcaldesign

    Come, on lady luck…. Pick me!

  • Leo P

    I wanna win this DVD :D Photoshop RULEZ!

  • Ethan Mallam

    I Desperately want and need this!!!

  • ramsrinivasan

    I am getting started with digital illustration from pencil on paper… Sure can use a copy of this

  • Ray Gatewood

    Layers, layers and more layers!

  • Tim B

    I've been dabbling with photoshop aggressively now for several months, using it in website design applications and constructing basic promotional material – but my skill set is surely lacking in what is possible to create in photoshop. As my lack of experience is a great inhibitor, this instructional will surely force me to work on design-specific tools and techniques that I will no-doubt use!

  • Neil K.

    Count me in! I would love to get me mitts on that DVD :)

  • Gio

    I was hooked the first time I used Photoshop, that was PS7…oh the memories :P

  • Lmerrill

    Open the layers menu, click the flyout triangle, hold Option/Alt and click “Panel Options” simultaneously. EASTER EGG!

  • Jesus

    These DVDs look amazing! i am very excited!

  • TomFaraci

    Definitely worth commenting over. I could always use the knowledge.

  • Anything Graphic

    There's only so much my college has taught me as far as Photoshop goes. Trying to make it to full-time freelancing is tough. With the techniques used in this DVD, I'm sure it'll make it that much easier for me through my journey. This giveaway is Awesommme!

  • Tuhin Kumar

    Oh, please me me me. To take my photoshop to the next level this is exactly what I need. Please be kind enough to pass on one to me. Even if the comments are random, I am sure you would be reading this. :)

  • Inspiring Pixel

    I could use them for sure. Hope I win this one.

  • chantwan

    Sounds like an opportunity to continue building on a vast skill set.

  • Serge_Zh

    Lip Gloss
    White Soft glass, opacity 100%, flow 1%
    adjust opacity

  • dleininger

    Um… Yes please

  • rdcarlson

    I am currently a sophomore studying graphic arts management and business administration. I have to say i absolutely love this website, i use it in almost everything i do and it has certainly helped in a lot with my goal of one day designing gig posters, album artwork, logos and even screen printing t-shirts. I believe this dvd could help me out a lot with developing advanced techniques in design, to help me in my future career.

  • Aaron

    Count me in!

  • ymesple

    ohhh yessss, please
    CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + Clic for selection an object on the layers panel with the another's form

  • Jacques van Heerden

    Awesome prize for the Giveaway good luck everyone.

  • Morten F Christensen

    I really want to combine Illustrator and Photoshop more. I work mainly with vectors, but often miss the gritty pixels. Hook me up!

  • Chandler

    Call Me!!!!

  • Steve D

    As I always feel I never really got to grips with PS, it would be awesome to have this DVD to brush up and, heck, actually try and get good at it! Plus it would give me more reason to grow my beard more, to stroke it as I muse over the ease and fanciness of the actions! ;-)

  • Rob


  • out00


  • David Fitzgibbon

    I'd love it! Dunno how I'd function without Photoshop!

  • jacob_h

    I'm a photoshop amateur and I need to go pro… This DVD could help.

  • mikecronin

    What I love about Photoshop? It's seamless ability to integrate with Illustrator. Together they are an unstoppable duo!

  • Bjarki Atlason


  • CJ

    its hard to choose what my favorites in Photoshop are but for starters by far my favorite are layers, channels, and masking, each one alone is so very powerful but combined you are practically limitless with what you can achieve. And of course you are only limited by ones imagination.

  • Crying Mind

    That's awesome. Great competition. I'm in.

  • dudouz

    want it!

  • Jeremie Dufault

    Yeah! Thiat look an awesome dvd! I want it! =8oD

  • noelle

    I love PS! I could use these to advance my skills and incorporate my graphics in my motion design work.

  • Sansy

    I use Photoshop on a daily basis but sadly I never have time to “master” it. I use it for pre press. Oh how I would LOVE to learn more and become a Photoshop geek. Count me in for this contest. Thanks.

