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Win “Go Media” Posters and Platinum Imagekind Account

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Win 2 Go Media posters

The kind folks at Imagekind are letting us give away 2 free prints of Go Media artwork. All you need to do to enter the contest is browse our Imagekind store and link us to the print you want and tell us why in the comments. That’s it. We’ll draw 2 winners at random. The first place winner will also receive a free Platinum account from Imagekind. A Platinum account includes up to 250 galleries where you can have an unlimited number of images. You are allowed 100 tags to classify your work, create an unlimited number of groups, and you have 8 categorization options.

You can also get free shipping on any order with the coupon code FREEGOMEDIA. These prints are heavy w/ frames, so this is a great discount.

Take a quick look at all the prints available in Go Media’s Imagekind store:

Win 2 Posters by Go Media from Imagekind

How to Win:

1. Link to the print you want in the comments.
2. Describe why you want it.
3. Wait a week for us to draw the winners.
4. If you didn’t win, you can still use the coupon code FREEGOMEDIA to get free shipping.


1st place: 1 Go Media print of your choice (med size, no frames), 1 Free Platinum account from Imagekind
2nd place: 1 Go Media print of your choice

Contest Ends Nov 24th at 11:59pm EST

We will draw the winners and post them on Wednesday Nov 25th. What are you waiting for, tell us what you want!

About the Author, Jeff Finley

I'm a partner at Go Media, a Cleveland web design and development firm. We also specialize in print design and branding. I started Weapons of Mass Creation Fest and wrote the book Thread's Not Dead, teaching artists and designers how to start a clothing company. In my spare time, I write songs and play drums in Campfire Conspiracy. I'm a happy husband and an aspiring b-boy and lucid dreamer.
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  • egranata

    I really like Atticus Bird:….

    I used to raise parrots so I have a thing for birds. I also like the colors used.

  • J.

    My Favourite
    It looks great with a title like “The Key of Fate”. Back to the basics: black & white.

  • kilo14

    Go Media Promo Poster I love everything by Go Media, and a Promo Print by you guys would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • MathieuR….

    Flaming Ape Cult Film Series is really great and I'd love to hang it in my new apartment

  • lucasvazquez

    I really like this ABC piece….

    I feel the vibe on this work & reminds me my sweet girlfriend (also designer) so… it would be a nice gilf for her.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Thomas V.….

    She'd be so surprised, nothing more… wanna bet? :D
    Just love it!

  • dfunktdesign

    I Really like “CloseYour Eyes and Try To See” –….

    I Love the techniques Jeff Finley has used with different mediums and i'ts just an awesome piece.

    Cheers in advance for when i win!! haha cya.

  • Dwight Demmers

    I really like this one:….

    I'm gonna be a proud house-owner in a couple of weeks so this would look nice in my livingroom :D

  • Jhay Gamba

    Aesthetic Arsenal

    Love the fantastic design on this poster, the grunge and vintage look of the background makes the character appear more stunningly awesome. Also, it reminds of my favorite foreign band – LinkinPark.


  • Jimmy Fuentes

    The piece i like is….

    Art can be portrayed in many ways all depending on who's looking at it and whats going through their lives currently. First thing i see on this piece is a heart in the middle, being composed of complex arrangement of lines that i look at as being things in your life. I think this piece represents my life at its current stage flawlessly.

  • rdbrandt

    My wife would think that this is kickass. (I would too by the way)….

  • Kyle

    I like the message conveyed in this print:….

  • xtream….

  • Cameron Best


    A simplistic, yet thought provoking poster. With two colors, you've managed to replay memories (good and bad) in my head like a old-fashioned, black and white movie, allowing me to know that fate exists.

    I also extremely enjoy the font and placement of the word fate: elegant, but daunting.

  • ricardogalvez

    Think I'm going to have to go w/ Katie Major's “Be Still My Heart”.

    It is a beautifully balanced composition. The gentle color scheme and clean use of type makes this my favorite. Its a great example of doing more w/ less.

