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Contest: Win a Wacom Intuos 4!

Hey readers! Wanna win a pen tablet? How about a brand new Wacom Intuos 4? We use them a lot at Go Media, in fact we have produced tutorials about how we use them. We want to help promote WMC Fest this weekend and thought it’d be fun to run a contest through our new rewards system called PunchTab.

To enter, it’s really easy. All you got to do is to follow the instructions on the widget below. Not only will it enter you in the contest, but you’ll be helping us get the word out about WMC Fest this weekend. It’s easy. You can win this awesome tablet donated by PunchTab.

The prize

You can win a brand new Wacom Intuos 4. I’m guessing I don’t have to convince you that it would be a great tool for a designer. Look at it:

Wacom Intuos 4

Wacom Intuos 4

Wacom Intuos 4

We’re really glad to be able to offer this to a lucky winner in exchange of a major push from you guys to help the WMC Fest‘s attendance to explode. “Bonne chance” (good luck) as they say in France, and I hope I’ll see you this weekend!

About the Author, Jeff Finley

I'm a partner at Go Media, a Cleveland web design and development firm. We also specialize in print design and branding. I started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and wrote the book Thread's Not Dead, teaching artists and designers how to start a clothing company. In my spare time, I write songs and play drums in Campfire Conspiracy. I'm a happy husband and an aspiring b-boy and lucid dreamer.
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  • Daniel DeHart

    Jeff, not to be a homer, but I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have to say at WMC Fest this year!

    • Jeff Finley

      thanks I don’t feel like what I’ll say will be all that profound, but thanks!!

  • Eric Lamb

    I am excited to see a gathering of creatives as a whole. Not that often you get this much talent in one place.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been a fan of GoMedia for a while and I think I’d like to hear what Bill and really any of you guys from GoMedia have to say.

  • Krzysztof Dominik Śmiełowski

    It would be awesome to hear Jeff at the WMC Fest, really. 

  • George Prentzas

    Alex Cornell!

  • William Boling

    While I will not be able to attend, I would love to hear Bill Beachy talk. I have been a big fan of GoMedia for a couple of years now and appreciate the insight and expertise of Bill and the company he helped to create.

  • Joey Little

    im looking forward to seeing red sun!

  • Eric Weiand

    Would love to hear Mikey Burton speak. As a life-long mid-westerner I really dig the way he describes his design and the inspiration he uses in his work.

  • Allen Pieper

    I wanna see Shepard Fairey at this mug.  Probably not going to happen, and I’m sure there are hundreds of equally qualified people, but he’s my favorite.

    • Jeff Finley

      Maybe next year!  We can dream right?

  • Martina Selepova

    big thank you for all the work you are doing on go media ( and please let me win lol ) , maybe S. Sagmeister 

  • Erin DeGroot

    I’d rather enjoy hearing the Decemberists at a WMC Fest. Actually, I’d like to see myself going to a WMC Fest. I think my head would explode if these two things happened at the same time.

  • Jim LePage

    I’m super stoked to hear Aaron Draplin this year.

  • Romuald Le Bris

    Want to see John Paul Walton, Retronynms

  • Ryan Lewis

    Nana Grizol FTW!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think David Gensler
    will be awsome this year

  • William Truran

    I’d be stoked to see Shivering Timbers

  • Alex Navar

    The Guys from House Industries would be awesome!

  • Simon H.

    Mose Giganticus bandwise.

  • Jeremiah Ragsdale

    Band: Eisley
    Speaker: James White a.k.a Signalnoise

  • Jeremiah Ragsdale

    Band: Eisley
    Speaker: James White a.k.a Signalnoise

  • Derek Tickle

    Lowly, The Tree Ghost is who i wanna see 

  • Adam Haynes

    I’m excited about the whole thing

  • Alicia R

    Go Media, of course!

  • Diana Hernández

    Great! Is this contest open worlwide? I´m not from United States :)

  • Maegan Simpson

    I would like to see Frank Gehry just to get to hear about his interesting creative side on how he comes up with ideas for buildings.

  • Anonymous

    John Paul Walton… I am a aspiring video game designer:))))

  • Diana Hernández

    Gomedia, of course!