  • Jen

    If only there was Command Z in life

  • jeremy


  • gianluca

    I use Photoshop for design websites but I'd like to learn more of retouching photos

  • webandvideodude

    My favorite feature of Photoshop is the integration as a whole in the Adobe suite. I can pull in elements from Illustrator then take the results form Photoshop and use them in After Effects or Premiere in my video projects. Photoshop is a linchpin in every type of project that I work with, form Video production to web design.

  • bimon

    I need ten tons of Ps! Really wanted ten tons of Dw. Hook me up!

  • ricardogalvez

    Sign me up yo!

  • Rajat Chadda

    I currently think of the result I want and go looking on Youtube or Google tutorials without understanding the concepts in depth. If not Ten Ton, how else can I efficiently learn about becoming a Photoshop Guru!

  • tenglund

    Heck yeah sign me up!

  • Kevin

    Would be sweet to learn some more in PS4

  • camconcay

    Ten Tons works for me, need training bad, thanks for the contest and offer!

  • philiphepler

    Sign me up for this!
    My favorite ps feature? Hmmm… masks and “save for web”. OK, that's two.

  • Zoltan

    Favorite Photoshop command – ctrl+z. No doubt.

  • Zoltan

    Favorite Photoshop command – ctrl+z. No doubt.

  • Kapri Design

    Looks like a cool dvd. I'll take the shot!

  • Reid

    As someone who finds even Ps fundamentals to be advanced at times, this would be very helpful and appreciated.

  • thales

    Feeling lucky today!! Wanna try it out ;)

  • Jeremy

    Ten Ton tickles my fancy.

  • Solomon

    well now… this looks pretty helpful!
    and now, a story from the trenches: I remember it well, the first day i installed photoshop. “So many functions!? So many buttons!? So little time!” yes, i was green; but i was not yellow! I dived right in without hesitation, eager to create something more than just a triangle, circle, or square. Unscathed, i have emerged victorious over the beast that is photoshop. (but a little more ammo never hurt anyone)

  • ray4ad


  • Nate Anderson

    Seems easy enough for such a kicka*s prize. I'm in. I can definitely use this for some client work.

  • sseche

    Ten tons?, sounds great. My favorite masking technique is selecting a contrasty channel, duplicate/ filter/other/high pass_20-30, then adjust with levels, then sharpen whites and blacks with dodge and burn. Now you have a super tight mask based on image data. No pen tool required. Doesn't work perfectly with every image, but what does?

  • Chris Stauffer

    Pretty sweet deal. I think I've almost opened Photoshop everyday for the last 6 years of my life. My one tip to everyone using PS: SHORTCUTS!

  • kingpig

    Oooh, I want, I want!!

    P.S. – Does anyone else automatically, involuntarily, type Cmd Z in the air when something goes wrong in everyday life? For example, when sketching out illustrations using analog (heh) pencil and paper, if I make a mistake, my fingers naturally, immediately, type Cmd Z in the air. ….If only that would work…

  • adamgrape

    This could sway my business partners opinion in the ongoing battle between Photoshop vs Illustrator! I would finally have the upper hand!

  • Drop Kick the Cat

    I've used Photoshop so much this week that I broke my mouse. I'm taking this as a sign that a need a tablet…

  • Sam Lim

    Oh! I'd love to have this baby!

  • mattmilam

    Ten Tons sounds like a great disc. I have been using Photoshop since 1997 and it has become the one tool I can't live without. Whether I am working on a web based or print campaign it is always open.

    My favorite feature are the adjustment layers. Before realizing the power of this feature I spent countless hours destroying images only to have to revert because something didn't work right.

    With photoshop there is always something new to learn. Thanks for the opportunity to pick up a great prize.

  • Tsvety

    Throwing a comment :).

  • Matt Stark

    Count me in! I would love to have that

  • hadderach

    I would definitely like to have that.

  • JV

    Wicked opportunity to fully learn photoshop. Just started creating T-shirt designs and have not used photoshop since back in uni, this could come in handy. Also just want to say this site has become my bible during the process of starting my T-shirt label, so thanx!

