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GMZ Giveaway: Free 15-Day Pass to Ten Ton Online

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Hey you. Yes, you! Geoff Blake here from Ten Ton Books. Wanna score something totally cool from Go Media and Ten Ton? Well check this out: We’re giving away free 15-day trial accounts to Ten Ton Online, Ten Ton’s online tutorial subscription service. There, you’ll have full access to all of Ten Ton’s learning titles. Follow along with the video lessons, learn at your own pace, and watch and re-watch as much as you like.

Master topics like building floating CSS layouts, photographic techniques in Photoshop, working with CMS in Dreamweaver…and a whole lot more, all for free!

So how do you land a free 15-day trial? All you have to do is leave a reply on this post. But don’t just leave any old reply…put some thought into it. Tell us why it’s important for you to have a 15-day pass to Ten Ton Online, how it would help you, and what is it you want to learn. We’re not looking for a 1000-word essay, just a few sentences explaining how this would be huge for you. Those who leave insightful, thoughtful responses will land a free trial. Those who don’t will miss out!

This offer ends April 8th, so ya better get commenting! Winners will be notified by email.

About the Author, Geoff Blake

Geoff Blake is an award-winning software instructor and owner of Ten Ton Books, a video-based training company. With his fun and casual style, he loves teaching all things web design and Adobe-related. And when no one's looking, he pretends he's a fill-in drummer for Iron Maiden.
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  • Casey Fox

    I’m a recent web design grad currently job searching. I got a well rounded education, but there’s a few areas that I want to focus on, and these lessons would be a great resource to build on my current knowledge! Awesome giveaway!

    • Sesli Sohbet


  • Dario Calonaci

    Why it’s important?
    It’s important to take a look at it and decide if to buy a real account or not! And hopefully it will make me learn how to work on Dreamweaver for CMS!

  • Nate Hull

    I have actually never heard of Ten Ton before just now. Tutorials are a necessary resource for any designer. More than just the fundamentals, tutorials show different perspectives that are needed to have a larger than average bag of tricks or design styles. If it wasn’t for tutorials (and school), I would not be where I am today.

  • black bird

    it´s important to me becaouse in México is very hard find site like this and to find a better job, in my particular case I belive and trust in the online education like tutorials and sites like Ten Ton

  • ardita sari

    Who would not want?? I love books..and it’s gonna be wonderful if i can get one 15-day trial accounts. I am self-taught designer and still in learning process about web design …so I need to grasp some books to improve my skills. Totally usefull for me And no doubt..Ten Ton Online is the great resource to learn. Hope for the best! Thanks for bringing up this giveaway. Nice giveaway. :)

  • Tim Ruby

    Keeping up to date on new design trends as well as tricks and tips from professionals is absolutely necessary if you want to progress as a well rounded designer which is what I really look to accomplish as artist. I know that 15 days worth of tutorials will surely open my eyes to new techniques and trends, increasing the chance of meeting my clients needs in a fast and efficient manner- After all, time is money and nobody wants to outsource their projects because they lack the ability to tackle it themselves.

  • Ben Simonson

    I haven’t got the first clue about web design and I’m looking to break in. I’ve attempted to follow some tutorials to gain insight, but haven’t had much luck. The 10 Ton Books tutorials appear to be some of the finest available and I’d love to get a shot at them. Improving current skills and learning new ones are a vital part of any designer’s arsenal. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Alex Matthews

    I’m spending most of my time time chilling in print graphics. I studied some web in school but graduated 3 years ago. My company is pulling on my to do increasingly more web work and i have very limited knowledge of CMS and up-to-date web language. Due to my offices limited resources this would be an incredible help in making me shine.

  • Anonymous

    Being a fanatic/addict of GoMedia, and a designer with experience equaling to half my age, I find learning new things critical to keeping myself creative and moving forward. I’ve always tutored in design and written articles or tried to help others and I appreciate GoMedia and Ten Ton Onlines coming together to help the design community. I’m a certified expert in some areas, but find that I can always learn more or learn a new way to apply a technique. There are unlimited tutorials and resources all over the internet, but the ones such as GoMedia and TTO are those resources that will make a significant impact on our future as designers and artists, and on the future of our industry. In my current work, we are pioneers of design in a sense, the cultural sense, adjusting and re envisioning the reality of our cultural identity. I am always looking for good resources, and my gut feeling is that with TTO’s help I can continue to move to the next level. I am also an estranged child to web design and have been print only for some time, I would love to have a reunion. :)

  • Søren Toft Kjelstrup

    Been designing for tree years by now. However, everything I have learned is something I have learned by playing around. But now, I hornestly believe I need som professionel guiding in order to build on my ‘talent’ and get more skillful!