  • Nathaniel Hudson

    Mikey Burton. Love his stuff.

  • Laura Garcia

    Jeff Finley FTW!!

  • Igor F.

    Hard to say…there is a lot of cool people…

  • Raul Queiroz

    David Gensler

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to listen to a speech by Jeff Finley. :D

  • Geoff Burns

    Jeff Finley

  • Ben Simonson

    Other than the current lineup of excellent speakers and bands I’d love to see Gil Mantera’s Party Dream and Grand Buffet as far as bands go. For speakers I’d be psyched to see Jessica Hische and Tavis Coburn.

  • Gradient9 Studios

    I’d love to attend but I think it would be interesting to hear those from GoMedia speak about the start of their company and rise to the top of the design community.

  • Marco Brunato

    I’d like to hear jeff Finley too & see Before the eyewall Show…

  • viktoriana

    Chris Coyier, definitely, and woudl love to hear Gotan Project

  • Eric Gangnath

    Would be cool to hear what Jeff Finley had to say — been a fan since emptees 2007!  And Lower Dens would be amazing to see — had Twin-Hand Movement on repeat for the past month.

  • Derek Ng

    Andy Clarke

  • Jason Riley

    way to much talent to chose from 

  • Aaron Andary

    would love to see Coheed & Cambria!

  • Philip Hepler

    Jeff Finley!

  •án-Kent/584853302 Julián Kent

    I’d love to hear Mig Reyes!

  • Cresta Johnson

    Go Media, of course!

  • JoeyE

    Bring Beach House to WMC

  • Nate Cloud

    Coldplay for sure.

  • Geoff Blake

    Hey Jeff! Wicked contest…so I gotta at least enter! To answer the question, who I’d like to see at WMC, I’d like to see you (Jeff Finley), and Steve Knerem, plus Jessi Arrington’s talk sounds really good too. Cheers, -Geoff

  • Jeremias Endres

    I’m really looking forward to see Stephanie Rexroth on the WMC Fest

  • jason dooley

    I think the WMC looks awesome all around. I’d mostly be into seeing Joesph Hughes and Dan Christofferson’s talks.

  • depcore

    Jeff from GoMedia

  • Black Bird

    i would like to see “the dead pirates” 

  • Alex Juel

    I don’t recognize any of the scheduled bands, but I would have to say that I’d like to see Mig Reyes speak.

  • Black Bird

    and Mc Bess as speaker ;)

  • KellyBAn White

     Mikey Burton all the way!

  • Lauren Chaikin

    Exciting stuff, exciting stuff!!

  • Amanda Zoss

    All of it sounds awesome! But if I had to choose I guess Coldplay :)

  • Neil McKinney

    Happy belated birthday Jeff!  If you get a chance check out Annabel, I saw them here in Gainesville a few years ago and they really blew me away. Good luck with WMC this year, I think it’s a fantastic event.

  • Aaron Curtis

    The Shins!

  • Fefi Pérez Adán


  • Cristobal Urrea Romero

    Jeff Finley!

  • David Rosenzweig

    Happy Dog

  • Darryl Lee

    Busman’s Holiday FTW!

  • Aaron D Borst


  • Sarco Halderman

    Jeff from Go Media

  • Jason Whittemore

    I would love to see Mikey Burton speak. Love his work. :)

  • Alexandre Dumas de Rauly

    typographers would be great

  • Jasmin Nagel

    the WMC fest offers a whole range of cool speakers and musiscians … hard to decide … hmmmmmmmmm … I love Lowly the Tree Ghost

  • Matthew Simmons

    Red Sun :D

  • Daraul Harris

    coldplay! :D

  • Charlie Waugh

    If I were going Jeff Finley.

  • Alicia Wines

    The Lighthouse and The Whaler

  • Daniel Abdilla

    Speaker: Jeff Finley!
    Band: Manchester Orchestra!

  • Ali Jamar Taylor

    I live all the way in NJ so I won’t be able to attend WMC Fest. I think it’d be rad as my company produces a lot of festivals and events and it’s always cool to see what other people are doing and come up with ideas of how to improve our own. But if I could go, I’d like to just meet Jeff Finley and thank him and the rest of the GoMedia crew for all the work they’ve done and inspiration they’ve provided over the years. 