  • timbrehm

    Photoshop is an amazing tool. It can be integrated into just about any digital art work flow, from 2D art to 3D games. It has played a major roll in every piece of work I have done! My favorite thing about using Photoshop is that I can have a completely non-destructive work flow.

  • Justin K.

    The most annoying thing about Photoshop is that you can't just click on an object to select it … you have to hunt through layers to find everything. I know you can ctrl-click but that only selects the folder if you organize your layers into folders like I have to. Maybe there's some trick I don't know?

  • Kyle Bollinger

    Pick me Pick me Pick me!

  • rohansaraf

    comment comment comment… i want to win… how it works i dont know.. just trying my luck

  • suehawkins

    Well, I've been laid off from my cartographer position for 14 months now – where I used Photoshop, Illustrator and all those goodies. Winning this would allow me to catch up on my skills, making me a bit more marketable.

    Plus, it sounds fun! :-)

  • David Cortez

    Learning new techniques is always a good thing!

  • ricardogarca

    Learning more about photoshop is the best way to reach the top

  • markharper

    I'd love to strengthen my PS skills, so count me in!

  • Psycholin

    I am working hard towards becoming a professional illustrator and would love a copy of this please. Thank you!

  • chuckmcgee

    I would love a copy of this must have DVD!

  • msconfig-me

    My favorite with photoshop is the smart object editing. It actully lets you go back and edit that layer – and fix ALL the adjustments that were loaded. It takes so much time to get the correct mask(s) and Quick Mask(s) – especially mask effects. Now, you can simply re-edit from the smart object and darken or lighten those area(s) that just don't pop or push from the picture. Also, the editing in the quick masks of burning and dodging – and playing with the different results in luminosity and hue are such a vast array of new fun. But to be about to unlock that pesky locked layer NOW, is sorta a happy deal for me. Honestly from the LAB editing has changed my life in the channels view. Oh how i love Photoshop!!!!

  • jimmyarceneaux

    I actually want this because my girlfriend SMOKES me at photoshop!!! Help a brotha' out!!!

  • mare

    I can take TEN TONS of weight off ya with my liquify filter and pinch, pinch pinch ya to perfection!!!

  • BK!

    My favourite feature: Ctrl+alt+shift+E

  • dekyzr

    Fingers crossed… and toes… and legs… and eyes!!

  • Tim


  • Ben Crowther

    Wow count me in please.

  • Justin McFarlane

    yep, love me some free photoshop dvds.

  • Diane Mills

    I remember when feathering and gradients were the craze!

  • Simon H.

    Count me in.

  • aubinolivier


  • Evan Serling

    Well I took some classes down at my local community college which taught me the basics and I have been learning more by sitting in on the work my designer does for my clothing brand. It's all very interesting and I'm really getting the hang of it now. I can do all the normal commands and operations but when it comes to the technical aspects of photoshop I am definitely lacking! No time to take more classes so a video tutorial of all the best techniques would be perfect to watch on my own free time.

    Thank you for the opportunity GoMedia I hope I win!!!

  • marlusdx

    Heyy this is cool, I gotta put my hands on.

  • Bronwyn

    I've been using photoshop for ages, however there is STILL always more to learn and improve upon. I'd love to win this, I find learning via vid in my own time to be the easiest way to learn.

  • C Vandenberg

    Started out with books. Moved to seminars. Finally enrolled in a photoshop class at my community college. So I'm getting the basics down, but I want to move into the true power of photoshop – this did set seems to be the way to do that. My favorite photoshop thing is the history palette and the multiple undo (Command-Option-Z (PC: Control-Alt-Z) which quickly takes you back a step in the History palette each time you apply it. Thanks Go Media and Ten Ton !

  • orachel

    Ooh, ooh, I want in on the fun! Thanks for clever contest!

  • Chuck Moulton

    I have no chance of winning, but, I'll give it a try.

  • Ticking Spider


  • Jonathan Knapp

    yes, please. :)

  • Carlos R.