  • Bill Biwer

    Would love the print located here:….
    It's a very clean and simple piece and would look great on the white wall next to my desk.

  • Tifa333

    Seashank by David Tevenal is my favorite:….

    Mastodon is pretty great, plus something about the title tickles me.

  • Gena

    Unicorns ARE real! And they live in SPACE! Hell yes, I want this one.….

  • robertpufahl

    I would have to go with Flaming Ape Cult Film Series.….
    When I was a teenager I bought a cheap plaster monkey on a surfboard piggy bank in Tijuana. Ever since then my mom has been buying me little primate thingys to decorate with. Just thought I'd keep my decorating theme going.

  • Jeff

    Oliver Barrett – Grizzly! woot.

    Here's the link:….

    Grizzly Bear's are really cool. And big. And quite brown, with big teeth. I like that.

  • Harrison….

    I love the colors used in “I need more RAM” It would look so good in my living room. I love the entire gallery. Everything is amazing!

  • redehlert

    Poster I want:
    I'm a medical illustrator & dig the visual solution in Katie Major's 'be still my heart'.
    Has the cool factor mixed with anatomy…can never go wrong there.

  • Marc Lassoff

    I really like the print “Aesthetic Arsenal”. I grew up doing graffiti which got me into graphic design and now interactive design. I love graff style. I really like the lettering of the word aesthetic in the poster.….

  • WizKid….

    I like this one because of the colors & texture treatment.
    I think it would make a great gift for my fiancé. She's going to school to be a elementary school teacher & will be finishing up soon. I think this would make a great addition to her future classroom. The colors hold your attention & the 'tree' shows imagination & creativity that I think 3rd & 4th graders would enjoy & she could easily tie the print into a lesson or two.

  • Eric Kinsey

    LOL cat is by far and away the most modern post in this gallery and would fill my cat with rage (because he can't actually laugh out loud). Additionally, my 4 year old thinks that it is an AWESOME, magical cat.

  • Eric Kinsey
  • jeffstyle

    I Love the abstractness of Abandoned –….

    I guess abstract's my thing :) It'd go really nicely in my new home!

  • jamesbull

    Tim Boesel's piece here is awesome. I love the business man mixed with the abstract face, reminds me of an amazing wheat paste I once saw. Awesome work Tim.….

  • Christin….

    I am transferring to a new office building and this would be kick-ass to display in our new space. An added bonus would be the priceless look on my boss' face when he sees this hanging on the wall!

  • Cory

    Creativity comes from within as well as how to live your life. The phrase “close your eyes and try to see”, really moves me artistically and emotionally. This artwork is so freeing in many ways and would be an inspiration to my own art everyday at my office space – where ever that may be at the first of the month…..

  • Cory

    The front part of link got cut off -

  • AnticitizenDesign

    Barrett's badass Grizzly (….) would be a sick piece to hang above my computer… that being said any GoMedia piece would be

  • deviantdj….

    I have been oogling over this for a long time, and have thought it would look great in my recording studio's guitar room. It just feels like me, and my own vibe I find bliss in looking at it.

  • Matt Bryant

    I'll go for….

    Because it's completely awesome! There's dark lyrics, fire, and a horned beast in it, what more could you possibly ask for in a poster.

  • Rob

    Simple and elegant. Love it.

  • nomhak….

    Easily! Jeff's work is awesome and hell I'm renovating a new room and want some solid art hanging around. This is just perfect timing.

  • DanteV

    Wow, this is a great giveaway! Well, its been hard to pick a favourite, i was between Valli, ABC, Ace of Spades, the retro posters of Oliver_Barett and Aesthic Arsenal, and finally i went for:….

    And i chose this one because it was the first poster i saw of GoMedia, and since then i've become a big fan of you, so its to thank that poster of letting me know this agency.

  • mattrobb

    I just finished building myself an office in my basement, so I now have a place to hang my inspiration. This has been my favorite piece by a GO designer since I first discovered this site two years ago. Simple, beautiful, I would love to have it haning in my home….

  • Dalton….

