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Jenni Bick Bookbinding Giveaway!

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Jenni Bick Bookbinding

In our latest “What’s Go Media Been Up To?” post, you might have noticed some spiffy new Go Media notebooks. Some of you even reached out to us asking, who are the rockstars that made those notebooks? Well, the answer is Jenni Bick Bookbinding. So Go Media reached out to JB Bookbinding to see if they would want to offer an exclusive giveaway to our readers and they gave us an emphatic “YES”.

Go Media Notebooks

What They Make

Jenni Bick Bookbinding makes custom logo imprinted notebooks and journals to promote your brand. They are fast and friendly (and that is an understatement, every person I have spoken with has been insanely nice and helpful!). They specialize in Moleskin notebooks which are legendary among writers and artists. They offer many ways to customize your notebooks like hot stamping, blind embossing, custom typesetting, title pages, and custom wrap-around bands.

The Giveaway

Jenni Bick Bookbinding will be graciously giving away a large Moleskin notebook to one lucky winner. You will have your choice of a ruled, squared, or plain page Moleskin notebook with either your name or a quote embossed on the cover. They will use their standard typeset embossing process on the cover. Their standard text embossing includes:

  • Your inscription spelled out with individual letters
  • It’s always done in Goudy font (as shown below)
  • Their artisans will choose the font size that best fits your book
  • Up to 2 lines, 20 spaces per line
  • Color can be gold, silver, or “blind” (blind embossing a.k.a. debossing is when the letters are pressed into the cover of the notebook to create a subtle look)

Example of Giveaway

How to Win

You can win by commenting in the post below with your email or some way for us to get in touch with you. You can also tweet about the giveaway for an extra chance to win, just be sure to mention @Go_Media when you tweet. We will be announcing the winner on Monday, January 14th.

Types of Notebooks They Offer

Jenni Bick BookbindingJenni Bick BookbindingJenni Bick BookbindingJenni Bick Bookbinding


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  • Guest

    Beauuuuutiful books! Love ‘em! Happy New Year! Pick me! Pick me!! ;-)

  • Nikos Tsaousoglou

    happy new year!

  • Priscilla Ruiz

    I want it!!! * o * they are sooo coool!!! I promise not to choose something stupid to emboss XD

  • Loriskumo

    This is great, thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  • David Yarde

    This would be a nifty thing to keep my thoughts organized!

  • stephanie

    i love moleskin journals. this takes them to a whole new level!

  • marclassoff

    Aaah, i have been using spiral bound notebooks forever. i think i need an upgrade, haha.

  • rubenb

    Sick giveaway, nothing like “looking” important :D

  • Caitlin Maloney

    Love these!

  • Alex Singleton

    Sweet baby Jesus, I didn’t realise how much I needed a moleskin with my name on until right this second.

  • Marc Hughes

    Super awesome! Those are really fantastic!

  • Brent Henry

    what an awesome competition. Good luck everyone

  • Kara Bacon

    This is pretty cool!

  • AnaMartelo

    I wanttttt!

  • Charlie Bailey

    An imprinted moleskin would make a great self promotional piece.

  • Ellie Reyes

    I’d really love to have one these, they look great!! <3 gomediazine you're awesome

  • Thierry de Nardin

    Oooohhhhh ! How I wish I could get one of these!

  • Gregory Hooker

    Big fan of the GoMedia notebook in the first picture.

  • Sonali Agrawal

    Love it! I want one!

  • dloneranger

    Looks Great! Give me!

  • Noa Liberman-Plashkes

    I want one! Awesome giveaway

  • Kevin Stanton

    Amazing prize & handiwork! I’m in need of a 2013 sketchbook anyways. Hmmm…

  • Reid

    What a great idea. Well done Jenni Bick!

  • Sean Moriarty

    So I’m definitely not eligible (since I work there), but I wanted to comment anyway. Thanks so much for the article. Great job showcasing what we do! Good luck to everyone. And I promise I’ll make your notebook look extra-awesome, whether you’re the winner or simply if you decide to shop with us.

    Thanks again, Go Media. Happy New Year everyone!

  • hbrannon

    Great giveaway! I would love one…

  • Amber Downs

    I would absolutely love to win this.

    • Amber Downs

      I can be reached at sparkles (dot) mcmurty at gmail (dot) com

  • bluesquint

    Nice! Stick me in the mix, please…

  • joschka

    Would love one of those!

  • solarride rivernik


    Enter me please.

    email :

  • gfxchick

    Beautiful! I have a notebook loving bro-in-law and this would be perfect for a gift!

  • James E. Debro

    Awesome! I would love to have one of these books! They would help me put my ideas into paper so that I can use my writings to bring my ideas to life with my illustration skills, Adobe Photoshop an Illustrator!
    My E-mail:

  • Grace

    Whoa. This is awesome. Please count me in!

  • celsohdzign

    Hey that ‘ll be awesome I will check that out anyway thanks for the good posts.

  • Nick Petranic

    These are great.

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    wanna wanna!!!

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    It would be totally rad to own one of these bad boys. c:

  • Abraham Jeyakumar
  • Candace Johnson Decker

    What beautiful artistry…..a treasure…..a jewel……

  • Melissa Painter

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Beautiful notebook.

  • AY

    It’s simple. It’s professional looking!

  • Barbi D.

    What a perfect way to start out the new year! A new Fabulous book to put all those goals, ideas and inspirations in.

  • mariosandoval
    Cool I buy one even if I don’t win.

  • DarknessRainbow

    Those are certainly lovely notebooks. I don’t want to put my email address up, but you can easily and quickly get in touch with me via twitter @Avalai . Thank you!

  • Serenity

    These Jenni Bick notebooks are gorgeous! I feel as though their embossing adds a real touch of sophistication and personalisation to such an essential item for creatives. All with the quality of the beloved Moleskin, *swoon*!
    I’d adore having my very own to show-off! My email is lutesh@live[dot]com[dot]au

  • Susan OBryant

    What a neat way to make a great notebook even better! Love the embossing. Email is georgiabloom at gmail dot com

  • David Calavitta

    Oh dang! I would LOVE to win this! This is beautiful. davidcal at me dot com

  • Kim Liddick Hetherington

    Beautiful embossing. What is the name of the machine that was being used in the video?

    kahether at netzero dot net

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    Ooooh, really cool! Hope I made it on time!

  • Liz Wurzinger

    Aiaiai. I’ve always been a sucker for beautiful notebooks. :) I would love love Love to have one with my name blind embossed on it in Goudy. [picture Designer in dreamy, star gazing pose here.] huuh…

  • Joni Spring

    Would live the blind option. Jenni Bick always makes me want to buy more stationary

  • Mercedes RomanManson

    Jenny Bick does the most beautiful binding. What a great giveaway!
    mromanmanson at mac dot com

  • shawnee hill

    Im a bookbinder myself, and I love the work that comes from Jenni Bick, always beautiful.

  • Lila

    I’d like to experiment with one of these by writing a page-a-day novella :)

    You can reach me at lilaviet [at] gmail [dot] com.