    Ok here's the deal: I have been using Photoshop for 6 or 8 years already and yet I've always noticed that all I'm using are the basic tools. I don't remember doing advanced stuff except for the few isolated instances when I dug the web for tutorials on how to execute some tricky effects. But other than that, nada. And so I had a pact with myself that I need to do some level up… go to the next level… push the limits of Photoshop, of my skills, and of my imagination for my own creative development and maturity and just for the heck of it. (And of course, I really would love to win the DVD to have a companion while I'm in it).

  • Joel Mahaffey

    Would love to brush up on my PS skills. Thanks!

  • Real

    I win!

  • bzelus

    masking and blending and effects- oh my! Photoshop in ten tons please come do me right!

  • Coco

    Wow, this looks like great stuff to learn. Count me in!

  • Jeff Payne

    Thank you! I would love to improve my Photoshop skills. Your products are awesome. For a customer, I created this t-shirt and image on the t-shirt from your easy to use templates. The customer was in awe and it was easy to create thanks to GoMedia. See what you think of it, view it at:

    Jeff Payne

  • MSJ

    Pick me and I'll be your new best friend.

  • deviantdj

    I'd love a copy!

  • dstein23

    I want! I want!

  •* Mike

    Count me in! I will take all of the help that I can get in PS!

  • DanteV

    Awesome! I'm studying Graphic Design and this would be an amazing aid, it would really help me to improve as a “designer”. So please, please… let me win.

  • Jan Lomen


  • calebdavis

    Heck to the yes. A Free Photoshop DVD. i'd be grateful to win :) it'll definitely help me out…

  • lauriekerr

    I'm a Graphic Design student, just started classes in Feb. I kinda have a hang of basic Photoshop, but tutorial DVDs would be awesomeness! If I win could somebody include a set of Illustrator tutorials too? Please!?

  • Luka

    Great contest! Good Luck 3v3ryb0dy!

  • nancymoy

    There's so much to learn from photoshop! I'd sure like a copy!!

  • sanrazak nice ..i hope i won it =D

  • wrecktv

    So I was wrapping up a ton of logo designs in photoshop, when my co-worker came by my desk and said it's time for a 1 minute party. Usually this means to just turn up my music and groove in place, but this time it got way outta hand. After a few seconds of playing a Kid Cudi dance remix, the lady that does traffic/job management started dancing on her desk! Then some friends began using the pillars as stripper poles. Thats when the Partners/owners came out with fireworks. The Sr. Art Director and Copywriter sprayed everyone with champagne, in slow motion! I'm not sure how they did that. And I think someone got stab by a trident. At about 56 seconds in, some guy from account service requested we keep it down, he was on a client call. I'd link to the pictures of the event, but one of the other designers deleted all the pics from his camera. Shoulda been there.

  • tscm

    I would just love to learn more of photoshop. I have a permeant disability from a spinal injury from 5 years ago and I have been using photoshop to manipilate photos and make digital art. I help my friends and the community retouching old photos and posters etc for a hobby, as long as they are willing to be paitent as I am not as fast as others. I have no one to ask many questions on certain areas as channels and advanced features. I cannot afford the price to take courses or pay for dvd training . I have been doing everything on my own and some days can be very frustrating with a vision and cannot figuare out how to accomplish the task. I certaining would love to win one of these dvds give away of the Ten Ton Photoshop DVD – Graphic design tutorials .

  • kyle anderson

    Favorite Photoshop command: Undo, because nobody likes to make the same mistake twice! Thanks again Geoff for bringing the Thunder!

  • luca

    great stuff!! really useful for my students!!!

  • jameyweare

    I remember learning on PS3 where once you deselected text it was immediately rasterized. Ugg that was frustrating when creating flyers. These days I really love the vector tools and have recently begun to explore digital painting using CS4 and a Wacom tablet. I would love to get these videos for my wife. She is an elementary art school teacher and has decided to start learning CS4. This would be very helpful for her.