    This is an exceedingly amazing design. I can't help but marvel at the style and how in-depth this piece looks. I would really love to put this poster up in my room because I love it so much. And seeing as I've been looking into an Imagekind account for the past week I would really enjoy the platinum version of it.

    Thank you for the opportunity,

  • Heeectooor

    I really like the “Flaming Ape Cult Film Series” image cause I love Gorillas so much, and it was one of the first works I saw at Jeff´s page, in that way I discovered GoMedia.….

  • Scott

    I think I'll have to go with Xpertise:….

    Love the style and colors, it's a solid design I could see myself buying and hanging in my home.

  • blendup….

    Love this one…
    Already bought the Umbrella Man :)

  • Msaloen

    I would really want Katie's “Be the change”:….

    Because the statement could never be more true.

  • Matthew Simmons….

    I live in an apartment with absolutely no decoration.

  • dragyn

    I knew it as soon as I saw it. the key of FATE by Jeff finley is fantastic.
    I love the mood this piece conveys and that is why I want it.….

  • jeffoehmen….

    love this. simple, smart, evokes emotion, makes me think. love it.

  • iernie

    I would like this one:….

    The reason being that I purely love simplicity. My life philosophy is 'less is more'. I am also a huge fan of the KISS-åhilosophy (Keep it simple, stupid!). It is how I operate in most aspects of my life, like photography and webdesign. It is also one of the main reason why I prefer Gnome over KDE.

    I really do enjoy and admire the simplicity in things (art included), and that is what pulled me towards this poster. It's so powerful with great colours and execution, yet so simple and understandable with one big contrast in the image, the Umbrella Man, which also is the main piece of the image. It's pure genius in my opinion. I also enjoy Oliver Barrets other posters of the same reason, but If I had to choose one I'd want Umbrella Man.


  • carlo1616….

    The tree…it's…magic…

  • saraelizabeth22….

    It is very inspirational and it was created by my old classmate at CCS! Plus I have this huge thing for trees…must be a CCS thing :P

  • stevesype

    The print I chose is the LOL Cat by Oliver Barrett.….

    I chose this because I'm a cat lover. I own two kitties and just recently started an oil painting of one. I would really enjoy having the print because I subscribe to your newsletter and I'm always inspired by your art. I purchased the heartbreaker poster, and I'm always inspired by the composition, linework, and beautiful coloring.

    thank you!

  • Unik Ink Specialty Printing

    Love the silkscreened look-….

  • david….

    I would LOVE to have the “Be Still My Heart print. I'm a youth minister and we are moving into a new office, these would be such an epic piece to put up on the walls for all the teens to see.

  • stewartKnapman
  • Tom Faraci….

    I just love the retro look of this poster.

  • Nancy Moy….

    This one really captures my personality on certain days. A day spent alone can be serene, yet colorful when I imagine the world of how it can be if I follow my dreams. I also think the colors and theme of this poster can be inspirational in my design office at home. I am a graphic designer hoping to go back to school for web and multimedia design in the spring. My home office will definitely need some additional flair soon! Also owning a piece of GoMedia's art will be amazing. I must admit that I look forward to seeing your emails for inspiration!

  • Aaron Heinen

    Surf's UP!….
    Without a doubt this one is the most surreal / futuristic one I saw. It portrays an amazing feeling of motion and has vibrant colors which give off Kinetic Energy

  • Ahmed

    I just love ” serf's up ”….

    It stand out from the rest as a beauty in both concept and execution, love to hang in my room.

  • justin Yuhaze….

    Love it, very inspiring and would to put in my studio…greta use of illustration and design .

  • Simon H.

    I'd LOVE the “Be still my heart” by Katie (….) because it's just a bit different from what's usually around and I like it very much, thank you :-)

    EDIT: I forgot to ask for it to be signed by Katie :-D

  • Josh McKible

    LOLCat please….
    Why…? Because it's LOLCat dammit!

  • Landon


    I am really digging the overall composition, colors and style of this piece. Great work!

  • janak

    “Be The Change” by Katie Major

    It is a great motivational piece to have in my office. The beautiful typography paired with color, minimalism and subdued details really strengthen the message and inspire one to act.