  • Anonymous


  • Diego Arias

    American Werewolves

  • Sam Gold

    I can’t decide… maybe coldplay!

  • Fabe Rnhrt

    Angryblue and GoMedia

  • Jonathan Bobel

    I’m excited for MemoryHouse on Sunday night, and Mig Reyes of Threadless on Saturday. Still undecided on which day I’m going to go…

  • Fran White

    Guy Kawasaki….

  • Brent Henry

    Rise Against would be awesome… melodic an angst :)

  • Steve West

    Wish I could be there but alas, I started a new job this week and won’t be making it to Hi-O-Hi

  • Kenneth Martin

    Ready to hear Shivering Timbers and Mig Reyes.

  • roger daoud

    David Gensler would be very interesting!

  • Travis Beasley


  • Anonymous

    craig mullins

  • Alasdair Roy

    David Gensler

  • Chris Broy

    sounds like a great time… wish i could be there

  • Glen Cosner

    Would love to come but unable, but would love for you to have The Envy Corps as a band.

  • jaimev


  • Joshua Ellis

    Frightened Rabbit and Edward Tufte!

  • Anonymous

    Mount Kimbie 

  • Adam Merkison

    Aaron Horkey would probably be the artist I’d most want to hear speak. He is just so retardedly good at what he does…and he does it all traditionally.

  • Joe Candrilli

    All of them!

  • Tibo Jansingh

    GoMedia peeps :)

  • Karim Turay

    Jeff Finley.

  • David Klhufek

    Jeff Finley.

  • Dominik Schlipper

    Would love to see Jeff Finley speaking. I especially love his logo work!

  • martyrologist

    Blue Scholars

  • Luca Mattiuzzo


  • Craig Pinto

    The Shins!

  • Luke Fretwell

    Jeff Finley

  • jayquercia

    stoked for mikey burton!

  • Ruben Horemans

    Tool & Primus

  • Anonymous

    Dan Christofferson

  • Sarah Loughran

    Alex Cornell or Jeff Finley

  • Caitlin Maloney

    Dan Christofferson! Because he’s an illustrator!

  • DeChamp Stans


  • Mike Jones

    The National

  • Roland Glukhov

    Definitely Coldplay :)

  • Chris Stauffer

    The only speaker I am familiar with is, Jeff Finley.. but I will be tuning in and learning more about all of them!

  • Mike Jones

    The Drums

  • Abdullah Alaydrus

    Alex Cornell

  • Joe Zielinski

    Aaron Sechrist, for sure

  • Joe Baron

    Hmm I’d like to see these speakers Dan Christofferson,Mig Reyes, Bill Beachy or Jeff Finley.

  • Anonymous

    All & every(thing)one !!!

  • Scott Ng

    Clinton Reno & Deadmau5

  • Eric Ratelet

    Mikey Burton for sure !

  • Alexander Singleton

    David Gensler would be great to see

  • Andy German

    Bombay Bicycle Club please!

  • Anonymous

    Derek Hess (Art), Chiara Bautista (Art), Mastodon (Band), Monster Magnet (Band). 

  • Brandon L. Philbrick

    Atmosphere … Shephard Fairey. Dreaming is fun.

  • Anonymous

    I unfortunately can’t make anything this year :(
    But if I could go, I’d most like to see the Go Media team, Janee Meadows, Brandon Rike, and Mig Reyes.

  • Mary Beth Seacott

    Andy Clarke & Jeff Finley — soooo wish I was able to go this weekend!

  • Mary Beth Seacott

    Andy Clarke & Jeff Finley — soooo wish I was able to go this weekend!

  • Nate

    Travis Pitts

  • Nate

    Travis Pitts

  • Facebook User

    Jeff Finley or Oliver Barrett. 

  • Dawn Starlin

    Excited for David Gensler!

  • Beto Alanís

    Dan Christofferson

  • Keiluar At Me

    craig mullins!!!!