  • Jose

    photoshop is my bread.
    ten ton will be a good spread.
    here's hoping ten ton
    will be mine, which means i won.
    pardon the rhyme,
    if i don't win this now, please let me win another time

  • Revek

    Hi! Count me in!

  • Bill V

    Mmmmm… meat n' potatoes Photoshop dvd.
    Ten tons of it too!
    Yes, please!

  • Jason

    Gimme gimme gimme! I need to learn new things about Photoshop. Things are mighty stagnant at work.

  • Bryan G. C.

    I'm between layers and masks. But I'll go with layers. A software like PS is really nothing without its layers, it's like Paint! The thing is, you have a painting without layers, it's hard to edit and all.

    Hope I get this DVD ._.

  • Forest

    Been realising that the kids are getting ahead of me in PS Stakes so really need something like this to up my game and get the creative juices flowing again….

  • Daniel A.

    OMG i want this so bad I hope i win this DVD

  • Matthew Straub

    Comment thrown

  • filmjr

    Desperately trying to modernize my ancient 2004 MFA in Film. Must learn more digital tools. Need Photoshop DVDs. Fingers. Crossed.

  • johnbrandt

    My anything comment, entered purely because this sounds way too good to pass up.

  • Keiko Daniel

    I'm loving Ten Ton's tuts and having that many tips and tricks at my disposal would simply be superb.

  • Max Dominguez

    insert anything here

    I would love this dvd -_-

  • Kayleigh Thompson

    I would love to win this dvd as i'm studying graphic design but only on a 2 year foundation degree. we did two sessions on basic photoshop skills and then the rest was left up to us. I think this dvd would be the ultimate tool in learning the program, which sometimes seems a bit overwhelming! We have so much to learn & so much work to do that i've never found enough time to sit down & learn it all properly.

    I WOULD LOVE THIS DVD!! (although i've never won anything before, so my chances are pretty slim =[ )

  • Er Cev

    Layers rule!

  • Stridar

    Wee hoo :D

  • alicaurusrex

    Looks good! I am in the middle of teaching Photoshop basics to a group of bermused middle-aged photography-enthusiasts, so this would be very helpful right now!

  • yosuhara

    Photoshop rulles and GoMedia rulles too :) awesome DVD

  • Sarah

    I'd love a copy of the DVD. I'm a design student and anything to help learn the programs is always helpful. :)

  • brianyohn

    I'm always down to learn more.

  • jeremy ham


  • chuck laiti

    Sign me up.

  • myadlan

    please choose me!! I wanna get this stuff!

  • whyohmee

    I know i won't win this. I have never won anything like this. But it's so cool and it doesn't hurt to enter.

  • Annukka Leppänen

    Sounds like a really useful package.

  • Kristen

    There's always something new to learn in Photoshop.

  • derrick brilliant

    i've never won anything in my life

  • Rober Robertson

    Why do clients expect us to do magic just because we are designers, if one more client tells me to replace a font I've picked with impact this keyboard is gonna collide with somebody's face ;P

    Thanks guys,

  • Steve Tweeddale

    I have Photoshop. A legal copy and everything. I would like to know how to use it better please.

  • Ruben

    let the random winner please step foward,
    now this is where everyone takes one step back, except me :)

  • chris180kc

    sweet, can always learn something new in photoshop.

  • richardballcreare

    I’m thinking that this DVD going to be the media tool of choice for many designers and artists. throwing a comment at ya

  • Cameron

    This is awesome

  • Jayson

    Cool! It's worth a shot!



  • Seth Clemence

    Ok, if you must….

  • Maria

    Me, me, me! :)
    Thank you!

  • tylerwalters

    Sounds awesome.

  • paulflong

    booyah! give me, nowwwwwww. please.

  • johncarrillo

    I would love to have this I work on a lot of photos of Children and there families from all kinds of sources I work for Give Kids The World and we use Volunteers for photographers cuz we cant afford real Photographers but sometimes we get Lucky and we get a pro Photographer that volunteers so when we don't I get all sorts of wacky photos that I need to retouch for so it would be nice to get some more training in color and resizing for web and print also learn quicker ways of doing it as well, that would be awesome. So count me in for the chance. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • wurkshop

    looks like i'm not the first to post or the first to post this comment but after working with adobe products for years now, i feel like there is always something new to learn and i'm sure this DVD is packed with new methods and tips and tricks to do things in ways i've never imagined. help a guy out!