  • Jason Cook

    I have been a print designer for 10+ years and love it but really need a update on my skills and trying to make the jump to more webdesign. The tutorials would really benefit me in that direction. I have bought some GoMedia tutorials in the past and they always help. Would love the opportunity. THanks.

  • Noa Liberman-Plashkes

    I just moved from a terrible ad agency to full freelance jobs, and finally pursuing my love for webdesign. I know photoshop and illustrator pretty well, but I just can’t get around css and such. Help me learn css so I can code pretty websites, not only design them :)

  • Noa Liberman-Plashkes

    I just moved from a terrible ad agency to full freelance jobs, and finally pursuing my love for webdesign. I know photoshop and illustrator pretty well, but I just can’t get around css and such. Help me learn css so I can code pretty websites, not only design them :)

  • Gleb Dmitriev

    I’m a newbie in illustration,

  • Anonymous

    As a huge Gomedia fan! This would be a great gift… I have been following you guys for a while now. All your blogs/post and your tutorials are very helpful & awesome stuff. I’m currently getting my BA in Graphic Design. This pass would just add to the stuff you guys have already shared with me.

  • Tony Brown

    This would be huge for me to have access to some training as I am looking to learn as much as I can about webdesign and development. I have been out of work for over two years now and I love all things web related and would like very much to find a job in this field. So any learning material I can grab and absorb would be huge

    Thanks so much

  • Travis Englund

    I am trying to build my first portfolio site in Dreamweaver and I could use all the help I can get. This might just be what I need to finally get it finished.

  • Ben Murdock Jackson

    I suck. I mean, really suck. Sort of. What I mean to say is that I’m awesome, but I just have no idea how to get my awesomeness out from behind my eyes into something other people can see. Ten Ton? They don’t suck. Neither do you. It’s the solemn duty of people and organisations who don’t suck to help people who do suck to suck less. Think of this less as a competition and more as a charitable donation from the Ten Ton & Go Media Foundation for Creatives Who Suck. By giving the donation to me, you will be doing the world a service. You’ll be able to sleep better at night and go home to your other halves bathed in the warm glow of self satisfaction at making the world a better place.
    Also, I hear charitable giving is a powerful aphrodisiac. giving me cool stuff=better sex.

  • Mike Seavers

    I’m a “paper artist” trying my first foray into digitizing some of my artwork and cartooning. Being a total noob to Illustrator and other programs, I’m completely overwhelmed with where to begin. I found your site just a few days ago and got clarity for the first time. 15-day pass to Ten Ton would be HUGE!

  • Steven Greene

    I would appreciate the access to Ten Ton so that I could learn more about the tools I attempt to use in my printing business. Art clearly sets apart the successful shops from the rest and I am striving to be successful.

  • Chuck Laiti

    I subscribe to Lynda and Digital tutors presently. I always looking for more and new instructional material.

  • Bonnie Brown

    I am an infojunkie, and I need a fix REAL bad. Please man, I haven’t scored any tutorials in a few weeks…
    CMS is ruling my life right now, I got a real pushy user jonezin’ for some custom shizne and I need to be able to deliver the goods. I think that you’ve got just what I need… I don’t have much money so I was hopin’ you could show a girl some love and slide me into the freebie zone.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve grown up with two artist parents, been into art all my life. About 5 years ago I got my first copy of Ps. I went through a stage of making signatures and wallpapers on GFX sites, then to graphic design, then to tshirts. I never really took any of it seriously, and had mild success in each field. I just recently realized I wanted to take art seriously. I’ve been trying to learn everything I can to improve my illustration and design abilities, but it’s hard with all the artists I look up to charging for their wisdom which I so desperately wish to acquire.
    Here’s just another attempt at gaining some of that knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    I have followed your site for quite awhile. I do design on the side from my daytime job for a non profit group. Your site educates me and inspires me to break through blocks. I hope to one day break into this field as my full time job. I can’t believe I have never came across Ten Tons. The site looks like a sick asset for learning. Thanks GoMedia for teaching us who only have time to learn via hands on time and tutorials.

  • Anonymous

    I’m always looking for tips and tricks to get the effects I want, so who wouldn’t like that? I’ve been a huge fan of Go Media since the Pack 4′s, (which make me feel a little old) :D Having access to 15 days free would totally rock my socks.

  • Marc Hughes

    As a 35 year old print designer who feels like a design dinosaur from time to time, keeping up with what those kids are doing is super important. With all their fancy CS-whatevers, future phones, interactive sandwiches, it is sites like yours and Ten Ton’s that help me undercut those little whippersnappers and succeed in helping put some bionic parts in this old Apatosaurus. Thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

    Would love the opportunity to take advantage of your generous offer to expand my illustration, animation and design skills with CS5 Master software. I’ve been enjoying tutorials through Adobe TV and Lynda but, feel they are missing the edge and style that Ten Ton Books has to offer. I have found GoMedia to be quite inspirational. Again, would love the opportunity to test your product.