  • andrevisage

    LOL Cat

    I would love to have a funny cat on my wall to brighten up the long winter. i love the vibrant colors and the humour in the piece.

  • Codrin Sava

    I love….

    Besides the fact that I'm really into Mastodon, this poster is mean and heavy and brutal (much like their music). Wicked devil-skull plus killer typography. You just can't beat that!

  • crazyhunk

    really diggin this piece…. Ape Cult Series….

    like the colors and the details

  • stevonologic….

    i really like this kind of design. it's simple, clean, efficient, all it needs to accomplish a successful interior design.
    and i surf to… not only the web (:

  • adone

    This is my favorite print:….

    Nice colors, minimalist, best password, handwriting style + vectors.

  • aragorn78….
    Really American comics / marvel style, heavy and beautiful inking… combining hand drawing technic and digital wizzardry… hope I can do that someday :-))

  • scoR….

    i thought i could login with my forum account, nahh it doesend matter…

    I really love that “Comic-Style” and i would love to learn more about that kind of drawing. Your tutorial gave me a great introduction and i want to say thank you for your help.


    chris aka scoR

  • scoR….

    i thought i could login with my forum account, nahh it doesend matter…

    I really love that “Comic-Style” and i would love to learn more about that kind of drawing. Your tutorial gave me a great introduction and i want to say thank you for your help.


    chris aka scoR

  • mattashwood….

    Owl's man….who the fuck doesn't like owls

  • Daniel J. Newman Please pick me Jeff, I love, love, love this poster. If I don't win I'll just buy one so there.

  • Cameron

    I would have to say the JG print:….

    It looks simple, but has so many layers and its just a fascinating piece on how everything flows together.

  • Nick Martens

    I'd love Be The Change by Katie:….

    It reflects foundational principals on which I started my family and business.

  • pairodime

    More than anything – I would like the Unicorn Poster

    I really want it more for my Dad than myself – he used to have all these old school Unicorn prints in his bathroom when I was growing up. I remember thinking how cool and inspiring they were – mind you I was under 10 years old. Since then the downstairs bathroom which he used to call “his” has been remodeled 3-4 times as us kids took our turns taking it over.

    Now that I am older – I can really appreciate the authentic bridge between vintage style and modern techniques used by Tim on this design. I think he would love it – a gift from the past set in the future.

    Way to go! I hope this provides a great outlet for you guys. Running this promotion is sure to spread the word.

    You can find the poster here:….

  • jeremy

    Lolcat for sure. It would motivate me to hang a few other things up..….

  • Amber Creed

    I'm choosing this piece… “Fate”….

    I'm a sucker for black and white, and I think the artwork really speaks for itself. I looked through all of the galleries and this one really struck me the most. I like the concept of tying together a key with our own destiny or fate. It has a great almost grunge/vintage feel to it.

  • Katie

    Thanks for the comment Sara! Give detroit a hug for me :)

  • Kmajor616

    Thanks for the lovely comments Simon! For sure if you win I'd be happy to sign it for you :)

  • Kelly

    Wow – they're all great! Hard to choose. It was between the fantastic typography in ABC 123 or the Aura Dragon or the Fate Key, but I think I like the Fate Key the best.….

    I enjoy the simplicity of it, really… yet it's so detailed.

    Thanks for sharing your work!

  • Jeff Deibel….

    This piece shows how a simple message with a clean design can create so much more than the elements separated. I'd put this in my office, so I'd read the message everyday. Change is within in me.

  • Jillian Ingham….

    Simple but inspiring……I love this picture sooooo much and it will look amazing in my house!!!

  • saraelizabeth22

    will do :]

  • Tomo-Croman
  • Shtiipeq….

    This one is the best for me because I love atticus and I love gomedia. xD

  • Ted….