  • Eric J. Schultz

    I would like to see the majority of the speakers – Jeff Finley and Jacob Edwards are up there for me, though 

  • Anonymous

    Not that I’m seriously expecting it to happen, but I’d still geek out if somehow WOMC snagged Frank Turner for a performance.

  • Enrique Nuño Alegre

    Alex Cornell would be nice

  • TBonez Graffix

    Shepard Fairey

  • Anonymous

    Bill Beachy of course!

  • Héc Tor

    I’m totally looking forward to see Arrah and the Ferns, I liked their song from the preview.

  • Maurício Thomsen

    Definitely, Alex Cornel (ISO50), David Gensler (The KDU) and Jeff Finley.
    And Humble Home sounds awesome! Great folk.

  • Lidia Pessoa

    two hand fools

  • Lidia Pessoa

    two hand fools

  • Wardell

    David Gensler

  • Tomaz Zasso

    Tara Mcpherson ans Alex Trochut, illustrators, and for the band gothan project ;D

  • Gianluca Cherubin


  • Justin Pope

    Awesome Event, wish i could make it!

  • Muhammad Azham

    Jeff Finley would be nice!

  • Neuro Conduit

    Jeff Finley

  • Das Farbenmonster

    there are a couple of people i would like to see: 
    -Ed Hall
    -Shannon Larratt
    -James Nachtwey 
    and Sami Kortemäki would be nice. 

  • Zach Mau ✔

    Aaron Draplin

  • Zach Mau ✔

    Aaron Draplin

  • Shane Henderson

    Big fan of Bill Beachy, would really like to hear him speak.

  • Valerie Babin

    Hard to say there’s so many to choose from but I think that Alex Cornell would be nice! :)

  • Lyn Brantley

    If I could go, I would love to hear Bill Beachy speak.

  • Mariah Bargman

    Jeff Finley of course!

  • Nicholas Land

    David Gensler for sure

  • Adrian Enache

    Jeff Finley and Coldplay.

  • Whitni Rader

    David Dondero!

  • Anonymous

    Alex Cornell!

  • Jason Calleiro

    If you could get Slayer next year…

  • Alexandra Bond

    I’m excited about the whole thing, really!

  • Michael Scott


  • Grace Choi

    Tina Roth Eisenberg from swiss-miss? Don’t know on what basis speakers are chosen.

    Band: Rasputina!

  • Molly Campbell

    Would definitely like to hear We Shot the Moon play – not a big band like so many others named here, but still great music!

  • Quentin Cole

    Shepard Fairey

  • Anonymous

    Jacob Edwards. I’d love to know more about Shirt Design.

  • James Greenaway

    You should get Stefan Sagmeister in :p

  • Konstantin Aal

    Boyce Avenue :) Really nice band….lot of coversongs…

  • Ricardo Ortega Avalo

    Great job guys!

  • Joey English

    I would love to see the Deftones at the WMC, but here’s hoping…

  • Tim Carter

    Oliver Barrett

  • Kollin Leisinger

    Jacob Edwards, Mikey Burton, Aaron Draplin, all the rest…

  • Susan Johnson

    I guess I will go with Bill Beachy

  • Daniel Tavner

    Pretty Keen To Hear What Cassaro Has To Say Really, Awesome Style That Man!!!

  • Adam W-E

    Joshua M. Smith aaaaand…..Cancer Bats

  • Kevin Harp

    There’s an AWESOME artist out in California who’s part of the infamous 7th Letter Crew…his name is OG ABEL. Now THAT would be a plus! Google him.

  • ‘Ahmad Zafar

    I’d really love to see Azure Ray there.. I listen to them most of the time when I’m doing ‘casual work’ or experimenting for my portfolio.

  • Sebastian Osorio

    Definally Coldplay

  • Adam Denard

    ratatat. luh dat

  • Philip Dahl

    Milton Glazer! If you had him there I would probably go in a second. Someone please contact me if this is a reality. 

  • John del Rosario

    Any one would be awesome

  • Csaba Gigor

    Todd Saperstein, VMCAD
    Jessi Arrington – WORKSHOP
    Jeff Finley, Go Media

    Signals Midwest
    American Werewolves