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Go Media featured in Advanced Creation: Illustrator

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Near the end of 2009 we were contacted by Stéphanie Guillaume & her team at the French outpost of Advanced Creation about re-releasing a couple tutorials from The GoMediaZine. We said “sure!”, and sure enough, the hefty 150 page special issue arrived in Cleveland just this week. Typically the French division of Advanced Creation focuses on Adobe Photoshop, but like I said, this issue is special!

It’s packed full of content, including 20 full-blown Adobe Illustrator tutorials! Among those twenty are two from right here on The GoMediaZine. Bill Beachy’s awesome Holiday Pinup Girl Vector Tutorial, and Maren Kelly’s guide to Creating a Complete Apparel Tech Pack.

Here are some pics from the issue:

advanced photoshop gomediazine vector tutorial

advanced photoshop gomediazine vector tutorial

advanced photoshop gomediazine vector tutorial

advanced photoshop gomediazine vector tutorial

About the Author, Adam Wagner

I'm a marketer, designer, armchair singer/songwriter, wannabe theoretical physicist/philosopher and recent college grad trying to pack as much living as possible into each day. Working at Go Media makes this pretty easy. Catch me on Twitter!!
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  • Tom Faraci

    Where can I get a copy of this magazine? Both of those tutorials would be great to have on hand in a physical form.

  • Adam_Wagner

    Hmm… do you speak French? :-) Actually, I'm not really sure where you can buy this magazine. It's a special issue, so it doesn't really appear on their site. I'll ask Stephanie.

  • john5cole

    Wow really cool you guys. Congrats!

  • Melody

    Wow that's one hell of a plug..hmm..I wonder what goes into getting a magazine spot.

  • PG

    You guys need an Arsenal pack that has magazine mock-ups. I think it'd be pretty useful. This pack could also include other print media mock-ups like stationery, flyers, etc.

    But nice work on getting your guys' name out in a foreign publication!

  • sjunkm

    Hi everyone, if you're in France, this issue is available in all newstands. You can also, i think, purchase it on this site:
    It's expensive for a magazine (15€) but worth the price in my opinion.

    I don't have anything to do with the magazine, i'm only a rabid reader of both your blog and the Advanced mags.

    ps: i hope you'll understand my rusty english.

  • scottAD

    Awesome! Need to find this!

  • wurkshop

    like everyone else… CONGRATS! you need to convince them to translate, i NEED a copy. that was a lot of CAPS.

    90 some % of my work is vector based, i'd love to have a hard copy. congratulations again. it's always nice to get printed. i was just printed (though fairly small) in Layers Magazine and it felt wonderful. there really is nothing like seeing your work bound and printed in real ink and paper.
    here is my accomplishment: my accomplishment in the Digital Canvas

    My Threadless Submission, make sure to vote a 5!

  • Tom Faraci

    I took three years of French, and sadly all I still know how to say is “Je ne sais pas fromage” – “I am not cheese.”

  • Web4half

    Awesome.. I have to get a copy of this…

    Wonderful stuff

  • Christopher

    I want this magazine!


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