    Although I also enjoyed the Atticus Bird print, due to it's asthetic beauty, and muted tones, my favorite is the Ace of Spades print. This image, and many of Dave's other prints fit my personality, as well as works that I currently have hanging in my home. I will be purchasing this print eventually if I don't win it!
    From a design standpoint, I love the use of warm tones throughout the piece, and the centered alignment, both of these elements create a balance of the image visually. The clean lines of the illustration and the sharp “reality” of the vector splatters and stains in the background create a tension that really makes the illustration seem to pop from the page. I think that Dave put a great deal of himself into this image and it comes across in the finished product, great job!

  • Justin Page….

    Kick Ass!
    The flow of the monkey with smoke with it under a sea with birds hanging overview the whole concept looks dirty raw, and intense. A smoky old brown burnt color that i want so bad!

  • Morten F Christensen….
    It would go great on my wall is all

  • mitchelitoo….

    this poster it has several connotations among them audacious I am a good reader of comic, the colors are very good, thanks

  • Thomas Guillot….

    I'm a big fan of this one. It reminds me “DANCE” by Justice :)

  • Fiona Edge

    Love this one….

    Simple, but less is more…

  • brian tom….

    this one hands down. i love illustrative design and i like the balance of the design overall. got a lot of motion and fun to it. :)

  • Ritchie

    I like this one by Katie.….

    It holds a deeper meaning on how to change yourselves for the good of the future by thinking positive.

  • andreabockelman

    I would like to win this one.….
    I love the black and white and it is very simple the key to fate

  • Shmang….

    I love all works by Jeff Finley. This image is priceless. Close your
    eyes and try to see; is a very powerful phrase and the artwork is
    simply fantastic. It would look wonderful hanging on my wall!


  • baloosingh

    I like….

    Because you really can never have enough ram…..really! Also I happen to love the composition and colors.

  • Adam_Wagner

    I like it too redehlert. Nice choice.

  • Jeff Crerie

    I would hang this one in my recording studio, to spark creativity in all who come by.

  • Colin Pritchard

    I'm digging _1psd_TIM_300dpi — love the juxtaposition of elements….

  • Filip….

    Isn't it a beauty? It would do so well on my wall of different prints and paintings, it just belongs there. Sure, I've done all the other art in my room but this calls my soul just like my own pieces! I've got to have it!

  • Kyle Leichtle….

    I love this piece because it has great motion and clarity. I'm a big fan of clean vector art and shades of green. I'm also known to be a great air-guitarist ;)

  • 5hp3t1m
  • Jared Knetzer

    I like:….

    I think that this would look good in my son's room and be something positive for him to be around.

  • danielle….

    bears and speakers!!! HELLS yeah!

  • danielle….

    bears and speakers!!! HELLS yeah!

  • Tom

    Well It its random, right?!?- I enjoy :….

  • Matt Gnarly

    As much as I love Mastodon the Grizzly one interests me more….

  • spilljet….
    this image appeals most to me. It seems simple yet well contructed.

  • Reuben Bennett

    It was a hard choice but i've decided on:….

    Its such a amazing piece! who wouldn't want it?? Atari is awesome and so is the artist :D

  • Petrus….

    I have a tattoo shop and this print would be great on my wall!! ;)

  • Thomas Dabner….

    As a young Graphic designer I love all things illustrative and out of the ordinary. This print would make the perfect centre piece for my studio style bedroom.

  • scrappinrobyn

    I never thought of changing out my art on my walls as each holiday comes rolling around but after browsing through all the wonderful prints, I want to start doing just that. And what better way to start then with a FREE creative piece of beautiful art then like Magic Snowmen by by reniebritenbucher. I just love the snowmen, specially the one hugging the tree, lol :-) It just brings a smile to my face when I look at it.

    Thank you for the chance to win and good luck to all!


  • Patrick James

    Wow I would to have this one. I am building my home office and i think would be quite fitting. And it's what i need with 4 kids. Seriously. Stay rad guys! :)

  • Patrick James
  • tsuperb….

    That's my favorite, a very inspiring poster that would fit my room and inspire me every time i see it!

  • Kim

    Thanks for entering for the contest everyone! The contest is over and we will be choosing our two random winners soon.

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