  • 1000styles

    Word up. Need me some learnin'. Pick my comment pleeezzzz…

  • swink

    clone stamp is probably the most use useful feature of all time. definitely my fave.

  • melonee

    I've been using Photoshop for years, and I'm still learning new tricks. I just got into tshirt designing and my new favourite thing is halftones. They work really well in replacement of gradients.

  • hedonist

    uhhh nice! it seems to be very interessting ;)

  • filthedesign

    It's such a rich application, would love to know more!

  • Brand Nucleus

    Awesome, sign me up!

  • Stacie

    Wow, this is just what I need – I want to learn Photoshop, but more for web and graphic design than photo retouching – and this sounds like the perfect tool!

  • chalnger86

    This would be a fantastic DVD to expand my abilities and knowledge along with new techniques that I may not have thought of before. Perhaps a door to another world! Hope I can get lucky! Thanks for this fantastic offer!

  • thepreset

    Aye Aye sir. I'm up for it.

  • Dan C.

    The DVD artwork looks cool.

  • Elbert

    Cool stuff!

  • Jon

    Looks awesome! I hope I get it.

  • Adam D

    I am always in need of more design knowledge. I cant get enough since im always trying to become a better designer. No matter how much i work in PS its amazing to see the endless techniques and final products others can come up with! So hopefully i can win so that i can fill my brain with more knowlege, id buy it but for some reason im a broke designer :P
    love the colors of the packaging too.

  • ROberto Alanís

    My fav command: CTRL+SHIF+ALT+E –> Merge to a new layer :D

  • stevenmmerenda

    Seeing as how my professor couldn't teach me anything besides how to make selections from fruit, this would really help my college career!

    But seriously…fruit face still haunts me.

  • Donny Lenington

    I am always looking to expand my Photoshop capabilities! This DVD sounds great! Thanks GoMediaZine for a great giveaway!

  • Timo Kujawa

    me me me, I want, I want :D

  • Dennis Flinsenberg

    My favorite Photoshop feature has to be the Save buttons. It's saved my ass numerous times. Praise be to whoever made it!

  • robyn schaffner

    its the last day to enter, i HAVE to win this ;) a million things to learn and so little time

  • robyn schaffner

    lol shame really, nothing ever in your life? i won a box of gum for my halloween costume, and some free airtime. that is about it. hope you or i win, but obviously i hope i will

  • stefaniev

    I always had a bit of trouble with Photoshop, I usually do things in Illustrator, so anything to get me to understand Photoshop better is a plus! All tools are good tools :)

  • Billy

    Oh! boy ! by the time to get down to my comment- you will have sore eyes with reading all these comments….
    I would love to have one of these, I hope these words to the trick- for this limerick

  • 4o7

    Here's hopin'. Cool cover!

  • Chris B

    After a layoff of over a year while I worked on other things, this would be a GREAT way to get my Photoshop skills back up to speed.

  • johbeak


  • Hazim Sami

    would love to get this thing.

  • meredithjean

    wicked yes please

  • enrolled agent course

    Wow! A photoshop DVD for free! I am quite a newbie in photoshop so I'm still learning basic effects like masking but I have to say that it is really a great tool for photo editing. Good Luck to everyone who joined!

  • jon lunsford

    Ten tons huh? Count me in!

  • Silje Gabrielsen

    Yes please!

  • Nathan

    dang I missed out…lol. But great giveaway

  • melissa

    Ten tons? Give me my freebie!!! :o)

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  • ArtNoveau

    I'm not going to lie… I REALLY WANT THAT!

  • Dave

    Wow! I need that! :P

  • crystalclear88

    I want free stuff! Oh yeah, and I would like to be more versatile in PS so that I'm not always depending on my Illustrator skills

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