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Ten Ton Photoshop Winner Announced — And Some Killer Free Training for Everyone Else!

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Well I hope everyone had fun entering the drawing for a free copy of Ten Ton Photoshop Essentials! I gotta say, it was great reading about your favorite commands, your Photoshop war stories, some memories from versions gone by.

I was going to jump in and start replying to some of the comments, but after the first day or so we had well over 100 entries! Great to see so much enthusiasm for Photoshop…with so much interest in learning Photoshop, so many saying they were in desperate need for Ten Ton Photoshop, it was very hard to pick a winner.

Alright, lets get to it. The winner of our heavyweight prize, Ten Ton Photoshop, is Keiko Daniel! Congratulations Keiko!!!

Now if you didn’t win, hang in there, because I have something super-cool for everyone else. How’s about 30-minutes of free Photoshop color correction training, yanked directly from the Ten Ton Photoshop DVD?

I’m talkin’ Levels, black point and white point, histograms, and a heckuva lot more! Who can turn down free learning?! So if you wanna snag yourself some free Photoshop learnin’ just pop me an email (, mention that you were a part of the Go Media Photoshop give-away, and I’ll getcha hooked up lickedy split! Sound cool?

Cheers to everyone who entered, and congrats once again to Keiko. Keiko, pop me an email (again, and we’ll get your details and ship off your prize for ya!

About the Author, Geoff Blake

Geoff Blake is an award-winning software instructor and owner of Ten Ton Books, a video-based training company. With his fun and casual style, he loves teaching all things web design and Adobe-related. And when no one's looking, he pretends he's a fill-in drummer for Iron Maiden.
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  • Monique

    So bummed that I missed out on this! No ten ton photoshop for me. :o(

  • billy

    Don't worry ! my giveaway is still open for comments

  • Geoff Blake

    I have three reasons for you *not* to be bummed, Monique.

    1) Shoot me an email and you'll score some free PS training (see above)
    2) Billy has a Ten Ton Photoshop give-away going on Addictive Hobby (see below)
    3) There'll be lots of upcoming contests, so hang in there!


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