  • Paul Coleman

    Another freelancer just starting up… so i’ve some software knowledge but I need more to work more productively. Ten Ton is a tool for putting my ideas into practice efficiently… thought i’d sum it up in a haiku…!

    “Ten Ton”

    Information mine
    My thoughts are reality
    Student turns master


  • Mike LaRusch

    Unemployed and hoping to get both a job and a degree in Design (Web, Graphic, Industrial…not sure yet). This would help a lot! Thanks for the chance!

  • James Lau

    I am trying to be a freelance designer and any insight and advice that is given I will take. Not having a full time job and going back to school means I cant afford any membership. I need this to help boost my skills and make it as a designer.

  • dkvision

    I love learning new stuff! or new ways to do old stuff! Or different ways to do the same thing! It is all good! I would love to see how you do it.

  • Sonya Schollum

    I work in Pharmaceutical advertising in print media, Direct mailers, Sales aids, leave behinds etc However the future trend looks like traditional media like this is dying out. The shift is towards e-detailers, Iphone aps, web based sites for Doctors and HealthCare professionals to access info and the like. I’m becoming a dinosaur and need to re-educate myself to remain relavent…. help!

  • John Brandt

    After years attempting to regain my health following horrendously botched surgery, dozens of doctors, procedures, narcotics and financial ruin, they finally got me stabilized. But I lost several years of productive time, and desperately need to get tuned back in. Ten Ton Online may be just the thing. Hope you pick me for a free trial.

  • Anonymous

    I’m the designer for the third largest casino in the world and I’m looking for the next WOW to hit our customers with. I also run my own freelance business so it is a must to stay up to date with the next impressive look. Winning could help keep me up on the next NEW thing and also help make my hectic schedule a little more manageable as single mother of two boys!!!! Excited to have a chance at winning!!!!

  • eric ratelet

    Stay opened mind, feel new ideas, feed my french brain full of classic images as well as new ones…but new experiences help to stay with a clear bright spirit…all day long we are submerged by images…not obviously and unfortunately not the right ones. We need to have new sensations, new visual experiences and share…

  • Nicholas Ogden

    I’m trying to get to the bottom of things. Would this subscription help? Maybe. Would I use it all the time? Certainly. And what is good, Phaedrus, And what is not good — Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

  • Oto ReveK

    well, well, well. Lost my job a couple of month ago, looking to refresh some design abilities I had designing web sites, printings, biz cards etc., this will be a cool opportunity to have something valuable to read, try, implement, test, think about, being inspired by, etc.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jonathan Poindexter


    I never want to stop learning, I want to take ever opportunitity to get more knowledge in designing. Having a full time job thats not in design, and then coming home and trying to figure out what to do next is a challenge sometimes. Given a chance to learn more I’ll take that any day, even 15 days. Thank you GoMedia you’ve been a big help to me.


  • Jonathan Poindexter


    I never want to stop learning, I want to take ever opportunitity to get more knowledge in designing. Having a full time job thats not in design, and then coming home and trying to figure out what to do next is a challenge sometimes. Given a chance to learn more I’ll take that any day, even 15 days. Thank you GoMedia you’ve been a big help to me.


  • Regan Smith Clarke

    Always looking for new tricks/tips/techniques to sharpen my skills, specifically with floating layouts and other stuff in CSS.

  • Anonymous

    So did I win? I got an email, it didn’t say I was the winner, but now I have access to tentononline. curiouser and curiouser…

    • Sesli Sohbet


  • Sesli Sohbet

    thank you very good shares

  • Anonymous

    Hunger for knowledge…
    The web is full of resources everywhere. But the stand out ones are very few.
    Ten Ton Online seems to me one of those very few.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe I won!!! Thanks everyone.

  • crystal leung

    Ever see something truly inspirational and file it away in your mind, then go freakin’ ape nuts and design this huge aesthetically pleasing masterpiece, only to be stunt by pixels in actually realizing you lack the technical skills. That is why.

    Been self taught on the paint by pixel era, would truly love to learn the rules and then break them all over again:P

  • Anonymous

    i am pretty well-rounded with design for print and web, and am even pretty decent with my illustrations, but the one area i just cant get to where i like being is backend web stuff. i would defintiely take full advantage of the tutorials and sit through a ton if i could.

  • Juan Estey

    A website/blog for spiritual/social action burns on my insides and I need css knowledge to birth this site. It gnaws on me everyday!

  • Drew Dennis

    I am an accomplished Artist but I cannot afford to go to university :(  and so am teaching myself digital imaging and design and creating a portfolio as i go. Having access to this resource would be absolutely invaluable! 8D

  • panax

    Very cool and interesting article…