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Go Media Announces Imagekind Poster Winners!

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Winners Announced

I would like to thank everyone who entered our recent Imagekind Poster contest. We had over 100 entries! I’ll announce our two winners in a moment but remember, if you did not win, you can still visit our Imagekind store and get the poster you like with FREE shipping. Use the coupon code FREEGOMEDIA.

Now onto the winners! Both winners were drawn at random.

Second Place

Codrin Sava! Codrin wins a free Go Media Seashank poster. Congrats Codrin!

Seashank Poster

First Place (drumroll please)…..

TomoCroman!!! Not only does he win the Xpertise poster, but also a platinum account from Imagekind! Congrats!

Xpertise Guitar

How to redeem your prize

To the winners – please send us an email at with your name and address so we can deliver those prizes. If we don’t hear from you by Monday, November 30th we will have to choose a new winner.

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I am Go Media's office manager. Go Media is a Cleveland website design and development firm specializing in custom Wordpress websites, creative visual communications and resources for the graphic design community. My responsibilities here include Arsenal customer service, bookkeeping, payroll, proofreading and more.
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  • TomoCroman

    i cannot believe it :)
    i never win in something like this
    this is awesome :)
    thank u so much go media

  • labgrab

    Congrats, nice work, I really like the depth of the speakers.

  • Jeff Finley

    Congrats! Yeah we used a random name selector and you came up first! I know, I never win stuff like this either, that's why I never even bother entering. But I'm happy to make you happy!

  • mariazero1

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  • Morten F Christensen

    damn, and I really wanted that gorilla poster… Now I'll just have to buy it I guess

  • Aaron Heinen

    Its nice to see a contest that is truely random. Doesn't happen very often, and with no entry fee!

  • deviantdj

    damn I really wanted that guitar poster :( Would have looked great in my studio :'( Oh well, can always buy it I guess… :'(

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    We like to announce our 2 winners in a moment but remember,if you did not win, you can still visit our Imagekind store and get the poster you like with FREE shipping to do so.

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